What started as a single seed reclining in the earth,

Is now a giant masterpiece with monetary worth,

The time it took to grow this tree encompassed many years,

It suffered many bruises and witnessed many tears,

Some of its limbs were withered, while others brandished life,

Its trunk was strong as iron, yet endured all kinds of strife,

As winds defiled and bent its frame, it seemed that he was lost,

Its roots exposed, its spine now bent from cold and bitter frost,

Still it survived and grew some more and pierced right through the clouds,

Its life went on and does today, evading death’s dark shrouds,

We like that tree continue through life’s discouraging path,

We place our hope in worldly things and we receive God’s wrath,

But when we put our hope in Him our life will never end,

And it will be much greater than our minds can comprehend,

The growth that we experience throughout our earthly days,

Will never reach comparison to what His love purveys,

We lift our eyes to heaven and know what waits beyond,

To see the face of Jesus and know He will respond.

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“By perseverance the snail reached the ark.”  Charles Spurgeon

We’ve been spending the week with our daughter and family in South Carolina.We’re here to celebrate our second son’s graduation from high school tomorrow.  Last night we attended a dinner to honor these 80 young people who will soon be spreading their wings.  There were many speeches about the challenges they’d face – the hard work which would ensue – the saying goodbye to the old and pushing forth to the new and uncharted adventure called life.  Wonderful words, by students themselves, on how their Christian education has prepared them for these things.

In this short expanse of their existence, they also face fear of the unknown – temptations of a world gone crazy – a world of insanity and disorder.  There will be problems they’ve never experienced before – like cooking their own meals, doing laundry, getting up in time for work or classes, but more than that.  They’re the new generation – inheritors of  what has been left for them by the previous ones.  The groundwork for their success depends not only what they will bring to the table, but what has already transpired in history.

What kind of legacy has been left for these young men and women?  After listening to those speeches last night, I believe they are going to be a generation of fixers.  They will pick up the pieces and put them back into place.  They will deal with the madness and give hope to a nation filled with doubt.  We must depend on our young to do this.

The messes which have occurred over the past decades will not go away quickly.  The turn-around is going to take time, but I believe that, with Gods intervention, it will happen.  As part of the aging generation I’m counting on that, because when He is at the center of our work, it will succeed.

So to the classes of 2017, push on to that goal.  Your bright minds, your great innovations, your determination and youth, will open your eyes to the need for change and direct you to do something about it.  Your perseverance to win the race and make a difference, backed by the hand of God, will make it happen.

 And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.”  Philippians 1:6


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“Be like the bird who, pausing in her flight awhile on boughs too slight, feels them give way beneath her, and yet sings, knowing she hath wings.” Victor Hugo

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to ride through the Smoky Mountains.  This picturesque environment was enveloped with clouds and an unending rain and yet it contained so an endless beauty.  Enormous trees, covered with vining plants crawling up the trunks, encased the road, making it feel like we were in a giant terrarium.  Occasionally we’d come upon a broken down house or primitive cabin to indicate that life abided there.

I began imagining what it must have been like for the early settlers as they forged their way through these magnificent slopes – following only the trail of the animals who originally carved it.  Our nation was built by human sweat, determination, courage and diligence and the grace of our Creator.  All of that paid off as National Parks were established to preserve these God given treasures.

We often struggle through each day, in hopes of finding success, contentment, purpose and usefulness.  As we approach every new stage of development, there are new adventures awaiting, new roads to carve, new mountains to climb. there are also obstacles to overcome, bumps in the road and disappointments. We are the ones who decide whether we follow our own direction or allow God to lead us.

In all our ways, we should submit to God’s judgment.  He knows the plans He’s laid out for us.  He wrote the blueprint before we even existed.  So how does that happen?  No, God doesn’t spell it out for us in words written on a wall.  He doesn’t pull strings like a great puppet master.  He speaks to us through HIs holy words in the Bible.  He gives us peace of mind, when we make correct decisions.  He supports us when things fall apart.  He guides us yet He’s created us with a free will.

God didn’t create us with wings, but with Him,we have the ability to soar.

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It may have begun somewhere in the 1970s.  We were winding down a seemingly endless war in Viet Nam.  Women fought for equal rights.  Segregation was still an issue.  We had a national scandal and saw a president impeached.  The comedians of the day were Phyllis Diller and Don Rickles who spent their monologues ragging on everyone.  Movies now had “R” ratings.  The sexual revolution was well underway.  It seemed that the days of “Father Knows Best” were over and replaced with dysfunctional families with dads like Archie Bunker.

