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America lays below in rubble and destruction from looters and violent protesters The torrid, sulphuric air rises and infiltrates the atmosphere, Seas churn and waters rise as winds spin the remnants of what once was, A silent enemy continues to … Continue reading

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We’re expected to have a temperature of 40 degrees above zero today.  When you consider we were suffering through minus 40 degrees with the wind chill last week, that’s an eighty degree difference.  It’s time to get out the flip … Continue reading

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As I sit here in a sunbathed room, I can see the colors beginning to change.  Squirrels have been actively storing up black walnuts from the tree in our front yard.  They’re so busy, it makes me wonder if they … Continue reading

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We are currently under a winter weather advisory.  It seems that this one is going to skirt around us and we will see very little snow from it, but storms can come into our days as quickly as warmth of … Continue reading

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