” The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,
and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight.”  Proverbs 9:10

Dear, Lord,

You know all things.  Nothing is hidden from you. You are the only consistent in our lives.  I pray that you guide our leaders to proceed with dignity and fairness.  Two people have been dragged through the mud and may never recover from what’s happened over the past few weeks.  Please give the men and women in the position of passing judgment, the wisdom to do your will.  Help us all to accept what is happening and what will happen because of these events.  You are also with every one of us. You’ve judged each of us with fairness and abundance of grace, giving us a freedom we don’t deserve.  May your Word be upheld.  May your will be done, in Jesus name.  Amen!

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Butterflies tickle my insides each time I try something new,
I worry and fret and often forget how Jesus knows just what to do,
He’s always around when I need Him, He walks with me all of the way,
He won’t let me down – He helps me find strength to sweep all frustration away,
No matter the day or the hour, I experience His awesome power,
He’s at my side and with me He’ll abide through rain storm or light falling shower,
So when I am tempted to give into fear, I stand confident in His grace,
He is my defense – He helps me make sense of the difficulties that I face,
I praise Him today for all that He gives to a wretch as hopeless as me,
Because of His love, which comes from above, sins were buried and I am set free.

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I don’t deserve God’s forgiveness and the promise of eternal life.  When I look back on my 76 years of living, all I can see is one failure after another.  Who am I to be given such mercy?

When I was a child, I was afraid of God.  On one hand, I was told that God was my heavenly Father and that He loved me as an earthly father loves his children – only more.  To a four year old little girl, that made no sense.  I knew my dad loved me, but he never once expressed that love verbally.  I felt I had to be a good girl and tow the line in order to gain his favor.  If I didn’t, I would receive punishment.

I felt the same way about my heavenly Dad.  I felt I must follow the commandments to the letter, to never make mistakes, to learn all I could about heaven and how to get there.  I felt God was my judge and I was terrified, because there was no way I’d ever get it right.

I was taught in a Christian high school.  I heard the words of my teachers, but they weren’t sinking in.  At least I didn’t think they were.  When I started my own family and understood a little bit about parenting, it began to become clearer to me.   Life experiences are like that.  We can learn a ton from them.

As a child, I thought of God as a stern judge who saw only my dark side.  I couldn’t help but feel unworthy.  Like many Christians, I felt something was missing. There had to be something I could do to make amends for my sins.  Time and lots of prayers finally brought the truth of the Gospel to my heart.  Yet, without that Law, I would have had no need for a Savior.

So fear, in my case, had a negative connotation.  Fear also means to stand in awe of someone or something – to honor and show respect.  We can never do what is necessary to become right with God – only God can make that happen – and He did, when He became flesh and blood and suffered the weight and shame of our sins.

God is not only the creator of the universe, but its Savior. We’re told to fear and love God which sounds like a contradiction. God tells us in Proverbs 1:7 “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

Today and every day, may we stand before You, Holy God, with reverential awe. You loved this world so much that you sent your own Son, Jesus, to take on our sin so we could gain your forgiveness. Through your resurrection, we know that we will overcome death as well.  This is amazing grace.  When You look at us, You see Your Son and the work that He did for all the world.  The price has been paid.  This the best news.  Amen!

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This is the man I love – a wonderful husband, father, grandfather and brother.  He has been part of my life through a majority of it.  We’ve shared our ups and downs.  We had disagreements.  We’ve had all out fights, but we’ve always managed to mend those fences and move on.

For the past several weeks, Paul Boecher, the artist, has been exhibiting his art in a one man show at the Rum River Art Gallery in our little town of Anoka. His show will end on Sunday. He is passionate about his art and constantly works at improving it and growing because of it.  His greatest abilities are not always shown on a canvas, or in a piece of wood, but in the heart of this man.  He’s able to share his knowledge, because of his formal art education and experience, with several students in the classes he teaches.  He especially enjoys seeing them evolve into fine artists and discover their potential.

Because Paul is also a man who loves God and wants to serve Him with all his heart, financial gain and notoriety are not important to him.  He gives the credit for his abilities to the One who created him.  He feels that his true reward is in what his art does for others.

