” The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,
and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight.”  Proverbs 9:10

Dear, Lord,

You know all things.  Nothing is hidden from you. You are the only consistent in our lives.  I pray that you guide our leaders to proceed with dignity and fairness.  Two people have been dragged through the mud and may never recover from what’s happened over the past few weeks.  Please give the men and women in the position of passing judgment, the wisdom to do your will.  Help us all to accept what is happening and what will happen because of these events.  You are also with every one of us. You’ve judged each of us with fairness and abundance of grace, giving us a freedom we don’t deserve.  May your Word be upheld.  May your will be done, in Jesus name.  Amen!

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“Nations, like stars, are entitled to eclipse. All is well, provided the light returns and the eclipse does not become endless night. Dawn and resurrection are synonymous. The reappearance of the light is the same as the survival of the soul.” Victor Hugo

In the past couple weeks, Victor Hugo has come to mind.  This eloquent author captured the darkness of the nation of France during its revolution and the evil deeds of the rich and those in power.  The poor turned to doing evil, forced out of necessity or want.   Maybe it has to do with the incendiary event at Notre Dame.  It could be that Masterpiece Theater is starting a new series based on “Les Miserables.”

There is a thread weaving through these events.  The call to redemption is that common denominator.  The need for light in a dark, corrupt, insane and unfair world is shown in both stories.  We see it today as well, when we see what’s occurring in our own world.  The light has gone out of it.  Timing is right for revolution.  People are angry, frustrated, anxious and depressed by the government.  We have become divided in our alliances and our young people are longing for things that will make us all the same.

In both “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” and “Les Miserables,” the main characters are on a quest to change their lives.  One finds sanctuary in the walls of a church.  Because of his appearance he’s scorned and laughed at.  He becomes friends with the many statues of saints that fill the church.  He feels protection from the marble gargoyles who stand guard. The church becomes his home and hide away.

The other man pulls himself out of poverty and a cruel imprisonment to make a name for himself and show love and compassion to others.  He begins his journey as a cynical atheist and when given hope by a man of God, he turns his life in a different direction.  It isn’t because of the wealth he’s gained, but his changed heart. Both stories scream of redemption.  Is it self-redemption or does it come from God?

Jesus made the payment for our redemption and is the only way for us to receive our salvation.  We can work our heads off, gain wealth and fame, prosper enough to help others, but none of that is going to buy us a place in heaven.

We can struggle through life in poverty.  Our hearts may fill with anxiety and hopelessness.  We hit bottom and who brings us out of that pit?  Not us.  Only Jesus.

When a child lays lifeless in a hospital after a three story fall and miraculously shows no internal or brain injuries, that happened because God was there to cushion the child and heal his broken body.

We can assume to take credit for these things, but the only true way to redemption is through Jesus, Christ.  Redemption means to buy back or repossess.  Think of it that way.  We were lost in our sins. We were enemies of God.  Through Jesus perfect life, His passion and sacrifice, the ransom has been paid and we are once again right with God.

All the darkness of life has been conquered by God Himself.  He loved us so much He sacrificed His own Son so we could live with Him forever.  He also brought His Son back to life, as He will with us when we die.  That’s the truth!



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A town was once alive and bustling with activity,

Abandoned, but still built on solid ground,

We trudge through time with hearts held in captivity,

Our walk in life may keep us earthly bound,

But when Christ came He gave us the proclivity,

He shows us how to turn our lives around,

We are not able through our own activity,

To reach the gates where glory does abound,

Through Him alone and His sweet sensitivity,

We now are free, our sins have been unbound.




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I was tagged by Mark “Hat” Rackley last week to share my testimony with you.  Last week was a little crazy for me, so I had to put the honor on the shelf for a while.  Today, being Monday and the start of a new week, seems to be an appropriate time to do this.

My testimony is really rather boring.  I was born a Christian.  My parents had me baptized as an infant.  When I was thirteen, after years of studying the Catechism and Bible, I was confirmed in the Lutheran Church – Wisconsin Synod.  I attended Sunday school, Christian elementary and high schools.  I guess you could say I’m a conservative thinker – a staunch believer in the inspired Word of God – a stubborn sinner and a very appreciative saint.  I met my husband at a Lutheran high school.

Throughout my young life, I never thought too much about my faith.  It was just in me.  I had no Road to Damascus event which changed everything for me.  My growth as a Christian was slow and steady.

