“In my dreams and visions, I seemed to see a line, and on the other side of that line were green fields, and lovely flowers, and beautiful white ladies, who stretched out their arms to me over the line, but I couldn’t reach them no-how. I always fell before I got to the line.”  Harriet Tubman

I consider myself to be a dreamer.  My dreams have been known to scare me, to alert me to danger, to create a new character for a play, decide how to begin a day and totally confuse me.  I’ve dreamt about adopting a pet bison and raising him on Purina Bison Chow.  I’ve dreamt of a three headed queen, which allowed me to cast three young ladies for a part they were all suited for.  When I’ve been worried, I may dream of a solution to what’s troubling me.  Dreams have always been very vivid- in brilliant color and often times ridiculous.

Last night I had a dream that caused me to wake in the midst of it and then want to get right back to sleep so I could finish it and find out what happened.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could record some of those dreams?  In last night’s dream, the world was in a terrible state of anxiety, much like it really is.  Our days seem to be jam packed with things to be concerned about.

As I floated from one ugly thing to another there was a kaleidoscope of broken glass which filled my mind.  Slowly the color blue began to fill my imagination.  It was a comforting feeling. With each addition of color, the blues became indigo, aqua, turquoise, sky blue and created a feeling of peace.  It was if the world was being infiltrated with the saturation of refreshing water.

Our dreams can be an accumulation of the things we struggle with daily. They can lead us to timely decisions.  They can confuse or antagonize us, but this dream kept drawing me back in.  I didn’t want to leave it. It was in fact, just what I needed.  A time to reflect, to imagine a world without turmoil and rage. A time to simply let God bleed His precious, cleansing water over my mind and give me a much needed rest.

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Some days are simply do nothing days, but enjoy the season and the people you’re with.  This week is teachers’ convention time in Minnesota, so for the past couple days, we’ve been doing just that. Yesterday our adventure took us to an apple orchard, where Paul and his plein air painting class had set up for the morning. This is why there was no post yesterday.  Sometimes you simply need to be in the moment and forget about stuff like that.

Granddaughter, Kaeli and I started the morning with a trip to the local coffee house, prior to joining grandpa and his class. There was an opportunity for hayrides, pumpkin toss, corn maze and a spooky nature hike.  The air was filled with freshness and a brilliant blue sky showcased the colors of autumn.  A slight chill in the air made it all come alive.  Kaeli and I opted for garage sales after taking a quick peek at the orchard and pumpkin patch.

As I looked at the mounds and rows of pumpkins, I started thinking about days when we would carve the orange orbs with our own children.  Cutting through the top was the critical thing.  Making sure that it would refit again, once all the crud was removed from the insides.  Then going through the yucky ordeal of pulling out the squishy part, washing the pumpkin seeds and later roasting them.  Being an artistic family, our creations were always pretty amazing.

Our lives are kind of like those pumpkins.  There are times when things begin to rot inside of us.  We need to get the crud out.  We need to empty our innards of the confusion, anxiety, stress and daily responsibilities. We can scrape away at the surface things, but only God can get in there and really clean up the gobbledy gook that stagnates within.  He has provided a free cleaning service to us through His Son, Jesus – through His Holy Word – through His everlasting love.

The afternoon topped off our day as we took a drive through a wildlife refuge north of the city.  We didn’t see a lot of wildlife, but what a lovely way to spend the day with our granddaughter.  Sometimes you just have to ignore the routine of daily life and live it.

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An early morning stroll leads to a tapestry

Of faded leaves and brittle branches,

Colors have reached the apex,

Reds have turned to burnished crimson,

Greens to chartreuse and golden yellows,

The rusted, bronzed oak leaves endure,

Soon they will fall to their doom,

Yet life will return once more,

What pleasure we have to know that life does go on,

Even after breath is sapped,

Dreams have been realized,

Disappointments overcome,

We will rise with the end of time.


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To say the least, Job had to go through hell in order to find heaven.  He was consistent in his faith, but he had his moments –  just as we would under less circumstances.

We worry and fret over things which we have no control over.  We  panic when the word EBOLA is mentioned.  We run in fear when we think our country is in the throes of terrorism.  We get upset if our internet service is down.  We spend a great portion of our lives trying to go it alone and  forget whose hand is in every aspect of them.

At the end of Job’s journey, he has been beaten by his losses – in great physical, mental and spiritual need – and has endured the advice of his “friends.”  He’s been tested to the limit and finally he cries out to God for answers.

Each time we go through even the slightest difficulty we may confront God in the same way.  Why me?  What did I do to deserve this?  When will my misery end?  In the final chapters of this amazingly poetic book, we hear God’s response.  If you have a chance to read these chapters, do so.  I can’t begin to describe the magnificent language.

God tells Job to stand up like a man.  Poor Job!  His body was riddled with pain and anguish and God was challenging him again, but was He?  He was trying to get Job’s attention, because Job had been wallowing in self pity for some time now and his friends weren’t helping the situation.

We all need to be snapped to attention from time to time – especially when we are at the breaking point.  Through God’s power and majesty we will come to see His enduring compassion as well.  He saw our useless condition and paid the full price for our redemption.  If it weren’t for that, we would have no future in His loving, mighty arms.

Lord, forgive me when I forget that you are Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent.  Your hand formed the universe and you breathed life into everything.  You can do anything – even save a worm like me.  Amen!

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How can I thank you, Lord, for all you’ve done for me?

Your perfect love surrounds me and sets my spirit free.

You’ve taken all my sins away. You cleanse my heart both night and day.

I come without one plea.

Before You I can stand – perfected by your Son.

You’ve molded me like clay. Like gold I have become.

The devil can no more defeat. I face to face will You soon meet.

Through all that You have done.

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