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One of the most dramatic photographs that appeared right after the destruction in New York on September 11, 2001, shows the skeletal remains of the Twin Towers . The towers are silhouetted in the midst of smoke, ash and death. … Continue reading

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Fortunately, I was young when I had my children.   As we age our patience runs out – our energy wanes – our tolerance is pretty much dead – and our thoughts can’t keep up with the speed of technology, much less children. … Continue reading

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With all that’s occurred in the past two years, it’s no wonder that there’s more mental illness, depression and anxiety. The number for young people needing counseling has risen at alarming rates. Those individuals from 15 to 24 years of age, show … Continue reading

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Independence is a word which describes our ability to be self sustaining, self sufficient and self supporting.  It has long been a part of who we are as Americans.  It doesn’t mean that we are no longer accountable to someone, … Continue reading

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Originally posted on 06/17/201 Parenting is one of the most difficult occupations out there.  You’re responsible for another’s life, for the things they learn and become, for their discipline and social skills, for their behavior, what they eat, how they … Continue reading

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Since Father’s Day is less than a week away, I thought I’d pull out some of my previous posts on the subject.  The following, “WHAT MAKES A GOOD FATHER,” was originally posted on 06/15/2017. Opinions about fatherhood have changed drastically over … Continue reading

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Mondays are kind of like Ground Hog Day reruns.  Every Monday you wake up and it’s the same as it was last week.  I guess you could say that for Tuesday, Wednesday and the rest of the days, but Monday … Continue reading

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  So, another day in which we show the world how immature we are as a society.  If we want to prove our importance in the workplace or at home, we simply don’t go to work or do the things … Continue reading

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They say that authors often write their best work, based on what they’re familiar with.  Charles Dickens was such a writer.  His early years of childhood were happy.  He was the second of eight children.  Through those years, the family … Continue reading

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R E S P E C T !

Picture a world where life had no value; a place where brother fought against brother to the death; where unborn lives were snuffed out in an instant; where seniors were deemed useless and exterminated after a certain age; where children … Continue reading

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