When young, I saw hypocrisy in the church as people changed their normal behavior when they entered the building.  I saw a difference in societal classes and exclusive cliques which I was not a part of.  I often felt left out. As a senior in high school we studied the book of Acts for the entire year.   I’m not sure if it was that me and my fellow students were becoming a little rebellious or what, but we didn’t see any value in studying that book.  We wanted something that would prepare us for the world outside.  It took me almost thirty years to realize what a gem that book is for our life preparation.

I went to church every Sunday, followed all the rules, was known as “that Christian girl,” and sometimes didn’t like the label.  I guess my enlightenment came in baby steps.  For many years I was going through the motions of  being a Christian, but my early training pounded the law into my brain and I never truly felt the comfort of the Gospel until I was well into my fifties.

My Lord carried me through many difficult times in life.  I believe that is how my relationship developed with Him – slow and steady.  We struggled financially throughout our marriage.  My ambitious husband worked in advertising as an art director for many years.  Eventually he started his own business.  The business grew to be quite successful for a while and then the bottom fell out.  We lost everything except the small change we had in our pockets when leaving bankruptcy court.  Life has been a series of ups and downs, but God has always been the head of our home so we know we’re in good hands.  He always provides.

Through the perils of health issues, death, caring for aging parents, emotional ups and downs, God has been the foundation of our lives.  I know that without him, I would have been swallowed up by the devil.  Because I know all about His love for me, how can I not love Him back?

My career came as a result of volunteering for thirteen years as the drama director at my kids’ high school.  I went on the writing plays that were suitable for a Christian school.  My writing has always been my passion.  Though I love being with young people, I fear my days of teaching are over, but I still possess a lot of information that I’d love to share with them.

As I approach the end of my days, I’ve seen enough of this world and how it has turned so far from God and His tenets for our lives.  I long for the day when I will enter heaven.  God places us in the world for a reason.  Each day I pray that I can be an encourager to others through my writing.  The road is never easy, but with Jesus at our side, we can overcome the obstacles of life.

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Gated communities, walls, barricades, stockades, bulwarks, road blocks – all designed to protect one side from the other.  These obstacles are built for the purpose of protection of what lies within. They include precious people, riches and treasures, things not wanted to be shared with the outside world.

When we put up walls, we are indeed keeping those things safe.  We are providing a safety net for those inside along with a feeling of shelter and security.  When we wall ourselves in, however, we are losing out on what lies on the other side.

Most Americans are descendants of those from other countries. Illegal immigration has become the norm, because it’s so easy to get in.  Illegal means “against the law.”  In our world today, the word “law” has very little clout.  Over time, laws are changed, but they are intended for the same purpose – to keep us safe, to make us feel secure and protect us from the bad guys.  Going through the legal process of immigration takes a long time, but it’s the right way to do it.  We seem to have ignored that word “illegal” for some time now.

In a perfect world, all folks should live together peacefully, but for that to happen, there must also be law and order. In the past 50 years or so, I have seen a great change in what is right and wrong.  It seems to have flipped completely upside down.  Now the cops are on trial while the criminals are set free.  Our laws are not enforced as they should be, because of full courtrooms and prisons.  Those who break the law are released back into society too soon and return to their old ways.  Corruption is everywhere.

Over the past week, we saw how a kangaroo court convicted an innocent man and sentenced Him to a horrific death.  The stone sealing His secured tomb was rolled away and that barricade could not hold the living Son of God.  He conquered death and took away all our sins.  He made it possible for us to share in His kingdom.

On that same day, we heard of terrible destruction and persecution in another part of the world.  The churches of Sri Lanka – sanctuaries designed for worship – were destroyed along with the lives of many.  Those sacred walls were broken down, but the Joy of Easter continues to ring out.

Buildings, walls, fences, safeguards and barricades can keep us safe, but not forever.  Placing our confidence in the risen Messiah – the true Son of God – true God/true man – Creator of the Universe and all it holds – The One who loves us – is our sure defense.  We can be sure that he will guard us from all the dangers and messes of life.  He is stronger than any wall.  He uses His power to build us up and bring us to our eternal kingdom.  In heaven, there will be no obstacles.  Those who enter will immediately inherit a perfect life for all eternity.




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They wind and worm their way through the thickest part of inner earth,,

Weaving in and out of the good spaces,

Infecting, infesting, destroying,

They can emerge as a thing of beauty,

But soon overtake and enshroud the original brilliance,

They take advantage of life around them,

Sucking their own life from others,





Cutting off all defense,

The garden, the farmer’s field, the soul of man,

The trap has been set.

