We do not know what’s waiting beyond the other side,

With faithful hearts believing, a new life will abide,

Our fears and tears will pass away, like drops of gentle rain,

We will be clothed in bodies new, and will no more feel pain,

God loves us all so very much, He gave up His own Son,

To die and pay the ransom from the sins that we have done,

He washed us clean with His own blood, we now are free at last,

The darkness of that other world will soon be gone and past,

We thank you, dear, Lord, Jesus for this most precious prize,

At heaven’s gate we’ll meet you and look you in the eyes,

Your consolation waits for us, beyond that great expanse,

Where broken bodies are made whole, where we will sing and dance,

We’ll live in life eternal, where trouble is unknown,

Come quickly dear, Lord, Jesus and carry us on home.



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This is so true.  Some of the greatest ideas come in our dreams, but how on earth do we remember them.  Wouldn’t be great to be able to plug in a USB port directly into our brain?

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Pontius Pilate played a pivotal role in the crucifixion of Jesus, even though he had no reason to declare him guilty.  The evidence brought against this criminal had nothing to do with Roman law.  The only possible reason Pilate could have used against Jesus, was any treachery directed against his boss, the Roman emperor

I wonder if Pontius Pilate had any idea what Jesus was saying when he heard the accused firmly state that he indeed was a king.   As Jesus declared His defense in the matter by stating that He indeed was a king, but that His kingdom was not of this world  Pilate’s ears must’ve perked up.

This tiny bit of evidence would’ve condemned Jesus in the eyes of the state.  However, being eager to engage our Lord in some philosophical pander, He asked Jesus, “What is truth?” The Romans were always anxious to show off their ability to reason things out.  Jesus responded to the ruler that His purpose was to bring the truth to the world – truth which had been diluted and polluted over the centuries before His birth – truth which the devil had undermined with his many lies.

Pilate’s wife had warned him about killing this innocent man, because of a dream she had, but Pilate needed to placate the crowd.  The cries of “Crucify Him,” would not otherwise be silenced.

Satan has been manipulating the truth to fit his own agenda since the beginning of creation.  He continues to do so today.  We can’t always see the workings of his hand.  It’s often sugar coated and presented to us in a beautiful package.  He even uses God’s own words to finagle his way into our hearts.

Those blatant untruths have permeated the church today as they did in Jesus’ lifetime.  This often happens when the body of believers tries to rewrite scripture to fit their own needs and desires. We must constantly be on guard.  God’s Word is the only truth we need for every area of our lives.  When we allow the devil to sabotage that truth, we are opening the door for all kinds of deception.

Dear, Lord, you gave your life in defense of your Father’s truth.  You continue to make your Words available to us today and we often misuse them.  Help us study and re-study your amazing scriptures.  Help us see how those words support themselves.  Keep us always on track.  Allow the truth to permeate our souls and give us the fortification we need in this deceptive world.  Help us to fight off the devil and his lies.   Amen!

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After Paul found out he had macular degeneration, I was concerned that his paintings might be affected.  I WAS WRONG.


A blue-grey sky, rolls swiftly by, the clouds enwrap its glory,

The road is paved with gilded stones, that tell an endless story,

A husky mule, a rugged man, set out to see what nature brings,

They take the path less travelled and fall on angels’ wings,

The beauty of the landscape, enriches this sweet scene,

As light reflects on every rock, new life will reconvene,

An eagle watches from afar – takes in your every move,

While you may falter, He is there to guide you and reprove,

When days grow long and life wears on, we search for simple things,

So take a road less traveled and fly on angels’ wings.

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I often think about the hands that reached up to his mother from the manger. Those tiny, dimpled hands were perfectly formed by His Father before His birth. As He grew, those little boy hands undoubtedly got scuffed and bruised just like any other human boy. As He learned His earthly father’s trade, His hands would ache and become blistered after a day of shaping a piece of wood. When He later began His ministry, His hands touched people and they were healed. He placed His hands on them and evil spirits were drawn from them. When He entered the temple and saw how corrupt it had become, those same strong hands turned over the tables of those who had distorted His teachings and turned it into a den of thieves.

In Gethsemane, I can imagine His hands clasped tightly in prayer, pleading for mercy. His knuckles turned white as He prayed for His people – praying that this cup of death would pass from His lips.  When the vigilante crowd appeared, under the direction of one of His own trusted disciples, Judas, He used His powerful hands to heal Malchus who had lost his ear by Peter’s sword.  They then bound those healing hands and led Him to a court of frightened men who felt their church was in jeopardy because of this man.

His was led to the cross. His blood spattered hands carried His own instrument of death to Golgotha.  The soldiers cut through His hands with  long, iron spikes, pinning Him to the cross. His hands lifted up to God that day and He died there for you and me, but that wasn’t the end for my Savior. He rose again three days later and proved that He is God, but even then, He had to prove to His disciple, Thomas, that He indeed bore the scars of His bitter death.


Help us, Lord to lift our hands up to you in thanksgiving and prayer and be reminded of all that you did to lift us up to heaven with yours.  Amen!

