I’ve always enjoyed working with children and seeing them grow physically and confident.  My joy in seeing a child succeed may go back to my own childhood, when I felt completely inadequate – unsure of myself and lacked one ounce of self worth.

When I had my own children, I wanted to make sure that they didn’t suffer from the same malady, but I’ve learned in my later years, that we all go through some kind of junk when we’re growing up.  Some of us blame our parents.  Some choose to blame their circumstances or social status.  Really each of us is responsible for our own behavior and the outcome of it.  But I digress.

The point of this post is that I turned 75 this year and among all the changes in this past year, I still have a need to work.  Not only because living entirely on Social Security is near to impossible, but because I can’t not work.  It’s in my blood.  I was raised in a home of hard workers.

So, I decided to do one more afterschool drama class at our old church school. I didn’t realize how much I missed being with these little ones.  After the tedious task of reading through their script this week, I knew I was losing one of my little kindergartners because she said, “It feels like nap time.”  I totally agreed with her, since it’s been a while since I’ve been with a batch of youngsters.

I’m also enjoying my work with memory care residents at a nursing home, with inclusion of drama and writing for them and the senior assisted living residents.  What fun that’s turned out to be.  I’m only with them once a month right now, but the potential for growth to other homes within their system is good.  I’ve been having a blast with them.

In addition, I’ve joined the Board of Directors of a children’s theater company in the area.  I’ll be doing some writing for them and possibly some directing and classes.  Doors are opening for both me and my husband.  We are so blessed to be able to work at what we love.

There are days when I wonder why I’m still on this planet.  Why are so many of those I love going to heaven?  I get frustrated with all the stress our country faces.  I groan when I think about how helpless I am as far as offering assistance.  Then I realize there is nothing that I can do about any of it.  God is still in control and He hasn’t made a mistake yet.

So I will carry on until my last breath, praying that God gives me the energy to do what I love while I’m still here, and the confidence that I have a paradise awaiting me when this life is done.

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Colors subdued, perfunctory, underwhelmed,

Yet in the palette of unimportant hues,

We are held captive to the beauty,

Our lives can be ordinary, uneventful, mundane,

But still the array of light, shadows, darkness and aloneness,

We can be held captive to the beauty,

Life doesn’t always have to be flashy,

Days don’t have to be filled with complexity or disorder,

Sometimes we simply need to sit back and enjoy the ride.

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A good work ethic means staying late to finish the work someone else didn’t want to do or didn’t feel he had to do. It means giving up lunch to take care of a customer. It means putting in more than your time – and then some. Our country was founded on a solid work ethic. The founders were faced with difficult decisions, but they took this infant government and turned it into one supported by faith in God and a place where everyone could succeed if they possessed that desire to work for it.

Now we have become a nation of many who expect things to be done for them; a country that saps those with a good work ethic, so that those who don’t want to work can take advantage of a system that keeps making it possible. I’m not saying that we should not take care of those who need it, but when we create an environment of entitlement, it’s wrong.  Part if the problem is that our churches have failed to step up to the plate when it comes to helping those in need.

It’s imperative that we as parents, grandparents and a nation teach our children that entitlement doesn’t exist for those of us that follow Christ. We are entitled to nothing be, but we are given everything because of God’s love for us. Do we then sit back and wait for heaven, knowing that we don’t have to do anything to get there? Of course not. Our work has just begun.  Let it begin within our families and our churches.

With grateful hearts for our salvation, let’s thank God for the grace He provided by sending His Son to take our place and make full atonement for our sins. We are not entitled to any of it, but He gives it freely.  We then should turn our thanks into action towards those in need.  That action isn’t always monetary.  It can be something as simple as  making a meal, cutting the grass,  grocery shopping – running errands – sitting with them and talking – being a friend – giving them a hug.

We’ve been so blessed as Christians.  Our cup of joy should spread over all those we meet.  If we can do one thing that will genuinely help others, it’s to introduce them to Jesus and let them know what He’s already given them.

Our world is full of hurting people.  Depression and anxiety are commonplace.  The news alone is enough to make us depressed.  Those emotions are real and difficult to overcome, but we won’t if we continue to feel we deserve more than we have.  Through Jesus, we have it all!

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I, like many, had my doubts when I went to vote last November.  I wasn’t convinced in my heart of hearts that my decision to vote for Donald Trump was the sagest idea I ever had.  He was brash, earthy, condescending and rude.  However his opponent was not an option.

For the past ten months I’ve seen the making of a president.  What seemed to many to be an impossible choice, has developed into a strong leader, a man who loves America, an astute businessman who knows how to make a deal and one who takes his job seriously.

If you’ve been paying close attention to this man, you can’t help notice a change in his demeanor.  His last two speeches – to the Air Force on their 70th anniversary and to the United Nations yesterday – resounded with strength, passion, love of country, willingness to stand up for it and true leadership.  This has been lacking the presidential office for some time.

