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White was my favorite color when I was just a child, It made me think of purity, of peace and love gone wild, The colors of the rainbow are included in white’s glow, Shades of blue, green, yellow and red infused within … Continue reading

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Every time we get a snowfall here in Lake Woebegone, we realize two things – why we do we live here and why don’t we move to a warmer climate?  The snow blankets all the debris from the last storm, … Continue reading

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At least the April snow showers waited until Final Four was over.  I don’t know why we’re always surprised by a late snow storm in my state, because it has become apparent that we only have two seasons – winter and … Continue reading

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This photo was snapped on our way to church this morning.  We were on time, in spite of the time change and winter snow storm again last night.  I’m beginning to believe I live in Narnia or that Dr. Zhivago … Continue reading

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“ But now our strength is dried up, and there is nothing at all but this manna to look at.”  Numbers 11:6 Ever since I was a little girl and first heard about manna, I related this heavenly food to snow.  … Continue reading

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We knew it was coming.  It’s March 5th, the beginning of our snowiest month up here in the Tundra.  Minnesota winters are like that.  They seem to push all our buttons, especially at the end of it.  We’re supposed to … Continue reading

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ORIGINAL ART & POETRY BY PAUL & KATHY BOECHER©   I never thought of white as my favorite color. All shades of blue and green and some shades of red or brilliant yellow are more my choice. White is the … Continue reading

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Last night as I went to rehearsal for an upcoming performance of “Willie Wonka,” the temperature was around 53 degrees.  A little rain fell during the day so the roads were wet, but it felt almost tropical for Minnesota.  During the … Continue reading

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ART AND POETRY BY PAUL AND KATHY BOECHER© A blast of frigid air returns, the sky explodes with snow, We don our hats and mittens. Our steps are  very slow, We barely see, our noses freeze, our cheeks soon turn bright … Continue reading

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Original Art “SNOW” by Paul T. Boecher© The sun sprinkles a handful of fairy dust upon clinging icicles. Each one hangs on for dear life hoping that tomorrow the thermometer allows them to dwindle a bit, but in reality that … Continue reading

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Original Art by Paul T. Boecher, “WINTER”© A fresh coating of snow is a great reminder of how God washes the darkness of sin from our hearts.  His blood makes us whiter than snow.

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I never thought of white as my favorite color. All shades of blue and green and some shades of red or brilliant yellow are more my choice. White is the color of milk and those fluffy cumulus clouds that float … Continue reading

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Minnesota White

The sky blankets us with a grey mask of clouds. The thermostat may not reach 20 today. Crystal shards line the street where a plow left its remains. The hardened, pressed snow crunches beneath your feet and your shoes collect … Continue reading

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