“Our society strives to avoid any possibility of offending anyone, except God.”  Billy Graham

Our nation has become so politically correct that we’ve almost become numb to the evil  insidiously wheedling its way into the fiber of our existence.  Nothing shocks anymore.  We’re exposed to corruption, scandal, violence, immorality, excess, addiction and the breakdown of the family.  We have been led to believe that we must tolerate the things that others do – no matter how distasteful.  We’re expected to accept all beliefs and behavior.  We’re told to be open to every opinion, action and belief – except to the One true God who created the World.

Our political arena is filled with name calling and “he said, she said” truths or untruths. We used to believe the news media, but over the past fifty years or so, that has been tarnished along with everything else that once was believable.  Today it seems that our very tolerant society has no qualms about slandering others.  They have no problem destroying another’s reputation with innuendo and suspicion.

Schools are inciting young minds.  The workplace has turned into a “protected” environment where every word can be judged against us.  The family can be anything from two male partners raising children – to single, unmarried parents – divorced or separated couples that create even more confusion for the children – and even parentless families, where children have to take on the responsibility of parenting. The days of Leave it to Beaver are long gone.

We as a nation have put God on the back burner.  To many He simply doesn’t exist because He isn’t visible and there’s nothing tangible to prove His existence.  To some, they’ve turned things or beliefs into gods.  Unfortunately, the God upon which our nation was founded, can’t even be spoken of in the political arena, the legal system, public schools, the entertainment business or sporting events without criticism – however, there seems to be an insistence that we tolerate every other god out there, except the One True God.

As Christians, we’ve been pushed aside and often persecuted for our beliefs.  It’s really time for us to take a stand.  We will have to choose our words wisely, so that we don’t offend.  We’ll need to rely on God’s Word, the Bible, to guide us.  We must call on the triune God to help us. The world seems to be gaining more and more strength each day, but we have a defense that has no boundaries.  End of the story – God wins!

Lord, I know you can conquer any evil that inhabits this planet.  We, as your people, need to be strong and courageous in our faith.  Help us to stand up for you and your precepts.  Gives us the perseverance to uphold your truths.  Even if we face ridicule or death, help us continue to keep you alive in a society that doesn’t seem to need you anymore.  Your will be done.  Amen.

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A raptor of a different sort, inhabits most the planet,

It much prefers the warmer spots, near mountains, cliffs and rivers,

No matter where God places him, he won’t take it for granted,

He soars to greatest heights above, his art he then delivers,


He plunges toward his waiting prey at speeds unknown to others,

The enterprising, skillful bird swoops down to grab his dinner,

The prey will never notice that the falcon had his druthers,

So swiftly he is carried off, by such a crafty winner.


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When I hit puberty, my weight became a problem. I always looked for the easy way out.  Anything that would help me lose weight fast.  It didn’t matter if I ate the same thing every day – charted my caloric intake – tried every diet known to mankind and some I made up on my own.  Losing weight fast is really never a good idea, because chances are your fat will come back with a vengeance, once you’ve gone back to your old eating habits.

There were always the excuses – it’s genetic – it’s my bone structure – it’s my mouth getting in the way of my mind.  If you’ve never dieted, you won’t understand this post at all.  If you have, I hope you will know that the frustration of dieting is not fun.

As I’ve aged, I’ve probably lost and gained 50,000 pounds.  For the past five years I’ve maintained the same weight, which is probably 50 pounds too much.  My doctor doesn’t seem concerned, but I know that carrying this extra baggage is causing my hips, my legs, my back and my feet to resent every one of them.

My problem,  plain and simple, is that I like to eat – everything.  I love ice cream, donuts and all the usual things that make you fat, but I also love salads, vegetables, fruit.  I’m five feet tall.  I’ve lost a few inches over time.  I always tell people I used to be six feet tall and everything slipped down to my mid-section and hips as I lost the additional height.   That excuse doesn’t really cut it anymore either.

I don’t drink to excess.  I’m not a smoker.  I don’t drink coffee.  I lead a pretty decent life, but I’m fat.  They say when you are addicted to something, the first step is admit you have a problem.  I admit it.  I’m Kathy and I’m a food-a-holic.

Maybe it’s not a bad idea to carry around an extra few pounds when you get old.  You never know when you’re going to get sick and your body uses every ounce of fat to keep you alive a little longer.  If that’s the case, I’m going to live for another fifty years.  Who knows?