The arts are filled with so many gifted people and chances of becoming a Renoir or Rembrandt today are slim to none.  Because of this, the arts are also very competitive and saturated.  Still Paul and I agree that they are an important part of life.  Through art and performance, we can communicate our thoughts, our vision, our hopes and dreams. We can share with our audience, the love we have for what we do and inspire others through it.

As I sit here, writing this post, I’m seated at a table filled with some of his paintings and relief sculptures.  My hand drifted over the top of one and I was moved by the depth of each cut of the chisel the smoothness of tenderly crafted wood.  I recalled a life sized relief sculpture Paul did many years ago of the Good Shepherd, holding a sheep and tending others.  When the piece was installed, a blind woman went up to touch it.  She began to cry as she touched the Shepherd’s face.  She said, “That’s my Savior!” That’s what art is about – touching others with the work, inspiring, giving comfort, joy and peace – spilling  part of yourself into the finished product for someone else to enjoy.

Art has an effect on all of us, whether we know it or not.  I’m very proud of my husband and his artistic.  I’m even more proud of how he shares his love of God through it.  From the wife of a starving artist, I can honestly say, I’ve been blessed beyond my own merit, by the gift of this man who has shown me how to give my heart to God. There is no greater treasure.




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This painting of the iconic Gold Medal Flour signs, which are visible from the Mississippi River, stand as a beacon of sorts for those nearing the town of Minneapolis.  One of the major industries in our town has been the manufacturing of flour and flour products.  The grain silos upon which the twin signs stand, act as a welcome to the metropolis made famous by one of the main brands of a product known throughout the civilized world.  For over a hundred years, it has been part of our city scape.

Firmly she stands on the water’s edge, brilliantly lighting the way,

Beckoning travelers to stop and stay, greeting them day by day,

This sign once stood lightless, but those who knew, restored her again to view,

Proudly displaying the product’s name, it was again made bright and new,

So when you approach the river’s edge, be on the lookout for her,

An icon of past days  and future so bright, sweet memories  she will stir.

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When I was a girl of seventeen, I had already found the man I’d marry.  We were high school sweethearts then and are old married folks now.  As we began to date in our senior year, my true love sent me a handwritten note with the words from Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s poem, “How Do I Love Thee?”  I was so impressed, thinking he had actually penned the words. Remember, I was seventeen and not extremely well versed in poetry.  When I finally discovered the truth, it was too late.  I was already madly in love with the guy.

We will celebrate  55 years of marriage this year and I still feel the same as I did then.  We’ve been battered by life through the years.  We’ve gone through difficulties together.  We’ve struggled with finances.  There were times we didn’t trust, grew angry and even walked out on each other, but one common thread kept bringing us back together.  The cord wouldn’t have been complete and able to endure all those things, had not God been a part of our lives together.

When you love someone, you overlook their flaws.  You try to see the best in each other.  You work together to solve problems.  You help each other physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.  You lift each other up when one falters.  You share your hopes and dreams and strive to accomplish them with God’s help.  You don’t grow impatient with each other.  You share the physical connection of intimacy with no shame, because God has blessed this part of your marriage as well.  You confide in each other.  You encourage each other.  You inspire, build each other’s confidence, you love without conditions – most of the time.

God’s love is even greater.  His love is totally unconditional.  He loves us, broken and soiled, because He has rescued us from the clutches of sin.  He loves us so much that He became one of us, experienced life as we do, never gave into sin, yet carried the load of everyone’s transgressions to the cross.  He suffered and died for us.  He rose again to show that He could conquer death and that we will also.  He inspires us with His Holy Spirit and gives us eternal life.

Now that’s what I call true love!



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Each Valentine’s Day they met there, a table for two was set,

Vase with a flower were set there, a place they’d never forget,

For years it became a habit, one that would keep love alive,

With time they’d willingly grab it, moments like this made them thrive.


With each passing year their love grew, they’d always count on this date,

To restart, replenish, renew, and all their troubles abate,

The obstacles along the way, strengthened their bond and resolve,

The journey they shared each day, would simply never dissolve.


Days turned to years and they flourished, but death came to visit one,

Their love survived and was nourished, at a table for two, set for one,

Each year the tradition goes on, their love will never subside,

And when they’re rejoined in heaven, forever they will abide.


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city park


A brand new park has just emerged within a residential area of the city.  Paul painted this walking, biking and hiking trail which is skirted by a little man made creek.  At the time of the actual painting, there was to  be a concert in the park.  People were beginning to gather, but so were the clouds.