Folks became numbed with illicit drugs.  The three martini lunch was the menu of the day to cinch a deal.  Space exploration was still in the news, but now people were becoming more concerned about the state of our own planet and focusing on ways they could control things like climate change.

Somehow the basics of religion were tossed aside in favor of self-reliance.  The Ten Commandments became outdated.  The Bible was just a book of myths and stories. In fifty years, this would lead to a nation who no longer felt the need to go to church – a population that didn’t trust government officials – a land where family was a thing of the past – a country that no longer put their trust in God.

As we approach Memorial Day, we need to get a handle on what this country was founded on – Judeo/Christian principals, strong work ethic, the sanctity of marriage and family, the opportunity for anyone to succeed.  We have truly been blessed to live here, but we cannot forget our history.  Blood was shed, lives lost and families made the ultimate sacrifice to defend the values that were set down by our forefathers.  Memorial means remembering.  Let’s never forget the price paid for our freedom.

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Miles and miles of boulders,

Smoothed by the caress of tumbling water,





As a bird soars and dives,

To feed her  young,

We often fall,

We sometimes fail,

We have no wings,

But we can fly,

We have no cage to hold us,

No bondage to deter,

But we can face the crashing falls,

Of each and every day,

We have no power to save ourselves,

But God provide the way,

He guides us to still waters,

Amidst the storms of life,

He holds us back when we rage,\

When we can’t contain ourselves,

When no earthly power can,

He directs our paths,





So that our souls at last,

Lead us to Him.

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“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
Dr. Seuss

What is the source of true happiness?  Is it merely a state of mind or is it what we hope to accomplish throughout our lives?  Most of us have suffered with depression, loss, hopelessness, loneliness and all the other sad emotions out there.  It’s part of who we are, just as much as the happy times are a potion of our makeup.

God doesn’t want us to be unhappy.  He is our heavenly Father and He wants only the best for us.  This is why He gave His greatest gift, His Son, so that we could share Paradise with Him.

Most dads want happiness for their children, but they don’t always give them what they want in order to make them happy for the moment.  There are times when discipline is necessary.  There are days when things are taken away.  There are moments when dads hope to teach their children to be independent, strong, helpful, responsible and so on.  Those are days when they are really showing their love towards their children.

God makes every day for our pleasure.  We have the choice as to how we are going spend each one of them.  We can choose to have a positive outlook or be negative.  We can be happy when things are going well, or turn around and be depressed the minute things don’t go as we planned.

It isn’t easy to be up when things are dragging you down in life, but it is possible with God at the center of it.  He has great plans for you and me, so don’t worry – be HAPPY!

Ecclesiastes 7:14 “In the day of prosperity be joyful, and in the day of adversity consider: God has made the one as well as the other, so that man may not find out anything that will be after him.’


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“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

In our travels this week, I’ve been able to release some of the sadness from behind.  I have found my smile and I’m hanging tightly to it, praying that God will continue to fill my heart with joy.  I’m also realizing that you cannot run away from sadness.  You can’t hide from tragedy.  It’s all part of the journey.

When we traveled from Tennessee to South Carolina, we witnessed a semi-truck consumed by flames. There was no way to tell if the driver survived, but the ashes of destruction were evidence of another tragic event.

Yesterday, our grandson’s track coach was killed in an automobile crash – just a few days before the school’s graduation ceremonies.  Another tragedy, yet hope remains as this community of Christians gathered to honor him with a prayer vigil. They comforted each other through this action, but more than that, they witnessed life as it is – a fragile, temporary time on this planet.  They saw how quickly it can be snuffed out.

Last night, another bombing at a concert, where young lives were taken needlessly.  It’s become almost a daily affair.  Life is so precious and yet one or more individuals has so little regard for it, that they would impose their hatred on a whole group of innocents.

Our lives are a trail of tears. Each step we take is in question. We never know where life will take us, but we can be sure that as long as we remain, there will be trouble.  There will be sadness.  There will be tears.  And yet, even all of this darkness, there is a shining light that never goes out.

God is that light.  He never changes.  His consistency gives us hope to press on – to move forward in our travels at home or away.

Thank you, dear, Lord, for guiding our steps – for walking with us  – for giving us hope for the future and the promises of an eternal life, where tears no longer exist. Amen!


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A lush, heavy laden. damp, spring morning in South Carolina


The weight of grief upon this lovely town does lay,

A life was taken from another yesterday,

A man who gave his life to serve,

A life cut short it seems so undeserved,

And  yet we know that he is now set free,

To live a life in sweet eternity.

Where no more sadness fills the day,

Where tears have vanished all away,

But for the ones who still remain,

May God protect them and sustain,

From sorrow, grief and endless loss,

And turn their hearts unto the cross.



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