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Yesterday was a gorgeous day in Minnesota.  The sun was casting a golden glow everywhere and surprisingly there were few mosquitoes (our state bird.)  There was no humidity, the flies and gnats were nowhere to be seen.  Temperatures were in … Continue reading

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te I –   IDEAS – tons of creative thought processes, melding into one.  The spark that ignites invention. M – MIND – The brain is the core of invention.  We have so many storage spots and memory banks, there really … Continue reading

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The week after Easter, my cast of 24 children will get on stage and present THE MAD ADVENTURES OF MR. TOAD.  Some magic is occurring right before our eyes.  The kids memorize lines, learn songs and dances and they are … Continue reading

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Paul Boecher painting the set for “SUCH A TIME AS THIS,” the story of Esther ORIGINAL ART & POETRY BY PAUL & KATHY BOECHER©   When we search for distant places, When we walk uncharted lands, Our hearts are filled with … Continue reading

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The fellow in this picture bears no resemblance to the man of today.  He went through many stages of hairstyles during his time.  This one was the beginning of his Bob Ross look, but it was before Bob ever became … Continue reading

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Returning down memory lane, my husband had many interesting moments when he was in the advertising business.  He did almost everything, from a trip deep into the Wind River Mountains on horseback to flying into a remote lake in Alaska … Continue reading

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Paul Boecher, carving the Mermaid for the Newsroom Restaurant in Minneapolis, MN. My husband has had a number of careers in his 75 years.  After losing his successful advertising agency back in 1991 he had to look for new ways to make … Continue reading

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ART & POETRY BY PAUL & KATHY BOECHER© – “Morning Glow” painted en plein aire at Como Park Conservatory, St. Paul, Minnesota. An explosion of color pours through the negative spaces, A new edifice, designed to add to the glory … Continue reading

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I’ve been known for fantastical, out of this world, nonsensical and truly weird dreams.  Last night I dreamt I went in for some kind of surgery and came out with tattoos all over my body.  Mind you, I have never been … Continue reading

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   I wonder where dreams come from. Are they a cacophony of our daily lives or simply stirrings in the heart of our imagination? Do they serve a purpose? When ever a creative person dreams, he’s taking all those elements … Continue reading

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Have you ever looked at clouds and watched “them come to life right before your eyes? It’s something most of us do as children, but can still enjoy as we grow older. Last night as we were driving home, I … Continue reading

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