Our foolishness pulls us in, but something grasps tightly,

With a fervency and tenacity our minds can’t comprehend.

Some call it instinct,

Some see it as their positive aura or conscience.

It is the touch of Jesus,

Pulling us, retrieving us, clinging with great strength,

The hand of God wont let go.

He has overpowered the devil.

He has done it all,

Because of His great love for us.

Hang on to Him for He will never leave you.


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Last week my  writing journey took a brief hiatus.  I guess it all started the week before, when Minnesota was hit with one last (I hope) snow storm.   There I sat again, in a pile of snow and ice, struggling to get up.  I felt like a turtle on its back.    I say “again” because this was not my first fall this year.  Each one had to do with snow or ice – not to mention my widening girth and age.  I thought I was fine until half way through the week, when the pain set in.

It’s strange how life can get in the way of our goals.  We push hard to achieve – to prove something – to finish the race and all of a sudden a road block gets in the way of our journey.  I think about all the obstacles put in our lives and how they can either mess things up totally, or add another page of dialogue to a growing story.  For me, it was a week of sadness as we put our twelve year old dog to sleep.  He also suffered through a difficult winter of deep snow and aging.

My novel has waited this long to be finished.  I began the journey several years ago – put it on hold as we downsized and moved – left my career and started over – realized it was time to retire – began to focus on blogging and Bible study.  During that interlude, the novel was lost to cyber space.  I didn’t want that to happen again, so with much encouragement from my husband and a group of dear friends, I set out on the voyage again.

A week is a long time to be away from something like this. I was just beginning to pick up momentum when life got in the way.  Isn’t that how life can hit us?  We move along smoothly for a while and something happens to disrupt things.  We cave to the pressure.  We succumb to inconvenience.  We fall apart at the slightest interruption.  At least that’s what usually happens.

Life does get in the way and the best way to be prepared for it is to contemplate what we just finished celebrating – the passion of our Lord and Savior, Jesus.  As we commemorated his final week of life and the price He paid for our salvation, my focus needed to be on Him.  His resurrection put His seal on my eternal life insurance policy.  He died for you and me.  He rose again so we will rise too.

Now it’s back to work!




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Within the city limits stands a relic from the past,

It used to hold some animals, but those days are long passed,

Today it holds many treasures, of times from long ago,

Their memory is restored again, and leaves an afterglow,

The barn is round and filled with love, with ancient tools it flows,

The things you find within these walls, will make you understand,

That nothing’s new under the sun, when in the artist’s hand,

What one may think is useless now, has found a life renewed,

What once was lost has now been found, a freshness now exudes,

We too are like that ancient shell, our sin has made us so,

Our bodies age, our sight grows dim,  our vigor is now slow,

But through our great Creator God, redeemed, restored we stand,

Our sins have all been washed away by His almighty hand.


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The cross becomes a distant memory. Was it worth it? There was no greater sacrifice. Our holy God took on human flesh, lived a perfect life, was hailed by many and scorned by more. He took our place and carried our sins to the grave. On the third day He rose from the dead and reigns in heaven forever. He gave His life for me to set my spirit free. He did this for all people because He loves us so much.

Happy Easter to all my blogging friends. May the peace of the Lord be yours.

He is risen indeed!

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As I was doing my weekly grocery shopping the other day, I was amazed to find a whole section devoted to Easter bunnies, chocolate eggs, peeps, sugary treats, cavity makers and artificial grass – along with baskets of all sizes and shapes filled with toys and more sweet stuff.  Maybe it has something with growing older, because when I was a young mom, the Easter bunny was a big part of this most holy of days.

When our children are growing up, why do we feel we have to sugar coat everything?  I mean it’s the same with Christmas and other Christian observances as well.  Anything wrapped in chocolate becomes our focus.  The truth of Good Friday isn’t pretty at all.  It’s raw and ugly.  The suffering Savior, bruised for our iniquities died.  He was buried in the secure tomb of a rich man.  He overcame death and foreshadowed our resurrection through His own.

Again, maybe it’s because I’m aging ungracefully.  My ideas about Christian holy days has deepened over time and I get a little miffed at the thought of my salvation being covered with jelly beans and chocolate eggs.  Maybe it’s because I can’t afford to indulge in those special treats and gifts as much as I once did.  Maybe it’s because our world has forgotten what was involved in that original Easter morning.  Instead of being shrouded in empty burial cloths, we’ve chosen to view Easter as the coming of spring.

