This chapter is filled with so much meat. It begins by discussing the Pharisees insistence on not working on the Sabbath. Such things as eating some gathered corn from the field or healing the sick from their infirmity were considered labor by the elders of the church. Jesus quickly set them straight by stating that He was the Lord of the Sabbath. Those words must’ve stung deeply, as they were seen as a threat to the church itself.

By this time, Jesus had chosen all twelve of His disciples. They indeed were helpful to His ministry, as many of our own church elders can be of help to our officiating pastors. Jesus was a man and because of that He got tired and hungry. He needed time to pray, to rest and take nourishment just like we do. On the other hand, He is also God and could’ve easily provided for those needs, but it wasn’t part of His mission on earth.

We see in this chapter that Jesus prayed a lot. As our example, we can glean much from this. God is available to hear our prayers at a moment’s notice. We don’t always take advantage of that.

Jesus and his band of disciples covered a lot of territory. The crowds were growing. People came to be healed, out of curiosity and because the message was one they had longed to hear.

The Beatitudes are listed in this chapter. “Blessed are you who weep now, for you shall laugh,” was one of them. These were akin to the proverbs of old, but they carried an entirely new meaning. He said things like, “Love your enemies. Do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you.”  These words were foreign to them, but they certainly held their attention.

Jesus must’ve been an exemplary speaker. His voice would have to carry to great lengths to reach the many in His audience. Imagine the voice of God speaking directly to them and us. He was nothing extraordinary to look at, yet he commanded the crowds. When He told them not to judge others, but to forgive them as we will be forgiven. He told them to be good fruit and to build their lives on the foundation of God. By doing so they would not be shaken.

Jesus was bringing that foundation back to the people. He came to establish His kingdom in our hearts. Let us continually stay rooted in His Word so we continue to flourish and spread the Good News of salvation to all people.

We are definitely living in troubled times.  The church is being attacked on a daily basis.  The devil is using every tool in his toolbox to take advantage of us.  Don’t let Him in.

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The feminist movement did great things for women.  It allowed them to leave the ties of housekeeping behind and venture into a whole new world.  It was a world which challenged their abilities, their brain power, their industriousness, their ingenuity, their organizational skills, their talent and their compassion.

Yes, I said compassion.  Now where in the world does that word fit into the world of commerce?  Up until then, compassion was woven into the fabric of nursing or caring for others.  The corporate world was and still is, filled with money driven men who were trying to change the world.  Not a lot of compassion was necessary  When women became part of that world, things changed a lot.

In the beginning men said women’s place was in the home, raising a family, tending to the chores of the day and caring for her husband.  The game was on.  Women started attending colleges for things other than secretarial or medical skills.  They proved that they could work under pressure and handle the stress of corporate life.  It wasn’t an easy road, because these same women still had the responsibilities of running a home, but they managed to do both.

Today women are deeply imbedded into politics.  They hold positions of power in the medical field, the corporate world, high finance and industry.  They have proven to be equal to men, but still fight the battle of equal pay. I’m sure that day isn’t far off

In the process, families have become accustomed to both parents working.   The material things that were put on the back burner until they could be paid for are now staples in most homes.  The home fires still burn, but most of the management of that place is being carried out by hired workers.

In the meantime, women have become equal with men.  In my opinion, they always were in God’s eyes.  Woman was created to be a partner for man.  I’m sure there are statistics that prove that men are the hunter/gatherers and women, the caregivers, simply because of the way they are made up physically.  Women are sensitive, intuitive and have the ability to listen.  The tenderness of their hearts is something that continues to exist, even though they try to put on an armor of toughness.  Women cry.  Yes, so do men, but women seem to do it more often.

As women take on some of the roles of their counterparts, they’re expected to be tough,  put their emotions aside and act like a man.  However, even in a society that wishes to determine their own gender, men are men and women are women.  The differences were designed to compliment each other.

Women do have a softer side.  Our emotions are often worn on our sleeves.  Our compassion is evident in the way we work with others and live with them and should be considered a medal of honor.  It’s not an attack on your character to say you can cry if you need to.  There will be days when the pressure of work gets in the way of family – when the demands of travel take you from those you love – when the extra hours of work keep you from kissing your children goodnight.  It’s OK to feel bad about those things.

God made tears for a purpose.  They come out when we grieve, when we’re frustrated or angry and even when we’re happy. The silent tears you pour into your pillow each night do not go unnoticed.