The sky filled with a dusky orange color and large mammatus clouds begin to appear. There was a moment of complete stillness.  If you’ve ever experienced the signs of an approaching tornado, you know what I’m talking about.  It’s almost like a call to take cover immediately, which you do if you have any common sense.  Suddenly the wind picks up, stirring the sky and swooping down to lap up whatever lies in its path.  You hear the roaring of what sounds like a locomotive bearing down on you.  If you haven’t taken cover by this time, you’ve probably been carried off by the wind.

The storm clouds explode into torrential rain, which lasts for a short time and then all is still again.  Sometimes the sky turns an eerie green before it all begins.  In any event, Paul was able to gather up his paints, easel and canvas and make it safely home before the storm hit.

When you paint outdoors, you’re exposing yourself to the elements every step of the way.  You can face windy conditions, when your pallet goes flying and your canvas hurls into a pile of dirt.  You can try to capture the light, but too often it comes and goes before you can load your paintbrush.  You must endure extremes in temperatures, rain and other conditions which can instantly ruin your canvas. I admire the painter who loves plein air, because a photograph can capture the scene, but a painting becomes the scene.

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The Age of Enlightenment was a time in history between 1700-1800.  It was a time when the world was changing drastically.  Some considered it a time of enlightenment and philosophy.  In our own nation, big changes were occurring.  Immigrants in search of a better life were setting up colonies on land that once was open space for the true Americans.  Their settlements infringed on hunting lands and soon became a new civilization with forward thinking, brilliant minds, believing they would have a new start in this unsettled land.

I could get into a whole story about the fact that these lands were already populated and the immigrants were in fact taking land that didn’t belong to them, but I’ll spare you my feelings on that. Instead, I prefer to look at the enlightenment that comes from aging.  I happen to know a lot about the subject since I’m well into my seventh decade.  Enlightenment  is often paired revolution and believe me when you age, most do so kicking and screaming all the way.

All the stuff about going through childhood, adolescence, middle age and retirement has been hashed and rehashed for centuries, but there is little talk about those final years – the years  approaching death.  For most people, it’s a subject we don’t like to talk about, yet it’s a necessary one. The truth of life is that it is going to end – for all of us.  Whether you are just a child or well into retirement, you can count on that fact as much as you can believe there will be taxes to pay and pain to endure.

Each of us has a past.  Even the very young,  have memories of life in the womb.  God has designed us before our conception and we have a purpose for entering this life and eventually leaving it.  Death will come to all of us.

The longer I live, the more I question why I’m still here.  I’ve seen little children die, before they’ve even had a chance to learn how to tie their shoes.  I’ve seen older kids die unexpectedly.  I’ve seen teens take their own lives in order to find eternal peace – but do they?  I’ve seen those suffer with serious, life threatening diseases – those who are so much in the throes of depression that they don’t want to face life anymore – those so hopeless that life is simply unbearable.  As age goes on, many decide they’ve seen enough and want out.

We all have different opinions about life and death.  When does it begin and when does it end?  For those who treasure life, they soon discover that we don’t have much to say about its sanctity.  We have places for old people to go when they can’t take care of themselves anymore.  There is special help available to make the final hours of life comfortable as the end approaches.  Decisions regarding death over life are already being considered for those approaching old age..

So where does all this enlightenment come from and what does it have to do with what I’m trying to say today?  It seems to me, that the more enlightened or knowledgeable we become – the more intelligence we gain – the more we learn, the less we know. We become so encased in knowledge that wisdom doesn’t have a chance to survive.  When we place our focus on the here and now, we can be sure there won’t be a better place beyond that fatal day. We cannot control our own destiny, no matter how we try.

Remember that plan that God laid out for our lives?  It is one of perfection.  When sin entered the world He established a rescue mission for the whole human race – a plan that would insure perfection once more.  His own flesh and blood would come to save the world and give them the paradise which had been lost.  When we have faith in that truth, we are truly enlightened.


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This year all the snow we generally receive over the course of winter, has dropped more than sufficiently in just one month – which has just begin. Winter in Minnesota lasts for about six months, so we need to find some reason to enjoy it or we tend to go a little crazy up here.  Add to the snow, temperatures that dip well below zero and you have a combination worthy of hibernation.  But we Minnesotans are a hearty lot.  Many of us are of German or Scandinavian descent.  Our ancestors grew up in much the same climate we muddle through each year.  Perhaps that’s why they settled here.

