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Today I went to the doctor to have my knee X-rayed.  I should be delighted that it is nothing more than a sprain.  The doc mentioned that my knee was practically arthritis free, there were no breaks and it was … Continue reading

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As I travel through life’s darkest moments, When all around me is unfamiliar ground, When the sound of silence engulfs me and pierces the every day noise, There in the midst of it all, There with wings unfurled, With pinions … Continue reading

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Today we continue our journey to S. Carolina and a long awaited visit with our children and in celebration of grandson #2s graduation.  We’ve had a great visit with my sis and her husband.  Got to take a wonderful tour … Continue reading

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My best friend is facing her final journey.  I’m writing this post with her permission, so that it may help others who are going through the same thing. Life is so fragile, so tentative, but really a time of grace … Continue reading

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A while back, I was trying to convince my granddaughter to put her crabby thoughts into a crabby box and forget about them.  She laughed at the image and it got her smiling again for the moment. Wouldn’t it be nice if … Continue reading

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Expressing Thoughts Without Words

A mixture of saline and water which appears during a specific episode. It can occur when a foreign object enters the area. It can be produced through irritation, emotion, a strong odor or taste. It acts as a cleanser. It … Continue reading

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No more sorrow

When you look at most Christians on Good Friday, their faces may seem serious and downright full of anguish. There’s a reason for that. It isn’t only because of our remorse over Jesus’ suffering and death, but also a sadness … Continue reading

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