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The giant reaper opens it massive jaws and its teeth consume the hay – It spits out bales of  golden chunks as it forages through fields of fodder – food that will keep the cattle happy for the cold months ahead. The old farm equipment now sits idle in a field of corn which also becomes silage. This animal “super food” will be a source of protein for them.

We so often take the products of farming for granted.  Lots of city folks believe that corn, oats and wheat come from factories.  They haven’t a clue how their food is harvested and turned into boxed cereals, dog food, and flour used for baking.  Most kids have never been to a farm and seen the results of hard work and a lot of sweat.  They see items on the grocery shelf and guess they got there by happenstance.

I didn’t grow up on a farm, but I spent many summers at my grandparent’s. Every child should have the opportunity to visit a farm.  This time of year is especially good.  We see all kinds of equipment cutting – shredding – bundling and storing.  Many of the new farms are now owned by big companies using modern and more efficient machinery.  Every now and then, you’ll see a farmer behind a plow or a pair of horses pulling a hay wagon.  Usually they’re Amish or poor farmers trying to make a measly living off the land.

Farm life stimulates all the senses.  You feel the hard ground turn into fertilized soil, ready to receive seeds.  You hear the sound of the machinery as it cuts through the dirt, laying seeds.  You see the seeds come to life and grow.  You look at the skies and pray for rain or lack of it.  You smell a large variety of odors like moist, black dirt – cows, sheep or hogs – freshly baked bread – milk coming straight from the source – perspiration – and so much more.  You taste the result of the harvest – corn on the cob, fresh vegetables and fruits, grain turned into flour for use in food preparation.

The smell of fresh, homemade dinner rolls and southern fried chicken wafts from the kitchen.  Nutmeg and cinnamon are among the tempting scents.  An apple pie or two awaits.   Work will have to wait for a while.  A famer’s life is filled with anticipation, invention, patience, disappointment and optimism – depending on the circumstances.  Come to think of it, we all experience things like that too.

At day’s end a harvest moon appears in the distance.  Maybe just a little more can be accomplished by the light of it.  You see, the farmer is also one who endures even in the most difficult situations.  So do we. With God’s help, we can all be filled with endurance to finish the race.

“What I learned growing up on the farm was a way of life that was centered on hard work, and on faith and on thrift. Those values have stuck with me my whole life. ” 

         Rick Perry


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He sat upon a stump all night, his eyes searched everywhere,

For just a tiny morsel which he didn’t have to share,

He watched and watched as time ticked by,

He blinked, but never closed an eye,

He stayed alert upon that stump, though weary he became,

When finally a mouse slipped by, the owl was put to shame,

By then his eyes could take no more,

He let out with a noisy snore,

And fell upon the forest’s floor.



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The room begins to close in on you. You feel suffocated in your inner most being. Your heart begins to race – your mouth is dry – your hands begin to tremble – your breathing becomes heavy and almost chokes you. The hair on the back of your neck bristles and you feel faint. This is how you feel when you experience fear.

Fear can consume us – disable us – cause us to hide or seek refuge. It can live in the back of our mind only to resurface at a later age.  The number of phobias included in the human psyche are countless – all the way from fear of small places to fear of going outside.  I’m not a psychologist, but I have experienced enough of life to know that fear can also be a means of protection.  It’s kind of a fail safe mechanism that goes off in our brains to let us know we’re in danger.

We’re all afraid of something.  Maybe you fear getting in front of an audience.  Or you might be afraid of high places or spiders or elevators or avocadoes.  The point is, you aren’t alone.  We all need reassurance that these fears won’t cause us to be eaten up by them.  Maybe your fears are more immediate – like knowing where your next meal will come from or where you will lay your head tonight.

The uncertainties we face every day are enough for some to require straight jackets, while others seem to be completely fearless. How do you handle your fears? I’m still in the process of figuring that one out. I should have faith that God has my back in all circumstances, but sometimes even that isn’t enough. Prayers can help, but fear will once again rear its ugly head.  Many times our fears, like unexplained dreams, are an unsettling reminder that we need someone to help us get through this life.

Everyone on this planet has something that eats at them. Our fears don’t just magically disappear when we become Christians. Sometimes we face even more of them. It’s a tough journey. Life can pull, tug at us, push us around and cause us to give up. The only thing to alleviate those anxious moments is turning to God’s Word. Within those pages we can find comfort, peace, patience and God’s plan for us.  Through His message, we can conquer our fears and move forward.  The key is putting your faith in someone who has dispelled all fear.