What is Easter all about?  Is it all about me?  Is it all about celebrating?  Is it just another day?  Is it about fancy clothes and gorgeous spring flowers?  Is it time for another extravagant feast with special food and over indulgence?  Yes to most of those questions.  Unfortunately, the most important of Christian holidays has been commercialized into just another flashy, marketing extravaganza.

Truly, Easter is all about JESUSHE is the One who took on the sin of the world.  HE did so willingly, because of His love for us.  HE suffered, was humiliated, broken, pierced, spat upon, tortured, bloodied and abandoned by God.  HE endured all of this so we wouldn’t have to.  HE died.  HE conquered the devil and fulfilled the covenant between man and God.  HE ROSE AGAIN ON THE THIRD DAY!

Take time this Easter weekend to think about why we Christians are so happy about this amazing grace. Ponder the cost.  Get down on your knees and thank Jesus for what HE has done for us and bring on the Alleluias.

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This aging bulwark stands as a reminder of days gone by.

Firmly grounded more than a hundred years ago, in the heartland of our country.

Each brick and stone, each hewn log was placed by strong, burly hands that knew no other way to work.

Vestiges of a different time – an edifice with heart built in,





All attributes which have caved over the years.

Where is our strength?

Where is our resolve?

How quickly can we be set ajar by the sands of time?

The stubbornness of man has been his strength and his downfall.

Praise the Creator of all, for setting things straight again.

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At the hour of the evening sacrifice, Jesus died.  His stricken body had suffered unbearable torture, even for the Son of God.  At last the weight of the sin of the world crushed him.  He died, but he would rise again.

When bruised and injured we do fall, before our Father’s throne
And look upon the lamb once slain for all sins to atone,
Our pain is nothing next to His, our wounds are all but naught.
The blood He shed, His torturous death were all with insult fraught,

But still the Son of God went forth in dignity and strength,
He took our place and bore the cross until His dying breath,
Three days went by.   He shunned the grave and rose to life again.
He did this so I too could claim a life in heaven with Him.

Sweet Jesus you have walked the road that I deserved to go.

You did this oh so willingly and You knew just what to do
So when I’m feeling battered and pulled in many ways, 
Remind me of the walk you took and please accept my praise.



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Roman crucifixion was considered to be the most painful, disgraceful and horrific forms of torture.  The hands and feet were bound and nailed to the cross. The pain was excruciating.  There was strain on the wrists,, shoulders and arms.  The rib cage was in such a position that it would be difficult to take a full breath.

Because of dehydration and difficulty breathing, there would be extreme cramping of the legs.  The length of time required to die could range from hours to a number of days, depending on the condition of the victim before he was placed on the cross.  Our Lord suffered extreme beating prior to His time on the cross.

The final cause of death would be lack of oxygen going to the brain, shock and unconsciousness or asphyxiation.  This type of punishment was reserved for the worse criminals and would also serve as a reminder of the authority of the Roman Empire.

Jesus died to take our place, so that the curse of the law would be taken away.  He died so we could live eternally.  Praise be to God for giving us the victory over death.

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It seemed as though the thirst would never be quenched.  As Jesus hung on that horrific cross – he expressed his need for water – he expressed his connection and disconnection with his father – showed concern for his mother’s welfare – forgave his executioners and all the world – he invited a criminal to heaven – declared his mission accomplished and commended himself to God.  As he thirsted on the cross, he felt the pangs of hell, not for what he had done, but because of all of our sin.  He did this so we would live forever.

The path is strewn with peril, there’s danger all around,

A hydrothermal basin, steam rising from the ground,

You walk with trepidation, yet something draws you in,

The beauty that surrounds you, just covers up the sin,

Though others also walk there, it seems you aren’t alone,

The way is filled with danger for those who choose to roam,

Within the steaming vapors, the rising smoke invites,

It lures you with its mystery, it tempts you and excites,

The smell of putrid sulphur, invades your every pore,

The hissing, grumbling, belching, tells what you have in store,

A life of endless suffering, a never ending thirst,

The scorching heat engulfs you, in flames you are immersed,

You think that life will end soon, but suffering’s just begun,

There is no turning back now, it cannot be undone,

But if you never go there, instead heed Jesus’ call,

His hand will guide and lead you, beyond death’s heavy pall,

By what He’s suffered for us, He takes away death’s sting,

His death and resurrection, Salvation He does bring,

No more will we be thirsty, in pastures green we’ll lie,

Eternal life He gives us and we will never die.






