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I’m certain I would never have been hailed as Mother of the Year during my tenure of raising three youngsters.  I made a ton of mistakes – mistakes I wish I could undo, but instead I just hide them away in … Continue reading

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The human mind is an amazing organ.  It can hold more information than a computer, yet as we age, the data we’ve accumulated causes it to crash and even become useless.  The one fear I have about growing old is … Continue reading

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So much has changed over time – or has it? I think the generation gaps we hear about are more like stepping-stones to building future generations. In my lifetime alone, I’ve seen technology change tremendously. I grew up with one … Continue reading

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Well, it’s that time of year again. Time for parents to add to their credit card debt. Time for purchasing school supplies, backpacks, new clothes and shoes and the latest technology which will ensure your child’s success. All of this … Continue reading

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