Usually you can tell by a person’s body language if they’re telling the truth or simply putting on an act.  President Trump has either had some superior training in the past few month or his true self is surfacing.    So far, during his short presidency, he’s had to deal with a media that seems bent on his destruction – a Republican party that’s been too wishy washy to defend him – a Democrat party that refuses to accept the results of the last election – two horrific hurricanes that ravaged the Southern edge of our country – a man who plays with weapons of mass directions as if they were toys – a radical group of Islamic dissidents who wish to eliminate us – allies who have lost faith in the strength of America.  He hasn’t even completed one year!

In that time, he’s been successful in diverting the press.  His tweets may seem absurd at times, but the press is having a field day with them, while he gets his work done.  He’s gotten more people back to work.  The stock market is at an all time high.  He’s fighting for the American people and their safety.  He is talking to our military like a true commander in chief.  He continues to put new ideas out there and is willing to butt heads with his opponents.

Maybe it’s a time we start taking this guy seriously!

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Within the mountain’s early dawn, His majesty is seen,

The skies fill up with brilliance, and glorious golden sheen,

His breath is seen in morning mist, His voice through eagles’ song,

His power displays in sunlit rays, He shines the whole day long,

His love for us unspoken, but seen in every rock,

He leads us like a shepherd protects his wandering flock,

I am so weak and fragile, like many a stubborn sheep,

My trust oft wanes, my fears o’er take, I toss through dream filled sleep,

My tears won’t stop, may faith grows weak, I stumble all the way,

But He’s right there, surrounding me, protecting me each day,

I’ll never grow to understand His unconditional love,

But thank Him that He grants it from His throne high up above,

My God, you are my fortress, my strength when I am weak,

You carry me through deserts, you lead me when you speak,

Through pastures green and waters clean, fulfilling every need,

You fill my heart with gratitude, my soul your Word does feed.

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(This poem was written a year ago at this time.  We just made the offer on our new old house – a house that has brought us much joy in just a year.)


A little house is all we need to knit our lives with love,

A place where we can simplify, with God’s help from above,

He found this place just for us, prepared it with His hand,

A home that’s stood the test of time and firmly it does stand,

We know that it’s by God’s design and He will live there too,

Where ever He does lead us, He’ll also see us through,

His presence always will be felt, with us He will reside,

He’ll guide us through the rest of life and stay right at our side,

And when our final days draw near, He’ll linger with us too,

And take us to His throne on high, where promises come true.

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 “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” Romans 12:2

Last night we went to see the uncut version of the Luther film, “Return to Grace.  I watched the film on PBS, which was abridged, but many of the historical events and results of the reformation were highlighted.

As I watched poor Martin, observing a puppet show depicting the battle of good and evil, I couldn’t help recalling some similar events from my own childhood.  Luther became obsessed with his sin and inability to do anything about it.   His conscience convicted him and his frustration haunted him, causing him to beat himself and take to an austere lifestyle.  Nothing he could do was sufficient.

My early experiences in church came back to haunt me as well.  I grew up in a conservative Lutheran church – one that believed in all the teachings of scripture.  We had a beautiful altar, complete with statuary of Jesus ascending into heaven with cherubs surrounding Him.  The altar itself was in the Gothic style, complete with spires, edged in gold, that stretched to heaven.  The pulpit rose above the congregation and the pastor would climb several steps to deliver his sermon. Above the pulpit there was a cross adorned dome.  The church was full of beautiful stained glass windows and paintings on the ceiling – many distractions for little eyes.

I couldn’t have been more than six or seven when the words began to resonate in my brain.  The Law was preached from that domed enclosure in full fire and brimstone style.  The pastor would spew words of God’s wrath for what seemed an eternity, making me feel totally incapable of ever reaching heaven.  It would take me many more years to hear the voice of the Gospel.

Apparently Martin Luther struggled much like I did.  I never resorted to his drastic measures, but I was convinced that I was on a fast train to hell.  My conscience would not let me rest.  My sins seemed insurmountable.

Luther confessed his sins  to another priest.  How many sins could a Catholic monk have?  He was confined to the severe lifestyle of the monastery, with every second filled with prayer and supplication along with hard physical labor.  Yet his confession ran for hours.

As he dug further into the scriptures he finally realized that it was by grace that his sins were forgiven.  No amount of works, prayers, money or repentance would salve his broken, spirit.  When that fact sunk deeply into his brain, all the rest fell into place.  Salvation is a gift from God.  We can only be saved through faith in that wonderful knowledge.  That truth comes from God’s Word to us – the Bible and is administered by Christ alone.

The rest is history.  Martin Luther changed the way people viewed God – not as a fearful judge, but as One who loved them so much, He gave His own Son as the perfect sacrifice.  He used the tools at hand to spread God’s Word through the printing press.  He changed the politics that infected the church of the day.  He made it possible for the common man to read the scriptures through the printed Word.

He was the rock star of his day, but would be the first to chastise those who made him one.  He was simply a man struggling with his conscience – feeling the pangs of the law and not knowing the beauty of the Gospel.



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