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A babe so soft, a child so sweet, lay on a bed of hay,

His mom looked at the dimpled hands and counted fingers at play.

His hands would grow with bruises and scuffs as children so often do.

He used them to craft with wood and nails and callouses He knew.

The hands would search the scriptures, though He wrote every phrase,

His hands would do miraculous deeds – like  heal and calm and raise.

He touched the hearts of many, He healed their broken hearts, He held them close and tight.

The soldiers rammed the iron nails into His willing flesh.  Each nerve burned for our plight.

He died upon that wooden cross, He suffered and He bled,

The grave would never hold Him.  He conquered death instead.

When once again we see Him in glory and in might,

He’ll take our hands and hold them.  For He has won our fight.



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A tender shepherd walked this earth with love within his touch,

His words could calm the troubled sheep, His hands led them through much.

He chased away the predators,  He brought them safely home.

He often searched many hours for the one who liked to roam.

He nurtured and He led them to pastures lush and green,

He sometimes pushed and prodded, through perils yet unseen.

His rod and staff protected – His love would see them through,

For they were His possession – He did what He must do.

He found the purest water to quench their endless thirst,

A clean and  living water that always put them first.

This great and perfect shepherd still leads us every day.

His life He gave – became the sheep –  to take our sins away.

No price can compensate Him.  He dwells among us still.

He leads our souls to heaven.  He guides us with His will.

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There doesn’t seem to be anything good about Good Friday.  The streets were lined with an angry mob demanding the death of three men.  Two deserved to die, the other didn’t. Hidden in that crowd were a few of Jesus’ followers, anguishing over their failure to defend their Messiah. Tears flowed as the King of the Jews was led to the slaughter.

They beat Him mercilessly, cutting into His flesh, exposing muscle and sinew to the elements.  His hair was matted with the spit of the condescending mockers who lined the street.  Birds of prey circled above.  He was nothing but a bloody mass – unrecognizable – a disgusting sight to say the least.  The smell of death permeated the air.

As they reached the site of the crucifixion, very few remained – some women, the Roman soldiers in charge of carrying out the job and one of His disciples.  Some of those who demanded His death stayed to make sure the deed was done.  A few interested bystanders continued to watch as they nailed the three to their crosses, but soon their fascination faded and they left.

He complained not – yet His twisted, brutalized body gasped for air as He suffered the torturous cross – designed to cause asphyxiation and eventual death.  His words carried power, even though His frame had suffered continuous beatings and humiliation.  Until the moment that He commended His body into the hands of His Father and died,  He remained faithful to His earthly mission.

The sinless lamb of God died on the cross at the hour of the evening sacrifice.  The final Passover lamb had paid the ultimate price.  Our sins are forgiven through Him. That’s what makes this Friday good.

It is finished!


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READ LUKE 22:39-46

When Jesus entered the place in the Garden of Gethsemane, His mind was on one thing only – His mission for coming to this world.  He was a man, but He is also God.  Because of His human nature, He prayed to His heavenly Father, asking that He might be spared from his impending journey.  Because He was also God, He knew there was no turning back – no running away – no hiding, because it was His will which must be carried out.

God’s will demanded full payment for the sins of the world.  That payment came in the form of His own flesh. That’s not an easy concept to understand.  God paid the price by His own death.  He was the sacrifice to atone for the sins of the world. No other blood sacrifice would suffice.  No animal or human being could cover the cost.  This was all part of God’s promise of redemption way back in that other garden – Eden.

Jesus’ prayer was one of a man talking to His Father.  In the end He realizes that there is no choice.  He could’ve sent an army of angels to protect Himself and His men, but He went willingly.  His tears were not for Himself, but for you and me and every human being that ever lived.  Dr. Luke speaks of those tears being like drops of blood.  Wikipedia refers to tears of blood as Haemolacria.  It can manifest as tears that are anything from merely red-tinged to appearing to be entirely made of blood.  There are many explanations to how tears of blood come to be.  Whatever the cause, the blood tears were real and show the depth and intensity of His prayer.