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On the days when I feel useless, when I simply cannot move,

When my heart is full of vigor, but I can’t get in the groove,

That’s the time I need my Savior, The true King of heaven and earth,

He gives His constant care to me and grants me a second birth,

He is the Lion of Judah, the great and almighty one,

He makes every day worth living, He warms me under the sun,

He arms me with His protection, He raises my heart and soul,

And though my body grows weary, He has it under control,

As each day that passes by me, resembles the setting sun,

I know that it will rise again, for God cannot be outdone.

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Yom Kippur  began yesterday at sunset and will end today at nightfall.  The Jewish calendar notes this day as the holiest of days.  It’s a time of fasting, worship and confession.  In Old Testament times, a sacrifice accompanied the celebration.  A perfect, unblemished lamb would have its throat slit, its legs bound and would be lain on the altar as the means to receive atonement for their sins.  It was instituted when the Israelites created the golden calf and worshipped it instead of the true God.  Moses, threw the tablets containing the Ten Commandments to the ground and they split into thousands of pieces.  When the people realized their sin, they repented and returned to Adonai.  It was then that God provided a second set of stones, outlining the way they should live from then on.

During this day, people usually refrain from eating and drinking, they do not go to work, they observe it as they would the Sabbath.  The word atone means to make amends or be reconciled with God – in fact to be at-one with God.  The sacrifice was an outside demonstration of laying the sins on the lamb to be burned up as an offering to God.

As Christians, our reconciliation with God was assured with the sacrifice of Jesus’ blood, His death and resurrection.   The pure, unblemished Lamb of God took away the sins of the world.  His blood was spilled, His body bruised and smitten.Still we believe that we sin daily and need to be reminded of the sacrifice Jesus made on our behalf.  We no longer need to offer a sacrifice.

Repentance goes hand in hand with reconciliation.  Without it we’ll never receive salvation.  When you wrong someone, you first must make amends – say you’re sorry and promise to change.  Our human nature draws us back into sin, so this repentance needs to happen every day.  This is why we confess our sins to God.  Jesus has made it possible to have an open, direct line to our heavenly Father.

The actual forgiveness does not come from what we do.  If we were to get what we deserve, we would rot in hell. Our good deeds and works  have no effect on our salvation.  They are a result of it and gratitude to the One who provides it.  Christ accepted us – sinners.  He doesn’t put people into pigeon holes.  He loves all of humanity.

First we must accept the fact that we’re sinners.  Then we must acknowledge that we need a Savior.  There is nothing we can say or do to save ourselves.  In Christ alone, we have been redeemed, reconciled, renewed. Our baptism allows the Spirit of God to enter our souls – meaning that we are at one with God – AT-ONE!





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He used to splash through waters deep, he rested in seaweed,

This giant of fresh water lakes, was quite a sight indeed,

A trophy for the fisherman to take home and display,

So all his friends could be amazed by what he caught that day,

The story has a different end, it’s not what you may think,,

The fish was carved from wood you see, and thus it doesn’t stink.



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Do we place upon a pedestal the heroes of our time?
We sometimes make them idols. Do we think they are divine?
When they show that they are human, they quickly tumble down.
They lose that place of honor. They no more wear a crown.

They thought they were invincible – that they could do no wrong.
They took the road most travelled – they sang their own sweet song.
The accolades enticed them. Their greed did overcome.
They tested all the limits. To their pride they would succumb.

The only super hero that fills our every need,
Is Jesus, Christ our Savior. For our souls His wounds did bleed.
He gave His life to save us – from sin to set us free.
He conquered death to give us life for all eternity.

The superstars and champions may give us all a thrill,
But the Son of God won’t let us down. Our every need he’ll fill.
So look to Him for lasting peace. The victory he has won.
He is our true redeemer- role model – Number One!

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“A wonderful thing about true laughter is that it just destroys any kind of system of dividing people.” John Cleese

Today I’d like to turn my thoughts to  laughter. There is nothing in the world like it. You hear the sound of a baby giggling for the first time and it makes you smile.  Soon that smile has turned into a roaring guffaw and both of you are laughing uproariously.  You tell your grandmother a joke and her toothless mouth exposes all the caverns and crevices of aging, causing you to laugh along with her.

