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I’ve already given Judas his time in print, but many consider Wednesday of Holy Week as “Spy Wednesday,” because Iscariot betrayed Jesus on that day for 30 pieces of silver. It’s possible that this occurred midweek, but this disciple had … Continue reading

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I’m old enough to remember when we celebrated President Lincoln’s birthday on February 12 and Washington’s on February 22.  As time went by, all presidents were celebrated on the third Monday of February.  As with most American holidays, it transformed … Continue reading

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A child just turned a woman, became the chosen one, To hold the Son of God within – to be her firstborn Son, She wasn’t someone special – a lowly servant girl, But God had special plans for her and … Continue reading

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The two men had shared space in their mother’s womb. The younger of the two, Jacob, obtained the inheritance of his brother, Esau, through deception. The two were now enemies and eventually would meet on a field of battle. The … Continue reading

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Days grow into weeks and weeks into months. Some of those days are filled with optimism while others bring nothing but one bad thing after another.  The amount of time and energy we spend on those bad days is really … Continue reading

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My mother was a special woman in so many ways. For one thing she had to put up with my father, my sister and myself. That in itself, showed great fortitude. She and my dad lived a fairly meager life, … Continue reading

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