Through His tears we learn that it’s OK for us to cry when we hurt, when we suffer financial loss, death of a family member or friend.  When we’re depressed or worried tears will fall. It’s part of our human condition. Our tears hold no magical power, but they do allow us to grieve.  They cleanse the pain away for a while.  They act as a buffer against  outside anxiety.  They open our hearts to the Savior who went willingly to His death to rescue us.

Mountainous clouds entwine in a sky of black,
Filling with tears from the Lord of all.
He sees and He knows our tribulation.
The depth of our sorrow is in His hands.
There is nothing we can do to take away our sadness.
We cannot change the course of our lives,
But He has turned His tears to cleansing waters
Through the death of His beloved Son.
Washed – forgiven from sin’s deadly pain,
We can dance in His refreshing rain.

                                                                                               KATHY BOECHER©




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It’s always so hard to say goodbye to our furry friends.  We’ve had Gage since he was six weeks old and placed him in God’s hands yesterday, just shy of his 12th birthday.

He was a lively pup, full of mischief, curiosity, fun, incessant movement and determination.  To survive as a setter to this age is unusual.  During his time on earth he gave us his share of joy and laughter, anger, frustration and a mutual admiration.

He was a gift from our children after the death of another dear pet named Bo.  This Golden Retriever was with us for eleven years and died slowly and peacefully in my arms.

Gage was quite a tough little dog.  He had an iron constitution and would eat just about anything in his sight.  At Easter time one year, he ate an entire bag of jelly beans while we were gone, and our carpet looked like Walt Disney threw up.  Another time he retrieved two raw chicken breasts from the counter and gobbled them down.  He also consumed several chocolate chip cookies, paper and many things he shouldn’t have. He did this with no severe side effects.

His toughness extended to his gruff voice, which saved our house from being burgled by intruders.  The thieves got in through the patio door, but Gage came to the rescue and scared them off.

He barked at the feral cats in our neighborhood.  He waited staunchly by the window for one to appear.  Then he would slobber up the window like the famous movie dog, “Hooch,” and go crazy trying to catch one.

He tore up many a sheet on our bed while sleeping in it.  He ate handkerchiefs, socks and other unmentionable garments. His toys, however, lasted forever.  He never devoured one.

He loved our new, old house, though he only had two and a half years to live in it.  He became accustomed to it immediately – maybe because we love it so much too.

This dog, who had a strong body, good mind (even though he would occasionally bonk his head on something with no effect,) a great disposition, soft heart and was our unconditional friend.

We will miss you, buddy.  RIP GAGE BOECHER


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In memory of our Llewellyn Setter, Gage, who went to heaven yesterday.

Originally posted in May, 2014 on atimetoshare.me

A mixture of saline and water which appears during a specific episode.
It can occur when a foreign object enters the area.
It can be produced through irritation, emotion, a strong odor or taste.
It acts as a cleanser. It can come at the most unpredictable times.
When your heart is aching over a lost love.
When you’ve shared angry words with a friend or spouse.
When a loved one departs this temporary life.
When you feel alone, betrayed, hopeless.
When there are no words to express what is in the heart.
God give us these little droplets to renew us – to release the sadness –
To wash away anger, frustration, grief, loss.
They can come gushing out or merely trickle.
They are tears.
Tears give us new strength and power.
Every time I cry, I feel as though the flood gates have opened.
Once the cry is over there is true sense of relief.
Thank you, Lord, for tears. Help me to know that they are a good thing.
Keep me from being embarrassed or ashamed when my tears fall.
Remind me of the tears shed at your death.
Assure me that through your resurrection and ascension, I will see you.
My tears of sorrow will turn to tears of joy when I enter heaven.
After that time there will be no more tears.




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This painting was done plein air last summer at the newly restored Erickson Farm in Isanti, MN.  A perfect place to create art, this house has been reborn to serve as an event center, primarily for weddings.  When a place has good bones, there is still life in it.


A solid base with bones still strong.  A place where love and peace belong,

A fortress from the outside noise.  A buttress which retains our joys,

The inner walls were cracked and dry.   Like aging skin were doomed to die,

The roof was in some disrepair.  The windows needed loving care,

In time those things will pass away, but firmly planted it will stay,

If love resumes with owners new, they can make their dreams come true,

A house is just a place you see, but when God’s in it, you’re set free,

To do the things that must be done, to make it shine and add some fun,

With God a house becomes a home,  He builds His love within each room,

If He’s the rock on which we build, our hearts with great joy are filled,

So turn to Him, the firm foundation, to give you hope and restoration.



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