Our lives begin in innocence, we are too young to know,
But even in those fledgling years, we choose the way we go,
Our minds are bright our will is strong,
We think we know what’s right and wrong,
Our very hearts grow black with sin, our souls drift to and fro.

We can’t escape the grip of sin. It grows within our heart,
It’s like a cancer moving in and tearing souls apart.
There’s not a thing that we can do,
Our fate is sealed, our death is too,
Our path is filled with darkness, we have no place to start.

Our God showed love omnipotent. He sent His own dear Son,
To pay the price for my misdeeds – salvation He has won,
There’s not a word that I can say,
For burdens lifted every day,
My soul was purchased with His blood, the work has all been done.

How can I thank you, my dear Lord, for everything you gave,
So I will too in heaven live. My soul from sin is saved,
I give my heart and soul to you,
There’s nothing else for me to do,
I’ll praise your name forevermore – my sin is washed away.

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For the last couple days, I’ve been spending some real quality time with my 14 year old granddaughter.  She and her family will be gone on vacation for a while and it was her idea that we hang together this week.  Of course I was delighted.

This is such an important time in both of our lives.  I’ve watched her grow from an active little baby with jet black hair (and lots of it.)  I’ve watched as her confidence grew during her time of performing on the stage in my little children’s theater group.  I’ve seen her strong will, her moods swinging and her independence develop, as she entered this new stage of womanhood called puberty.  It just so happens to coincide with her mom’s pending menopausal moments, along with my aging attitude adjustments.

Life is filled with these “moments” as we travel through life as a woman.  There are ups and downs and times of dreaming and dreams broken.  There are those minutes when it seems you have it all together, and the hours in which you sort through the mess.  Maybe one generation can help the other through each of these stages – at least encourage them that it won’t last forever and to enjoy the journey

Being a woman isn’t all bad though.  Like the times when your granddaughter calls and asks you to hang with her for a while.

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In the Garden of Eden You planted two trees, with fruit so divine and sweet.

One was given for eating, the other not so, but temptation would soon defeat.

Man had fallen from grandeur to deepest despair, He needed redemption within.

So you gave him the purest –  the sinless – the pure – to take on the burden of sin.

When we travel to heaven, we’ll see that sweet fruit, that grows on the Tree of Life.

It will heal and restore us and give us new life – from troubles and pain and strife.

He will take us and lead us to pastures of green and still waters will He provide.

We’ll at last be united and joined with Him there – as His perfectly treasured bride.



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Each day brings good intentions, but it isn’t long before all of our noble hopes take a hit as reality sets in.

You stumble out of bed – stub your toe on the night stand – limp to the bathroom – freak out as you look at the reflection in the mirror – attempt to cover the circles under your eyes – brush the five remaining teeth in your mouth – sit down to write inspiring words only to draw a complete blank.

You might be a young parent and have every intention of potty training your two year old, cleaning up the dishes from last night’s dinner, sorting the socks that never match. Seems like these things shouldn’t be that difficult until the washing machine breaks down, another child has a fever and you have run out of coffee.

If you’re fortunate to have a job, you shower only to find that the dog’s shampoo has replaced your soap on a rope and you have an important client to meet for lunch. You miss your bus – it’s raining – you don’t have an umbrella and no one told you that your red tie would bleed onto your white shirt. When you finally meet that client and offer to pay the tab all you have in your wallet is Monopoly money.

Our first reaction might be to go back to bed before going any further with our daily tasks. We might just lay a guilt trip on ourselves to compensate for circumstances beyond our control. We could blame others for our plight or we could do the one thing that always seems to be a last resort. When you’re having a bad day – turn it over to the one who invites you to lay your burdens on His shoulders.

We are people who like to think of ourselves as self-sufficient. We are goal oriented and often push the limits to achieve success. We forget that no matter how hard we try, we aren’t in control of the inconveniences that plague our lives from time to time.

If this is your life, or if your circumstances are even more bleak and hopeless than those that I’ve mentioned, there is relief for you too. If your mistakes have put you into dire financial straits; if your addictions have taken over your life; if you are a member of the military and haven’t seen your family other than on Skype; if you have experienced the loss of a loved one – a broken relationship – a terminal disease; if you don’t feel worthy to approach the throne of God – think again.

God loves us so much that he gave up everything so that we could have it all. Instead of waiting, begin your conversation with Him today. Start by saying, “I’m sorry.” He loves to hear those words.

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Definition – Having or showing dogged determination not to change one’s attitude or position on something, especially in spite of good arguments or reasons to do so.

Is this a sign of our times?  Have we become a stubborn people?  Has the voice of those we employ as our political representatives, given in to the dogged determination of their own thinking, rather than doing the work of we the people?

Throughout the history of man, this attribute of stubbornness can be a great motivator or an even greater detriment.  When we’re stubborn, we’re often immovable as well.  Nothing anyone says or does will change our mind.  We believe we’re right and no words, deeds or other solutions are going to influence us.

In God’s Word we hear about the stubbornness of God’s people, Israel, as they hardened their hearts against their Creator. We see it as they fled from Egypt and found more and more to complain about.

Psalm 81:11-12 ““But my people did not listen to my voice.   Israel would not submit to me.  So I gave them over to their stubborn hearts to follow their own counsels.”

Being stubborn is one of those attributes that conjures ideas of negativity to most of us, but it can be a great tool as well.  When we’re stubborn for the right reasons, we are taking a stand and fighting for our beliefs.  It takes a certain amount of tenacity to be stubborn.  The word itself is connected to be persistent, adamant and determined.  It’s also associated with being headstrong, unreasonable and pigheaded.

It seems to me that God wants us to follow Him in all our ways.  When we’re considering things that will effect millions of others, we should consider carefully and look to God for answers that would serve Him well.  We need to be steadfast in His teachings and strong willed when it comes to doing His work.

Unfortunately our people have lost some of that original stubborn as a mule mentality.  We’ve become stiff-necked, resistant and often unreasonable.  Being stubborn has positive connotations too.  Maybe it’s time to look at that side of it.

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One day the clouds were heavy with rain – the air grew oppressive under the weight of high dew point levels.
Within minutes the ominous clouds emptied in sheets of torrential rain upon the earth.
Within seconds the air lightened. The clouds were replaced with pristeen blue skies.
In those brief moments, the earth was cleansed and refreshed.
We experience similar storms in life.
We can become burdened with the weight of sadness, worry, anxious thoughts.
We might gasp for air at times, thinking relief will never come.
Our hearts grow cold, our souls weary, our bodies and minds dry up
and sometimes our spirit dies.
It is then that God sends His refreshing waters – to renew us,
to satisfy us and to give us strength.
That living water is presented to us through His Holy Word.
It is the only place to find the rejuvenation that brings new life.

Revelation 14:2 “And I heard a sound from heaven like the roar of rushing waters and like a loud peal of thunder. The sound I heard was like that of harpists playing their harps.


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Like a giant vacuum, sucking vapor from the earth,

Descending down from heaven, like angels in their mirth,

Billowing up so very high, the sky can barely hold them,

Sprays of multi-colors rise, kisses and enfolds them,

Cotton candy on a stick, with gossamer wings that fly,

Mottled pink and mauve connect, convection for the eye,

Striated up above the world in a myriad of shades,

They act just like a fortress, of powerful palisades.

When night time comes they disappear from our imperfect vision,

But when the sun returns again,  they come back with precision,

God’s own strong hand has placed them there so we would find some peace,

He also opens up the sky and shares in their release.



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