There is nothing like a good laugh.  It can make you cry – makes your ribs ache – releases endorphins – break tension instantly – draw you together and unites you.  I believe this is one of the things God placed within us to brighten the darkest day.

Laughter is more contagious than measles.  It can start with a tiny giggle and explode into a gigantic roar in an instant.  In my family it’s a part of life.  When we want to escape the division which has invaded our country, we pull out the joke book, tune into a zany movie, or just sit and watch people.  I guess you could say it’s like going to the zoo, but I’m sure someone would take offense to that.

Some folks use laughter as a front for how they’re truly feeling inside.  It’s like a mask temporarily hiding our sadness, grief or pain.  Many comedians suffer from depression as is proven by the number of them who commit suicide.  Eventually the mask comes off and exposes the truth.

The old song, “Put on a Happy Face,” comes to mind. Taking on a positive outlook is a good thing. We could let gloom and doom take over our lives, since it is a daily occurrence. The mask of tragedy depicts a face that’s downtrodden.  The mouth and eyes are turned down.  The face sags and wears out.  Laughter can be an instant face lift and it doesn’t cost a cent.

As Christ’s children we have  something to smile about. We have been assured of eternal life with Him. He gives us the confidence to laugh even when our world is crumbling. So spread sunshine all over the place and put on a happy face.

Psalm 126:2  “Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Then it was said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them.”

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This week I’m featuring some of Paul’s wood sculptures.


He didn’t come in glory on that first Christmas Day,

His palace was a lowly place, His bed was made of hay,

His mother held Him to her breast, and wondered at the child,

This Holy Son of God was born a baby meek and mild,

This tiny little infant boy would bring to earth great joy,

This child would take our sins away, and Satan He’d destroy,

They named the baby Jesus, Christ, the true Messiah He,

His greatest earthly purpose was to die for you and me,

His servants were the angels, the shepherds came to pray,

The Magi came from far away their richest gifts for to lay,

The innocence of His pure blood cleansed us of all our sin,

And we can stand before our God, with pure hearts deep within,

He will return to judge the world, in glory beyond measure,

His promises will be fulfilled, He is our greatest treasure.


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I used to be able to tell you if it was Monday or Friday.  I could even spout out the date in a flash.  For me, the only reason I know it’s Monday today is that I went to church yesterday.  When you get older, days often meld into each other, because you aren’t on a specific schedule.  They like to tell us that our memory is failing or that we’re getting old, but the truth is we lose track of the daily routine – the nine to five thing – the rush to get to work.

When you’re retired you lose track of a lot of things – not because your mind is addled, but because you’re no longer required to think about them.  Still we have to remember what day it is, so we can take out the trash for pickup – make all our doctor’s appointments – know when it’s Sunday so we can figure out the rest of the week.

When you have a regular job, you’re committed to getting somewhere at a specific time.  You still need a planner or a calendar, which is usually on your phone – so there should be no excuse for missing an appointment or getting to work on time.  Still it happens – even to the young whippersnappers out there.  Monday is the hardest.  You’ve just come off a weekend of activities with the family, hours consumed by some self-absorption, or just taking it easy.  It takes a while to re-program our brains into work mode.

I’ve always considered Mondays a time for a fresh start. The perfect day to start a diet.  Tuesday is the perfect day for going off your diet.  On Monday, you should have a new outlook – added motivation because you’ve been resting for two days – excitement to get back to the daily grind (said no one, ever.)  Unless you are in love with your work, most are not eager to get back.

Within two short days, we’ve convinced ourselves that we require more sleep. We feel we’re entitled because we worked hard all week.  Weekends are supposed to be a time of regeneration, but there are things to do which we’re unable to do while  working.  Like cleaning the house, cutting the grass, getting the car washed, planning and preparing meals for the week, spending time with family, enjoying other’s company, doing the laundry, grocery shopping, going to sporting events, taking kids to their activities and the list goes on ad infinitum.  We try to cram so much into the weekend, that Monday’s really start to look like a day of rest.

Organizing your time doesn’t help, because things come up – like needing medical attention, an unexpected visitor, an unplanned call for help.  It’s no wonder that by the time we reach my age, time is really immaterial.  We look at each one as a bonus.  We thank God for giving us another one.  We make the most of each minute we have left.

