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ART & POETRY FROM PAUL & KATHY BOECHER© I carry in my pocket, a simple rough hewn rock, It serves as a reminder of Jesus’ earthly walk, He trudged o’er rocks and pebbles, His sandals filled with sand, He kept … Continue reading

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The world was a much smaller place than it is today, when Jesus was born in the tiny town of Bethlehem.  In fact a geographer named, Strabo had mapped out as much of it as he possibly could at the time.  There … Continue reading

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ORIGINAL ART & POETRY BY PAUL & KATHY BOECHER© You never cease to hold me safely in Your hand, When everything my body does so blatantly demand, You guide my steps, You hold me tight, You strengthen me with all your might, … Continue reading

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Jesus was carried in His mother’s body on a simple beast of burden – a donkey – only 33 years prior to His entry into Jerusalem.  He came into the world in humility and left it in the same way, but He … Continue reading

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ART & POETRY BY PAUL & KATHY BOECHER© The inn was filled with travelers, Weary wanderers looking for rest from a difficult journey, Skies grew dark and stars began to glisten across the desolate fields, Sheep  snuggled together to rest, Shepherds watched, … Continue reading

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   Original art by Paul T. Boecher© Love means pouring yourself out for the benefit of another, by putting them first.  It keeps no record of past mistakes.  It is not self serving. By taking on the servant attitude of … Continue reading

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  One of the best ways for a leader to understand his team is to get into their shoes.  In the show Undercover Boss, the boss takes on the tasks of his employees to get a closer look at what or … Continue reading

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Have we changed at all in these past 50 years?  Is that mountainside ringing out freedom for all races and religions?  Are we still battling the hatred and anger against one another, rather than learning to live together as brothers? When … Continue reading

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God created life before it existed.  He carved the mountains into majestic peaks – He filled the seas with living things – He looked at the heavens and placed the stars and planet.  Each tree was planted perfectly by Him … Continue reading

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Young girls often have a vision of a knight in shining armor coming to rescue them from the villainy of an evil tyrant and carrying them off to a kingdom that is perfectly free from trouble and sadness.  As we … Continue reading

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I’m tired. I need to be renewed.  My strength is waning.  The world is making me faint.  I feel I can’t take another step. Then I realize that I can’t take a single step forward until I acknowledge that I … Continue reading

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