One way to find joy in winter is to take a close look at the formations of ice on the branches of trees – or explore the etched frozen displays which appear each morning on your windows.  You could take a walk through the deep snow, fill your boots with it, breathe in the fresh, wholesome air and simply take it all in.  You can build a snow fort, a snow man, a battery of snowballs for future use or you can stick your tongue out and catch the glistening flakes as they gently fall from the sky.  Just don’t apply your tongue to a metal pole or you may remain in place until the next thaw.

There is so much of God’s glory expressed in winter.  The snowflake, for example, is unique in its formation.  There is not another snowflake like it. One of a kind, created with precision, beauty and divine perfection.  Just like us.  We are each unique.  We all have something to bring to the table.  Some have great minds, superior creativity, good looks, entrepreneurial skills, ways to solve problems sensibly and so much more.  We all look different too.  Even identical twins have something unique in their DNA.  Those with special needs also can be of great value to society.  We come in all sizes, shapes, colors, belief systems, each with a special gift that will benefit the whole.

We’re like those delicate snowflakes in a way.  Each one different and unique, yet when joined together they become a force to be reckoned with.  (Remember those snowballs and what they have the potential of doing.)

My point this morning is not only to treasure the gift of winter, but to look at those around us and see unique individuals who when melded together with others can do great things.  We each have the ability to work for the common good, but as a unit, imagine what we can accomplish.

“There are as many pillows of illusion as flakes in a snow-storm. We wake from one dream into another dream.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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A pale glimmer of mauve glistens over the city as the sun descends into night,

Leaving a path of darkened shadows and sparkling diamonds in its wake,

Reflections cover a cobblestone street, mirroring the lamplight from inside,

Some shops remain open, while others have ended another day.


Luminosity radiates from the corner church, inviting those in need  to enter.

“Come to me,” is the inviting chant “I will carry your burdens for you.”

Simple words yet full of promise and hope,

“Come to me and I will give you rest.”

Peace is offered freely there.

You are under no obligation.

Don’t resist,

Open the door,


Step inside and receive the gift of a brand new day.

Your cares may still remain, but something new has been added unto you,

The true Light of the World will change everything.


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Many of the members from our first church we joined, when moving to Minnesota,are now pillars of our current church. It’s funny how we can pick up with people from our past and become immediately reattached. Two years ago, we lost three of those original church members to cancer. It’s so bittersweet for the Christian when someone in our church family dies. We know full well, that their suffering has ended and that they have inherited eternal life, but it’s very hard to say goodbye when a fellow Christian passes.

This friend was enjoying his retirement. He was very interested in trying his hand at art. Paul hoped he would have had the opportunity to give him a few tips. He always asked if I was going to be in another play soon and wondered what I was going to be writing about today. He showed genuine interest in other people. He was a quiet, dignified man, yet you could tell immediately that his heart was devoted to Christ. A true soldier of the cross, he worked hard alongside other Christian brothers and sisters to build our first church and school.

Last week he was diagnosed with untreatable cancer of the pancreas and liver. Within one week, his life was snuffed out. A blessing because he did not have to suffer through the illness for long, but difficult for those who love him and will feel empty in their hearts for a long time.

Since we all travel different avenues in our lives, we establish new friendships and cling to the old. It is indeed good to know that we will all be reunited again on that day when Christ returns to earth once more. It will be the greatest reunion ever.

We miss you already, dear friend, but we know that we’ll meet again and our friendship will be rekindled on that day.

Mountainous clouds enshroud a sky of black,
Filled with tears from the Lord of all.
He sees and He knows our tribulation.
The depth of our sorrow is in His hands.
There is nothing we can do to take away our sadness.
We cannot change the course of our lives,
But He has turned His own tears to cleansing waters
Through the death of His beloved Son.
Washed – forgiven from sin’s deadly pain,
We can dance in His refreshing rain.

by Kathy Boecher

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When you live in a city built on a river which stretches through the middle of the entire country, you grow to expect delays.  Commerce and industry have invaded this town of mine and created roads, highways and bridges throughout.  It is a bustling city, filled with those wanting to reach their destination quickly.