Enjoy your Monday, Tuesday and so on.  You’re going to need to need rest so you’ll be prepared for next weekend.


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The sun is beating its hot rays, on browning grass and empty lake,

The water is now turning cooler, but still it calls us to partake,

Of one last ride across the waves, before we put the boat away,

It’s mid-September, isn’t it?  Yet God has given us this day,

To slip into our swimming suits,

And say goodbye to life’s pursuits,

To capture summer one more day,

Before the sun goes far away,

To put the world on hold once more,

Before we leave this empty shore,

Though summer is on its last leg, we know that we should heed advice,

Tomorrow will come soon enough, the clear blue water turns to ice,

The winds will blow and spill the leaves, the birds search for a warmer spot,

Yet on this brilliant sun drenched day, we wallow in the searing hot.


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They stood by Him for three years.  The One who called them was like none other they’d ever known.  Following Him left no question.  He was charismatic yet gentle.  His voice held confidence.  His mission seemed so important to them.  They leaned on His every word.

Yet, when push came to shove, and the leaders of the Sanhedrin came to arrest Him, they scattered like cockroaches when the light goes on in a cheap hotel.  To think that one of His own would fall victim to the love of money and sell out his leader.  How could rock solid Peter deny Him three times?  Peter was the one who  promised to do anything for his Lord including dying for Him?

It’s easy to sit back and judge these fellows for their inconsistent behavior, but we’re just as guilty when we set ourselves above others – when we don’t truly follow His plan for our lives – when we decide we know better than He does – when we don’t help and serve others out of love –  when we pretend to be good people even though our thoughts and deeds are filled with ugliness – we are denying and betraying our Savior.

We’re as guilty as those who spat upon Him. We go through life thinking we’re in charge of our own destiny.  We fall apart when things don’t go our way.  We give up, give in and give away the only One who saves us from ourselves and from the devil.

Every time we think we can manage our lives without His help, we’re spitting in His face.  When we cave at the first sign of failure or struggle without cause, we’re pounding the nails into His hands and feet.  When we ignore all the truth of the Bible, we’re closing our ears to God’s magnificent voice.  We separate ourselves from the glorious gift of salvation when we ignore His words.

We need His strength, His courage, His selflessness, His love and His hand guiding us down the road  to heaven. He paid the price while we reap the benefits.

Help me, Lord to remember the trials and suffering you endured on my behalf. Forgive me for not always following your footsteps. When I am weak, you carry me. When I fall, you lift me up. My life will not be perfect until I get to my heavenly home, but I know that with you I can endure all things while I still walk this earth. Amen!


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A great deal of emphasis is placed on gaining a superior education.  To be a master of anything pretty much secures a spot in the workplace.  But what about the “Masters” of old – the artists, the writers, the performers, the poets, the craftsmen – those who got their degrees from experiencing life?  Somehow that just doesn’t cut it today.  Now you need a Master’s degree from a notable university, just to get your foot in the door.

An artist like da Vinci would eventually get recognized in today’s world, but without that piece of paper, would he have attained such acclaim?  da Vinci was a jack of all trades.  He dabbled in engineering, invention, art, anatomy and the other sciences, yet he was also a loner.  Born of parents that didn’t want to have children, he felt like an outcast until he was enrolled in an art school.  There he became popular and his mind was set free to explore, to investigate, to learn and to master everything he did.

How about you?  Are you working on your Masters?  I’ve thought about going back to get my degree, but I don’t know if they’d take someone of my age.  Maybe I should put it on my bucket list.  In any event, I feel the years of my life were filled with exploration, experience, study, and learning through living.  Maybe they should hand out diplomas for life experience or, in other words, being a Jack of all trades.

With more than 40 years of experience teaching drama to kids, I’ve not only learned myself, but I was able to pass on and inspire others through it.  My husband is the same.  His art has brought pleasure to many through the years.  He even made a living at it for a while, but when you reach your golden years, all that experience doesn’t amount to a hill of beans without a piece of paper to corroborate.

Maybe we were born too late.  Perhaps we should’ve lived in da Vinci’s time, when the arts were appreciated for what they give back to society.  Although I really like my automatic washer and dryer and prefer to bake things in an oven that doesn’t require being filled with wood.  Today, writers and artists come at a dime a dozen.  The fields are saturated with us.  Those who survive, do so against all odds.  With art available online at ridiculously low prices, there isn’t much call for original works.  Writers are up against tremendous obstacles as well.  Think of the number of books currently on the market.  Think also of how easily they are made available on Kindle or other sources.  Demand for another Margaret Mitchell has been swallowed up by a million other authors who expect to corner the market.