There’s someone who understands those feelings.  Jesus wept.  He knows all about sorrow.  He understands our pain.  He is also our comforter.  He hears our prayers and dries our tears, but He allows us to  bring all our burdens to Him, so he can carry them for us.




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” The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,
and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight.”  Proverbs 9:10

Dear, Lord,

You know all things.  Nothing is hidden from you. You are the only consistent in our lives.  I pray that you guide our leaders to proceed with dignity and fairness.  Two people have been dragged through the mud and may never recover from what’s happened over the past few weeks.  Please give the men and women in the position of passing judgment, the wisdom to do your will.  Help us all to accept what is happening and what will happen because of these events.  You are also with every one of us. You’ve judged each of us with fairness and abundance of grace, giving us a freedom we don’t deserve.  May your Word be upheld.  May your will be done, in Jesus name.  Amen!

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His hands are open to the world. He reaches out to heal.
He touches and His will is done. He knows just how we feel.
He took on human flesh to be the perfect sacrifice –
The pure and spotless Lamb of God would pay the needed price.
We walk with Him in confidence. We know He’s always there
To wipe away our sadness and tend to every care.
So reach out to the Savior, the sinless. Son of God.
Prepare your hearts to meet Him as on this earth we trod.
And when our final hour has come and new life takes its place,
We know He’ll be there waiting to meet us face to face.

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During that first year of marriage, there will be so many things to discover about your spouse, even if you’ve known each other for most of your 22 years. You find out it isn’t all about you anymore. I knew before marrying my husband that he loves hunting. I got accustomed to seeing dead birds in the refrigerator with rigor mortis already setting in. He had to tolerate going to bed with a woman with rollers in her hair and sweat socks on her feet. Gone were the days of trying to impress. Now it was a matter of putting up with each other’s reality.

Each of those tiny adjustments were just the beginning of a lifetime filled with them. Compromise is right up there with laughter in importance. You must put aside your own personal needs and take on an attitude of selflessness, but still maintain the same personality that drew you together in the first place. Not always an easy task.

We can never fully mirror the love that Jesus has for us, but we can use His servant attitude as an example. When you’re fully devoted to the one you love, you put them first. The second year is a little better, but by the third you’re introduced to a whole new element – another life which God is knitting together within you. You share crackers in bed first thing in the morning. You compare waist sizes. You cry at the silliest things, while he tolerates your mood swings.

As years pass, you become more and more of one mind, despite some disagreements, but every step brings you closer together and closer to your Creator.

By the time you’ve shared a lifetime together – created a family – built a business – watch it fall and try again – put your faith in the God of heaven and earth – you finally realize you are no longer two individuals, but one connected by that same God.

Anyone that enters marriage without placing the other person before themselves, will probably not be successful. If that same couple chooses to marry anyway and forgets to include the tie that binds – God – there is a lot of pain that will go along with it.
Every marriage will encounter difficulties, pain and tests which can either strengthen your life together or cause it to fail. The point is that there is work involved in the process. Don’t expect any less. Anything worthwhile is worth working hard to preserve.

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This week I’ll be turning my attention to marriage. 56 years ago this coming Saturday, Paul & I will celebrating 56 years of wedded bliss. Well maybe all 56 of those years weren’t like the stuff of which Hallmark movies are made. Maybe the ideal ivory towered fairy tale is just a wish for a perfect marriage. In actuality, marriage consists of more ups and downs than a roller coaster. Many times the downs outweigh the ups, but the ride is always exciting.

We often go into a marriage with no real preparation for what the future will hold. We aren’t told that there will be mistakes, misunderstandings, mishaps, misinterpretations and miscalculations. We believe that joining two lives in marriage might become a bondage of sorts, thinking only of the negative side of that word. We fail to realize that when we make a life commitment to someone other than ourselves, we’re letting go and making sacrifices, but the result is a freedom you can never achieve alone.

Marriage may be conceived as the perfect ending of the love story. The fairy tale happily ever after comes to mind. No one tells you that you will be sharing your life with a stranger. Little things like how they put toothpaste on their toothbrush – leaving the toilet seat up -habits you didn’t know about before you made that promise to love, honor and serve. Than there are the bigger things – the loss of a lifetime of work, the illnesses that plague us, financial worries, unfaithfulness, keeping secrets – all which lead to further difficulties.