Thinking back to another time – a long ago time – when people didn’t rush so much or need to get somewhere in a hurry – That same river was here. The landscape has changed over the years, but the river remains the same.  Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn floated on a log raft on the lazy days of summer.  A row boat with a couple fishermen found little spots that yielded an abundance of fish.  Logs floated down the mighty Mississippi to be cut into lumber.  French Canadians and Native Americans journeyed in voyageur canoes to find new places to live or sell their furs. It has always been a means of getting from one place to another and to transport goods.

Some folks use the banks of that river to set up a temporary camp as they travel homeless across country in search of a new life.  Some set their canoes in the river for a romantic cruise.  Others actually set up their homes on that same waterway.

Imagine living in a house atop the water.  Imagine the waves lapping up against the bow, gently waking you each morning.  Try to think of being rocked to sleep by the current below.  The smells of rich soil – the sounds of birds singing – the touch of cool, refreshment – the sight of clouds billowing overhead and the sun pushing its way through the leaves – the taste of a gnat who forced his way into your mouth.

Life on the river can carry you off to places you have never seen,

It winds through great cities and into small towns, with areas filled with green,

This great waterway has traveled so long, remaining the same yet it’s changed,

It still keeps on rolling and says not a word, though years have much rearranged,

Still when we let go of our mundane lives, when we want to follow our dreams,

Step out of the box and into a boat, make your house the river and streams.



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Eternal Life

I’ve reached a point in my life where many of my friends are being released from their pain here on earth and have passed into heaven.  It’s tough to see those we care about leaving this life.  It not only reminds us of our own mortality, but we selfishly want to hang onto them for as long as possible.

Our lives matter.  We’re born with little wrinkled bodies, kicking and screaming and we often leave in much the same way.  God gives us this time on earth as a period of grace where can experience just an inkling of what lies ahead.  We also experience emotional and physical suffering during our lives.  We feel the pain of a scraped knee, a broken heart, betrayal, fear and anger.  We also learn what love is and how sharing yourself with another can make your heart soar.  We live through trials every day, but we reach successes as well.

When most of us reach the end of life,  we may become anxious for it to end the pain we suffer or the natural decaying of our bodies, but we all have a purpose for being here.  God has a plan for each one of us and when that plan has been fulfilled, He has an even greater outcome for those who put their trust in Him.  Life here on earth is just the beginning.  What a glorious place we have waiting for us.

Thank you, Lord, for giving me this life to share your great news with others and for your promise of eternity in eternity.  Death no longer has dominion over me.  Amen!

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This place that we have loved, this lonely withered space,

Has faltered with the winter snows and cannot rise again,

Without that inner life, that comes from heaven’s place,

Our lives will be diminished and scorned as dead terrain,

Within the ashen colors, inside the lifeless trees,

The damage has been sown, there is no longer gain,

Tempests are replaced with a quiet gentle breeze,


Though life has been drained from it, the fight will not be lost,

The battles will remain, but victory has a cost,

The precious blood of Jesus has paid for every sin,

And wrapped us with the will to live and new life to begin.

Our loss in life will be our gain, when to the end we come,

When we decrease we will increase, God’s plan than will be done.

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proverbs 9

When I began writing this blog, almost five years ago, I had no idea what I was doing.  I enjoyed reading others’ posts.  I made some new good friends – some disappeared along the way – some even went to heaven.  I was concerned about running into doctrinal theology and I’m not an expert in even the smallest way.  Still, I began writing things that had a bearing on my life and eventually my sharing started to catch on.  I began to realize I wasn’t the only one experiencing difficulties.  I wasn’t alone in my journey.  I had a whole group of friends, I’d never met and probably won’t, but I became part of an exceptional community of believers.

We may not always agree, but our words are often helpful and that was my original intent with this blog.  When we try to accomplish things, the best way to do so successfully is to ask for God’s guidance.  We go to the place where His truth is made clear to us .  We read and study the Bible.  We go to church.  We participate in worship and praise.  We share the Word with our family and use it as a manual for our lives.  It all comes back to our relationship with the one who created us.

We will never walk alone if we put our confidence in Him.  As I’ve grown older, I become more aware of His presence in my life. I can look back at difficulties endured and realize He was there all the time.  We have His promise to never leave us – to guide us – enrich us – encourage and inspire us to do things we thought we never could.

