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The stories we possess as human beings can keep us laughing for years. Four years ago, I wrote a post about that subject and since it’s Throwback Thursday, I’d like to share it again. Bill sure knew what he was … Continue reading

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The afterglow of Easter has all but disappeared in the world around us.  The memories contained in that Sunday should’ve filled our hearts and minds with overwhelming gratitude, but instead we heard another story of death and destruction in another … Continue reading

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I’m not one to get on my soap box to spread gloom and doom.  I’d much rather talk about the peace we can achieve through reading the scriptures.  However, even in the Bible, there are stories of perversion of truth, … Continue reading

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Our house has been pretty free of the morning, noon and evening news for the past month or two.  It’s been a refreshing change.  There’s something about the news that puts us into a bad mood.  There’s so much of … Continue reading

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When we look at our politicians today, what do we see?  We’re pounded with stories of indiscretion, sexual harassment, corruption, undignified behavior and evil occurring all over the place. We’ve the ‘benefit’ of receiving all this juicy gossip daily – even … Continue reading

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It was the 1960s – a time when our country was in the midst of assassinations, violence, protests.  In the throes of this chaos, Americans did what they did best.  They looked for other things to occupy their minds.  James … Continue reading

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Weeds begins quite small, but quickly grow into a thing of beauty or take advantage of other living things to sustain itself. Beneath the surface it worms its way through fertile soil and takes hold of each and everything in its … Continue reading

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If Jesus defeated the devil, why is he still allowed to walk the earth?  This is a question that many folks ask of us Christians.  It’s a question we Christians often ask too, especially when we see the way our … Continue reading

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