What is my point in all this?  I guess I feel that life experience has got to be worth something in today’s marketplace. Being part of a partnership of two artists, I can tell you that pickings are often slim.  Selling our work happens, but it certainly isn’t enough to sustain us.  We don’t particularly want to wait until we die to be discovered.  So we plug away at life, with confidence still pushing us forward.

That confidence comes from something we didn’t earn or work for.  It comes as a gift from the Creator of the universe.  He planted talents into each one of us – to use for His glory and for the enjoyment and edification of others.  So maybe we won’t be recognized as master artists in our lifetime, but we have been won by the Great Master and He has an amazing plan for the rest of our lives and eternity.




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The backyard beckons me back home, the swing’s a welcome sight,

It sits amongst a flower bed, with pillows soft and bright,

The sound of crickets, frogs and birds, is constantly alive,

There is no need for empty words, the beauty will survive,

Heavenly stars like fractured glass, dance swiftly through the sky,

Each breath you take, each sound you hear, will never pass you by,

Perfume of magnolia flowers, captivate the senses,

When moonlight pours its golden glow, magic it dispenses,

A prolific sanctuary, where dreams take you away,

Where lightning bugs spread fairy dust, and you have time to play.




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I’m a big fan of hugging.  In fact I heard somewhere that hugs are under rated and that we need them more than we think we do.  That same source told me that an average of four hugs a day are necessary to keep us thinking positive thoughts and feeling good about ourselves.

In my case, I’m self employed, so who do I hug?  Me?  My husband is also self employed.  Maybe we can hug each other throughout the day.  Since we’re both artists and at times pretty close to starving, the hugs are not only necessary, but at times the only thing that sustains us.  Of course there are other things – likes family, friends, church family, those we meet on the street, strangers, store clerks and many more we come into contact with on a daily basis.

Now, many folks don’t like hugging.  Some are afraid to express their emotions.  Some might fear being accused of sexual harassment if they hug.  Hugs can turn into something much more than positive affirmation – especially if you’re in the public eye.  The press loves stuff like that.  Maybe all the media really needs is a hug.

I wonder what our world would be like if we just took a minute to hug someone.  Maybe there wouldn’t be so much crime.  I mean if you hug a mugger, wouldn’t he think twice about mugging you?  If you hug the cashier at the grocery store for giving you a receipt that broke the bank, she’d feel much better about giving it to you.  You’d also feel better about giving her your money … well, maybe not.

If politicians hugged instead of beating each other up on every issue that comes before them, I imagine they might get a lot more done.  They might even get more done so they could avoid the hug.

As a teacher, I must be careful when I hug a child, because it may be taken the wrong way.  With all the abuse in our churches and schools, we must first ask before we can hug.  How sad is that?  Corruption, lies, hearsay, scandal, bad press and darkness could rise to the surface when we care about someone enough to give them a hug.

I don’t know about you, but I will hug someone spontaneously.  I will show another, with that simple act of encouragement, that they are important to me and others.  We need to stop being so uptight about things.  Some of my best memories include hugs.  Go hug your boss today.  See what happens.  You might get a raise, or you might get fired, but you’ll never know if you don’t do it.


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FullSizeRender (2)


Change is coming, you can feel the vibrations in your soul,

Sounds ravage across mountainous crevasses,



Echoing back and forth,

New sounds with each step,

Thunderous sounds of wings flapping,

Making their way to warmer places,

Animals busily searching for food,

Storing up for a long, hard winter,



Filling their bellies beyond capacity,

The shuffling of larger animals,

Crunching through fallen leaves,

Padding through moss covered ground,

Lifting and turning logs, exposing one sumptuous slug,

The skies remain brilliantly blue,

Until one cloud joins another and then another,

Exploding like fireworks,

Amidst a now darkened sky,

The evergreens stand as guardians of the forest,

The rugged landscape rising from behind, beckons sanctuary,

A rocky respite for those who can traverse her walls,

Change is coming,

Changing climate,

Changing habits,

Changing needs,

Changing theories,

Changing politics,

Changing world,

But God is in the heavens,

He changes not.




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