God has designed a perfect plan for our lives.  It will be filled with obstacles and successes.   He will lift us out of depression and anxiety.  He can soothe a breaking heart.  He will give rest to those who grieve and comfort to those who weep.  He will support us every step of the way and when we reach our final destination, He will welcome us into His perfect kingdom, where life goes on forever.

We are experiencing the walk, but He has mapped the entire journey out for us and is with us all the way.

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The world is not the place for me,  I long to be in heaven,

When thoughts like that invade my mind, I ask to be forgiven,

God’s plan was not for me to die,  He chose me as His own,

He crafted me and knew me, before each stitch was sewn,

Each perfect piece he whittled,  each vessel put in place,

He had a plan set just for me,  He knew the dreams I’d chase.

And even as my days grow short, and time is running out,

I feel His presence in my life, of this I have no doubt.

To live for me is Jesus, no matter where I roam,

I will rejoice to meet Him when He comes to take me home.

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Last week our city closed down because of the weather.  My car wouldn’t start, our pipes were frozen inside the house and we had no recourse but to stay inside and be warm.  As usually happens in Minnesota, if you have enough patience, things will generally return to normal – whatever that is.

This week,as soon as the temperatures rose to almost 40 degrees, my car started right up. So things sort of returned to semi-normal.  Our trash can couldn’t be taken out for collection, because the short thaw caused it to refreeze and become immovable when it was time to place it at the curb.  The pipes unfroze without bursting – another blessing.  I was still confined to the walls of our new, old house because Paul was teaching art classes and tending the gallery that houses his one man show.  We had warmth inside, hot water and enough food for at least a week – yet another blessing.  We also made it to church on Sunday to hear God’s Word and encourage one another.  Who’s counting my blessings?

Monday brought an ice storm, so my weekly coffee klatch with some women from church was cancelled.  Most of us have osteoporosis and the slightest fall could send us to the ER.  So homebound again!  The next few days were filled with snow and trying to clear it from the driveway and automobiles.  A neighbor plowed our sidewalk and part of our driveway.  My car is now covered with twenty inches of snow and it’s not going anywhere.  My dear husband has been flexing his muscles and doing the remaining shoveling.  He had to shovel a path for the dog, because he refuses to answer nature’s call in a foot of snow.  I mean, imagine trying to crouch in icy snow and frigid temperatures.  Therefore he hasn’t eaten much in the last couple days.

Even with all this junk going on daily, I was able to write the first chapter of my novel.  If you recall, I lost the original draft from my computer and foolishly didn’t made a backup copy.  So I’m starting from scratch and I think it might be better than the original. Maybe it’s not so bad being isolated for a while.

As I look back on the events of the last couple weeks, I have to laugh a little, because all of these little struggles served a purpose in the scheme of things.  God always manages to turn the icky things into something for our good.

My prayer lists continue to grow for members of my family as well as our church community.  Life goes on.  Tragedies strike.  Sickness prevails and changes our course, we struggle with finances.  Our president gave  smashing speech this week, but the next day it was politics as usual.  We pray and pray and pray.  Sometimes it feels like those prayers are in vain, but with each challenge that comes our way, we’re getting closer to our heavenly Father and even closer to our eternal home.  In the meantime, we need to look for the many blessings we experience each and every day.  We will find them too, even amongst the winter weather and cabin fever.

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It was at the height of it’s opulence, this city from of old,

It commanded respect and attention, its streets were paved with gold,

It shone like the brilliant sun in the sky, reflecting its bright rays,

Within the dark shadows secrets survived, infesting all the days.


The brilliance soon disappeared from all sight, as darkness slithered in,

No one realized what was happening,  they’d heard nothing of sin,

The ominous shadows penetrated the brilliance of the day,

Corruption and greed encapsulated and sent the good away.


That once shining and glorious city, no longer casts its light,

What remains are shards of days long ago, decay, great loss and blight,

If only the fire had been overseen, by those within her gate,

Perhaps a flame would rise from the embers, and new life would create.


We should learn from our own sweet history, but we often fail the test,

We think that we have the perfect answers, we think that we know best,

Instead of trusting our almighty God, we struggle and we fall,

Still patience abides in His gracious love, His love is meant for all.


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