56 years ago people didn’t wait forever to get married. They often did it with little planning. Some went to extremes and had huge, expensive events, while others chose to elope and save the money. In that time, the vows taken at the altar meant something. The joining of a man and woman was one of the first gifts God gave to mankind. It’s considered one of the most important sacraments within the church – a thing of mysterious and sacred significance; a religious symbol.

When we give ourselves in marriage, we aren’t losing, but gaining something in return. We become one body – even though we still have our own opinions, hopes and dreams. We shouldn’t consider this institution as a ball and chain, but a freedom to be part of a joint venture – an adventure, filled with highs and lows, but always abounding in love.

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Two lives mingle into one,

Of one mind,

One spirit,

One body,

Tempted at times by distractions,

Yet always returning to each other,

God watches over these creatures,

As He sustains them in marriage,

Never leaving,

Always faithful,

Watching and protecting,

Cuddling them in His arms,

Lifting them when they fall,

Teaching them to depend on Him,

And each other,

Breaking them,

Through all kinds of peril,

Building them,

Through disappointment,

Through misunderstandings,

And always returning to Him,

For guidance.

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Have you ever experienced total darkness?  It gives you a feeling of helplessness – knowledge of what it’s like to be blind and relying on others completely. .

When I was teaching drama, we’d often take a “blind walk” through the building and outside.  The kids would close their eyes tightly, but some couldn’t resist peeking.  They felt so much more secure when they could see what was going on.  The point of the exercise is to get individuals to use their other senses when one isn’t available to them.  By touching, smelling, listening and even taste testing something we can envision  the things around us..

As we walked from building to outdoors, they would touch the cement sidewalk, the bricked path, through fragrant gardens, listening to the sounds of the space.  When we rely on our sight alone, it’s difficult to act in faith.  Were always looking for answers – ones that suit our needs.  Maybe faith should be considered one of our senses.  We need it to believe that which is unseen and often unknown.

Were we walking in faith or by sight?

Walking by faith is another gift from God through the Holy Spirit, who first entered us through the act of baptism.  Faith is a belief in something you can’t see, hear, feel, taste or smell.  So in effect everything about our salvation is a reflection of God working in and through us.  Even though we can’t physically see Him, by faith we know He exists and is walking beside us through our journey.

Faith, like trust, is a word which describes complete reliance on someone or something to get us through the turmoil of this world and set us down in heaven some day.  Take a blind walk, or simply close your eyes and use your other senses to determine where you are.  Through faith, we have the confidence that we are never alone – even when we feel like our world is closing in on us.

God opens our eyes when we dig deeply into His Word.  He strengthens us through His Holy Spirit, who inspired the words within that Bible. He is a loving Father who wants all His children to enjoy paradise.  Through the only Son of God, Jesus, we have been made holy in God’s sight.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Martin Luther King, Jr.


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You never cease to hold me safely in Your hand,

When everything my body does so blatantly demand,

You guide my steps, You hold me tight,

You strengthen me with all your might,

You lift me from the deep, dark pit of ever sinking sand.

I realize I’m just one speck upon this ground,

There are so many other folks around,

But still You find the time for me,

You gave your life to set my spirit free,

Your mercy lives, new life will now abound,

Through trials dark and fretful You do lead,

You purposely provide my every need,

You walk beside me when I need your hand,

You carry when I can no longer stand,

Your blood was shed so I don’t have to bleed.

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Shiver me timbers and blow the man down. It’s “Talk Like a Pirate Day.” I happen to love this particular day of the year. I’ve played the part of a lady pirate many a time, while the winds be tossing me ship about and the waves swabbing the deck so I don’t have to.

Of all the scurvy dogs out there, my favorite character was Polly the Pirate in a play called “The Treasure Quest.” Our ship ran aground and we landed on a deserted island. I was the ship’s cook and had to resort to cooking the cap’n’s parrot for dinner. We found a treasure map hidden in a coconut – the lines were in the coconut. Actually they were in there so I could remember them.

‘Twas a fine play, it was. I blackened me teeth so it looked like I had none. Today I could play the part by simply removing them. Jack Sparrow, eat yer heart out. Polly the pirate is ready to take ye on. Be prepared to walk the plank and be fed to the sharks. Polly’s cooking tonight.

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America lays below in rubble and destruction from looters and violent protesters

The torrid, sulphuric air rises and infiltrates the atmosphere,

Seas churn and waters rise as winds spin the remnants of what once was,

A silent enemy continues to rage across the great expanse,

Taking lives.