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There is a lot said in the Bible about Leprosy.  Today the disease is referred to as Hansen’s Disease and easily curable if caught soon enough.  The laws concerning Leprosy are laid out in the book of Leviticus 13.  The disease is thoroughly described in every minute detail along with the symptoms.  The leper would be considered unclean and forced to live alone outside of the city. Eventually they would form colonies of those who suffered the same ailment, but they were all excluded from being part of society.  Not only would he be banned physically, but also spiritually, because it was thought that some specific sin cause the disease.

Leprosy begins with sores on the skin.  It then moves into the respiratory system.  Eventually the disease would eat away at the skin and affect the nervous system, causing pain triggers to be deadened.   He would not be aware of any injuries, because he would not have the sensation of touch.  His body would at last rot away and become  disfigured.

Simon, the Leper, had undoubtedly been cured from his disease by Jesus.  When Jesus went to visit Lazarus, Mary and Martha it was at Simon’s home.  We don’t know if he was part of the family, but we do know he no longer suffered from Leprosy, because he was again living in his own house, back in society.  You can imagine the joy he experienced, not only by his healing, but having his Physician and Savior sitting at his table.

In those days, there was a stigma concerning Leprosy.  The beauty of this man’s healing included the cleansing of his body along with the forgiveness of all his sins.

That’s why Jesus planted Himself on this earth, became one of us, lived with us for a while, learned all about us and, in spite of our ugliness, He took our sin on His own shoulders. He carried that burden to the cross, suffered and died.  He was placed in a rich man’s tomb and on Easter morning, defeated death itself by returning to life.

Every sin, past, present and future has been cleansed from our souls, just as Jesus washed Simon clean of his Leprosy.  Sin no longer has dominion over any of us, if we believe that God did this miraculous deed so we wouldn’t have to.  With our cleansing we can also look forward to eternity in paradise.



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A wrinkled little body, writhing and screaming as it inhales its first breath –

Skin begins to fill with life and becomes smooth to the touch,

That same helpless infant begins to explore – to search – to learn.

Each day brings challenges – excitement – newness.

The freshness of life – like the budding trees in spring – renewed, refreshed, alive.

Years go by and the no longer helpless body is now strong and fit.

It faces danger – fears – hopes and dreams with gusto – with no hesitation and often little thought.

The strength and ability to accomplish has been crafted into this creation.

Later days – the smoothness of the skin becomes transparent and spotted.

Fingers become crippled and deformed.

Each bump easily produces a bruise.

The inhalation of air can be difficult.

No longer pliable or elastic – the limp skin clings to less mass and more bone.

The body once more becomes wrinkled and stretched beyond its limits.

The mind – once filled with enough information to fill the largest computer – now forgetful, lost, fading.  Decisions once easy to make must be made by others.

The life cycle comes to an end.  We start out wrinkled and screaming and often leave this world in the same way.  It’s what happens in between that matters.

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You are my Lord and King. Without you I am lost.
My praise to you I bring, for paying the great cost.
You died upon the cross to save a wretch like me.
You suffered pain and loss upon that dreadful tree,
You gave your life for me, and others who believe.
You died to set me free. Your truth I’ll never leave.
Help me to mirror you; to walk within your light;
To share all that you do – your power and your might.
You’ve given me your Word – a manual for my life.
With it I now have heard the answers for my strife.
Prepare my heart for you. Let me your servant be.
May everything I do reflect your love for me.

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At first his heart was filled with excitement to simply be with Jesus.  Like the rest of the disciples, the message appealed to him.  He had grown up with the promise of a Messiah and this Jesus seemed to fill all the prophesies written about Him.  Like many of his brothers in the faith, He didn’t fully understand God’s plan.

Jesus’ words resonated with an authority that commanded their attention.  Their world was full of rebellion over Roman rule.  Poverty lined the streets of the common man. The time was ripe for these words.  What Judas didn’t understand was that Jesus was not an ordinary man.  He was the Son of God.

He, being the treasurer of the group, always had money on his mind.  How would they feed all these people that had gathered?  How would they supply themselves with the necessary gear to survive the elements.  When Jesus had his feet washed with expensive nard, Judas considered it a waste of something that could easily be turned into quick cash.

We often look at Judas with disdain, but he was truly a product of his environment – as all of us sinners are.  By being so focused on the material things he missed what was right in front of him. He had God with him – right in his midst – and he didn’t recognize.  We aren’t much different.

There are times when we go through life day by day, without thinking about Jesus and the importance of what He did for us.  We get wrapped up in the things of this world like money, politics, doctrine, government, material things and we simply put Jesus on the back burner, when He should be the main focus of our lives.

When the devil entered Judas’ thoughts, he was overtaken by greed and betrayed the one who had come to save the world.  When Satan gets into our heads, we do the same.  We need to put our total focus on the One who has already conquered sin and guilt instead of our own selfish needs. So let’s cut Judas some slack.  We aren’t much different than he was.  When you think about it, Jesus died for Judas too.  I often wonder if he repented in time to receive the benefits of that salvation.  The point is, Jesus died for all sinners, of which I am the greatest.


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