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Doesn’t it seem interesting that some of the most important events in the Bible take place in the desert?  Moses led the nation of Israel through a desert wilderness for 40 years.  Abraham sent Hagar and her son into the … Continue reading

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  As we celebrate another Veterans Day, we take time to look up to those who have given a portion of their lives to serve their country.  We’ll hear inspiring words concerning their unselfish and heroic deeds.  Many of them … Continue reading

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ART & POETRY BY PAUL & KATHY BOECHER© The noise of every day bantering between supposedly upright candidates, Is like a deafening pounding in the ears, There is no respite and won’t be until it’s over, We all wonder, Who, … Continue reading

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The two huge silver maple trees in our backyard must be over a hundred years old.  Each fall, the leaves hang tightly to the branches for dear life.  They usually don’t drop until after the first snow.  This year has been an … Continue reading

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Young girls often have a vision of a knight in shining armor coming to rescue them from the villainy of an evil tyrant and carrying them off to a kingdom that is perfectly free from trouble and sadness.  As we … Continue reading

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I am very impatient as I think most of us are – especially living in a world full of instant communication, fast food, and getting answers to our questions immediately.  We have become a society of people who want everything NOW! … Continue reading

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If Jesus defeated the devil, why is he still allowed to walk the earth?  This is a question that many folks ask of us Christians.  It’s a question we Christians often ask too, especially when we see the way our … Continue reading

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