Instilling fear,

Causing us to retreat,

To hide,

To lose hope,

Yet, even in the chaos, in the mass hysteria, in the mob mentality,

There remains hope,

Where love exists,

The power of God is evident,

Hope returns,

Faith revives,

Love wins.

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My husband spent the majority of his career in the advertising business, but in order to prepare for that he had to take many art history classes along with his regular studies. When he turned 50, the tables turned on advertising and he had to reimagine himself. The loss of his business led him into fine art and he’s been doing that ever since.

It’s hard to put a price tag on art. When you consider all the years of study, work and experience one must first go through to become an artist, the pay should be comparable to that of a brain surgeon, but today art isn’t valued in the same way. Today you can buy a copy of anyone’s art for a fraction of its worth. Computer imaging and Photo Shop have given way to a whole new set of rules.

I was reminded of that last night as I watched the movie, “The Train,” with Burt Lancaster. The fact that we now have a better internet service has allowed for the viewing of some of the old movies. This one was similar to a movie we had seen in the theatre a few years back – “The Monuments Men,” with George Clooney. Both of these films focused on the art which was stolen by the Germans during WWII – masterpieces by well known artists.

Both flicks made one think about the cost of what these men were fighting for. In “The Train,” it took Burt Lancaster a while to realize the importance of this mission. In the end, he could see the need to preserve these treasures for humanity and the future of the world, but the cost was too great in his opinion. Things should never trump human life. The men in “Monuments Men,” were following orders and lives were spent in the eventual retrieval of those important pieces of art. The works would not have survived had they not succeeded in their efforts – but again, lives were of less value than things of this world.

Would we better off if lives had not been taken in preserving art at all costs? Does it matter that we now can view these original pieces of art and appreciate the time put into them? Do we treasure the spoils of war more than the lives it took to defend them?

As the wife of an artist, I know the time that goes into creating art. It’s a daily struggle. Even when the body is breaking down, there’s a passion in this medium that drives the artist. As a writer and performer I can understand that, because I still feel the need to contribute through my art form.

The truth, however, is that what we do here on this planet has no real relevance. When we die, those things will not go with us. They will not be necessary for what happens beyond the grave. They will be part of what we leave behind. Our worldly treasure cannot buy our salvation or eternal life. The perfect life of Jesus, His death and resurrection is the masterpiece that God created to bring that about. He alone is the only fortune worth preserving. It is our greatest heritage.

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to put on a pair of shoes like this? Especially when you get to be my age. In a couple years I’ll be 80. I never thought I’d make it this long, but here I am. Where am I again?

Well actually, I’ve not completely lost my memory, but each day it seems to get a little more worn out – like every other part of my anatomy. Somehow there is no amount of collagen that will cut through the cellulite. Those dimples are now a permanent part of your hips, thighs and other more conspicuous places.

Retinol, Botox, injections, plastic surgery and body contouring are all options available to anyone who has thousands of dollars to spend on their appearance, but when you’re almost eighty, there doesn’t seem much point in making such an investment when you know you aren’t long for this world.

Americans are consumed with how they look. Those who think they are making a statement with their hair color, body piercings and tattoos are simply following the crowd and eliminating their uniqueness. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all just enjoyed what God has endowed us with?

Memory is important to me for a number of reasons. If you’ve ever read the Sparks book, “The Notebook,” you will understand one of them. I am a writer. It behooves me as such to keep a record of things like the heroine in that story. Her husband read her journal to her, in order to stir her dying memory. It was a real tear jerker and also thought provoking. Since reading the book and seeing the movie, I find it imperative to write things down.

I also am a performer at times. I do less of it lately, but I find it keeps my memory sharper. When you have to memorize lines, blocking, interaction, responses, etc. you rely totally on your brain power to get you through the process.

My mother and both of my grandmothers lived to their 80s and 90s and were sharp as tacks in spite of numerous physical ailments. I pray that I will retain my sanity as well as my memory through the coming years.

Getting old doesn’t have to mean giving up. I refuse to do so. As time wears on me physically and I find it harder each day to do the things I did only a day before, I will continue to trust that God has a plan for every moment of my life. When we think that way, we’re allowing Him to do the good work in us that is totally for our benefit.

Dear Lord, Thank you for all your blessings. Even when the world around us is closing in on us and it seems that things are upside down, I know that only you can bring order from the confusion. Help us to turn to you, to depend and rely on you, to carry out your plan for us. In Jesus name, Amen!

