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We’ve had a lovely week of spring weather up here in the frozen tundra of Minnesota. Sunday, being Easter was filled with sunshine and temperatures reaching 80 degrees. The gathering time was spent outdoors for the most part, giving way … Continue reading

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When we lived in our old house, I managed to create a garden of pretty epic proportions on a hill.  It wasn’t just a mound, but a real hill, that almost required mountain boots to climb.  That didn’t deter me.  … Continue reading

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Over the last couple weeks, my husband and I have pushed forward on the formation of new gardens for our new old house.  It was fun watching things come up this spring and trying to determine what they were.  I called … Continue reading

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Ever since I was little I had a close attachment with dirt.  I loved making mud pies. I enjoyed digging for worms.  There was something about squishing your fingers through the moist soil in search of buried treasure or who knows what.  … Continue reading

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Weeds begins quite small, but quickly grow into a thing of beauty or take advantage of other living things to sustain itself. Beneath the surface it worms its way through fertile soil and takes hold of each and everything in its … Continue reading

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We have a huge hill in our front yard.  When we first moved into our house 24 years ago, we still possessed the vigor of youth.  Each week my husband would get out the lawn mower and tackle that hill.  … Continue reading

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You are the Master Gardener, you tend to all my needs, With water you refresh me.  With love you plant the seeds. You take away the grip of ugliness and sin, You’ve given me a second chance – a new life … Continue reading

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