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Yesterday was one of those days.  I started by reading blogs of my friends and began to tear up.  I hit upon one that set the floodgates into full throttle and it took me half the day to pull myself together. … Continue reading

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There are days when I wonder what on earth I’m still doing here. I spend hours trying to figure out some new technology when I could have completed three loads of laundry. I wake up early only to spend that … Continue reading

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  I cannot even begin to comment on the above picture.  I was born in 1942 and most of my childhood occurred during the 40s and 50s.  We didn’t even have a television set until I turned ten.  It was … Continue reading

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I came across this old photo of my sister and I cutting up, just for laughs, at my Aunt Muriel and Uncle Jake’s home in Wisconsin.  It brought back so many memories of the fun times we shared, not only … Continue reading

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I thought it was time for something funny for a change.  I’m tired of posting sad commentaries.  It’s time to get down to some serious humor. This is an old post, but reflects some of the things you may be … Continue reading

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Neither of us was prepared for the birth of our first child.  I think it takes a long time to fit into the title of parent and usually through years of challenges and exciting adventures.  Who would’ve known the woman … Continue reading

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The old, stained, cowboy hat is often seen on this gentle spirit’s head.  Like the man wearing it, it’s been through many ups and downs, but he’s always managed to pray in all circumstances. We both know the power of prayer.  However, … Continue reading

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My husband was forbidden to purchase a gun when he lived with his parents.  Their reasoning made perfect sense.  They had witnessed many gun shot deaths in their business.  When Paul got out of the Air Force and was still … Continue reading

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The fellow in this picture bears no resemblance to the man of today.  He went through many stages of hairstyles during his time.  This one was the beginning of his Bob Ross look, but it was before Bob ever became … Continue reading

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When I met this man, we were just kids of 15, starting our first year of high school.  We became great friends and by the time we were seniors, we decided we liked each other a lot more than just … Continue reading

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