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A wagon wheel, a whiskey barrel, a window box so quaint,

Sit in the midst of chaos there and all could use some fresh paint,

The things we looked at long ago as bounty without measure,

Has now become worn out like us, but someone else’s treasure.

We save and hoard those simple things, we refuse to let them go,

But when there is no room for more, you hope for a tornado,

To blow those things both far and wide, to scatter amidst the gust,

To carry them to someone else, before your walls start to bust.

Those things don’t really mean too much, when you have two sets of each,

And even if it’s just one piece, and in someone else’s reach,

They’ll find in it some usefulness, and make it their very own,

Don’t be afraid to toss things out, you will reap what you have sown.

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There’s something about the changing seasons that gets me thinking about deep cleaning the house. In the winter, we accumulate so many dust bunnies and fur balls, the thought of getting rid of that excess usually arrives when the birds start to sing again and new life rises up around us. This past spring left me totally devoid of the desire to clean. We were in lockdown and my inner sanctuary belonged to my husband and me alone. I didn’t have to impress anyone. I could let things slide and no one would know the difference.

When summer arrived, I should’ve been cleaning up the winter remnants and getting ready for the new season by planting things and adding a new perennial or two. My allergies exploded and the thought of being a victim of the deadly virus kept me glued to the inside rather than out. Soon I became captive to my TV and old movies and series became the soup du jour. This menu and a lack of physical activity added to my girth and made it even more difficult to get my butt in gear. Remember, I was glued to the flat screen.

The windows were coated with dirt from the construction of a new park in our neighborhood. Raindrops spattered and mixed together with the dirt and made my view almost invisible. Closets were ready to be changed back to winter clothes, but I didn’t have the motivation to rearrange anything.

Last week I enjoyed a wonderful span of three days away from the maddening crowd. There was a television, but I didn’t watch it. Instead I played cards, watched the sun rise and set over the lake, ate amazing food, played with the grand dogs, enjoyed the company of my husband, my son, my future daughter-in-law and her parents. It was just what the doctor ordered. Getting away from the news, the politics, protests and riots, man’s inhumanity against his fellow man and all the ugliness going on right now was a welcome relief.

It gave me a new outlook. Monday, I cleaned the closet that was overflowing with summer stuff and brought out the flannel. The windows were washed and for the time being are clean. This spurt of energy lasted for a day. I wonder if I should follow Maxine’s advice and just delete house cleaning from my daily planner.

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Cool, refreshing waters wash up on an empty, tranquil beach,

The final days of summer have washed over us and we are spent,

Our days pass so quickly as we grow old – or not at all,

Time escapes and ends up somewhere in infinity,

Still there is hope,

For those in their final years,

For the broken,

The crushed,

The weary,

The lonely,

There is a fresh beginning right around the corner,

New start,

New hopes,

New goals to reach,

New people to meet

New adventures to make,

New life,

Live it.

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Sunlight rises through skeletal remnants of trees that once were lush with a canopy of green.

The sunshade turns from hues of chartreuse and emerald to rust, gold and crimson.

The demise of summer is right around the corner.

When the heat soars, so do our tempers. Our level of patience seems to wither along with the flowers. When fall approaches Minnesota, we know that winter isn’t far off and we want to hang on to every precious bit of sunshine and fresh, crisp air.

Soon enough we’ll have to hibernate again, along with the bears, for at least 5 or 6 months of bone chilling cold. It seems we have become natural hibernators.

Along with the decreasing temperatures, we have a shortage of sunshine and depression can easily set in. Spring brings a treasure of sun into our lives again.

When the sun shines, we thrive. When Jesus is in our lives we also shine and no amount of difficult weather or circumstances can take that “Son” light away.

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I wonder if I would be strong enough to physically defend my faith when it came right down to it. Are any of us really ready enough to stand up against persecution? As we look at the world today, there are many who use violence in the name of their beliefs. Is this what the Bible tells us to do?

2 Chronicles 20:9 If calamity comes upon us, whether the sword of judgment, or plague or famine, we will stand in your presence before this temple that bears your Name and will cry out to you in our distress, and you will hear us and save us.

Every day we’re called on to defend our beliefs. We may not be in any physical danger, but the fact that our Christian faith is being challenged constantly shows us that we need help in standing strong and staying the course. Even within our own places of worship, the strain of not being able to gather as we used to is causing discontent and grumbling.

Are we ready?

