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When we think about the word “surrender” we naturally assume a sort of giving up – giving in – acceptance.  When the white flag of surrender went up at Yorktown, it signaled the ending of the American Revolution.  Almost a … Continue reading

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Last night, I tuned into the American Hero channel for the series of programs about the American Revolution.  It was designed to show the unsung heroes of that war – those who made a huge difference in the outcome.  We often … Continue reading

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ART & POETRY BY PAUL & KATHY BOECHER© So deep within the tallest pines, with darkened haze enshrouded, A hidden place encased in webs of silver threads beclouded, Peaceful, quiet, sanctuary, a refuge where you can hide, A place to lick the wounds of hurt and comfortably stay … Continue reading

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One of the hardest things we do in life is surrender to the will of God.  We can never be like Him.  The separation was made in the Garden of Eden.  We can, however, find peace in letting go and … Continue reading

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A tangled snare begins quite small, but quickly grows either into a thing of beauty or takes advantage of other living things to sustain itself. Beneath the surface it worms it’s way through the fertile soil and takes hold of … Continue reading

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