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I’m old enough to remember when we celebrated President Lincoln’s birthday on February 12 and Washington’s on February 22.  As time went by, all presidents were celebrated on the third Monday of February.  As with most American holidays, it transformed … Continue reading

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I guess you could say I was a child that grew up on “screen time.” My screen was an 8″ black and white TV, upon which I spent Saturday mornings wallowing in Looney Toons cartoons. I would then spend the … Continue reading

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I am part of the “Silent Generation” or more commonly known as a Traditionalist – or those born from 1923-1945. We all have our pluses and minuses, but many of us old timers seem to think that the Newbies are … Continue reading

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Poor old Rodney Dangerfield never got any of it.  Aretha Franklin sang about it, but what is it about respect that we seem to have forgotten over the years?  When I was a youngster, this particular commandment was particularly tough … Continue reading

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While visiting out east, we made it a point to see some of the sites in Washington, DC.  One that made a huge impression on me was the Arlington National Cemetery.  For miles within my vision, there were white headstones of … Continue reading

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All the hubbub of standing for our National Anthem at any sporting event is taking the spotlight big time.  Who would’ve thought that our nation, built on the blood of brave men and women, would be called out for singing … Continue reading

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I’d like to say, that after 75 years of living, I am an example of what a good mother should be. I’d like to say that, but unfortunately I’d be lying.  Everything I did as a parent was merely by … Continue reading

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R E S P E C T !

Picture a world where life had no value; a place where brother fought against brother to the death; where unborn lives were snuffed out in an instant; where seniors were deemed useless and exterminated after a certain age; where children … Continue reading

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The memories  of what happened in Paris, smolder like dying embers. waiting to be reignited.  Words have been spoken- fear of future attacks stand as festering wounds in the hearts of many – anger rages as some leaders continue to disregard the … Continue reading

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