God tells us to call on His name in every trouble, no matter how difficult or impossible it may seem. He assures us that He will stand with us and that He will carry the burdens we bear every day. Even when our lives hang in the balance, He is there to guide us through it. He will never let us go.

We live in world full of corruption, evil, hatred and all kinds of sin. God is our defender and He alone will answer the prayers of those who remain faithful to Him. This is not because of what we do, but because He first loved us. Cling to that amazing grace, for it is the only sure and certain way to overcome our enemies, our fears and our lives.

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This past few days have been a time away from all the madness of the world – a time to refresh, relax and restore some of the zest that’s been missing for quite a while. Our son invited us to spend a few days at a lovely lake home. Of course we agreed. How could we not?

As I set aside all thoughts of writing, aches and pains and frustrations of a world gone a bit crazy, I focused on enjoying the beauty of nature and total relaxation. As my friend Oneta, at Sweet Aroma told me, it was a time to refire – not retire.

We all need those getaways from time to time. Time to wipe away the cobwebs and clear out some of the dust bunnies of the brain. We also had the opportunity to share time with ours son’s fiancee and her parents. A great time was had by all of us and I got to share some time with a couple of adorable canines as well. Our grand dogs came along too. It was delightful being waken by a doggy facewash again.

In this world of ours, we need to escape from the noise and clatter of politics, protests, prejudice, anger and hatred. We are all missing the gatherings, the physical touch, the need to be together. We have a lot of lessons to be learned from this long time of isolation. I pray that we won’t let this time go to waste.

As kids return to school after the longest spring break ever, they will face a totally different way of learning. Teachers will also face new challenges. As we slowly emerge from our cocoons, we will all take on a different appearance. I am hopeful that this long period of contemplation, recharging and renewal will cause us to be restored and ready to go – ready to face the world with a positive outlook – ready to worship again in the way we once did – ready to remove the masks and smile at each other again.

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I wrote the following poem six years ago, but the memory of that day seems melted from history as did the steel on that fateful day of September 11, 2001. Another attack occurred on September 11, 2012. I shouldn’t be amazed, but I am. How soon we forget the attacks against our nation and the lives lost because of them. I was gone on a brief vacation, but I couldn’t forget the day when the calendar changed.

Those dates along with the attack on Pearl Harbor should be etched in our memories for eternity. We seem to be trying to erase history these days, but we can’t eliminate them from our minds. Patriotism was evident. People worked together to mend the destruction and go after the enemy. Flags flew everywhere. In fact they ran out of them in the local stores. Today they burn flags in protest and defund those heroes that protect them.

My prayer is that this horrific COVID19 of the present time, will reignite a call to defending our country, our constitution, our people by once more becoming united as we did on those days. We must never forget.

Hidden in the ashes, trampled by the steel
Lay the sons and daughters of that day.
In the years that follow, our hearts may never heal.
We mourn their loss – We try to deal – We turn to God and pray.

Freedom was taken, terror stole our soul,
But America was built for more than this
Strong hearts united, with a mutual goal,
Rebuilding, renewing, restoring the mess.

This day is not forgotten. It’s seared upon our souls.
We put our faith in God’s eternal care.
We trust in His salvation, we know he mends the holes
That come from the destruction in the air.

Our hearts must stay united, no matter how we feel.
We look beyond the prejudice and fears.
Our only hope is Jesus. He is the one who heals.
He erases all our sorrows and wipes away our tears.

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Sometimes you need a break from all the noise – from the rumble of the city streets to the clutter of daily life. In these times of loud, clamoring insanity, it’s good to retreat to the safety and serenity of doing nothing.

This will be my situation for a while. I will say goodbye to social media, no more work for a few days and just quiet, peaceful rest. I will be back soon with more art and poetry and words to encourage and inspire. You can’t get rid of me forever.

“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:28-30

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Signs of autumn in the air,

Leaves slowly lose their grip and fall gently to the ground,

Acorns pile up and seeds of all kinds are nestling into the earth,

Regeneration of life to come,

The air is fresher, the colors brilliant, the crops ready for harvest

And the smell of apple pies permeates our nostrils,

No more warm days of summer;

No more lazy days on the beach,

Birds flock up in hoards and escape to warmer climates,

The way we look at things in life can have a great effect on how we live it,

A negative observation often leads to negative behavior and attitude,

Lord, help me to look at things the way you intended them to be,

A gift from you,

With no strings attached,

The bounty of the seasons,

Is find beauty in all of Your creation.

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