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We knew it was coming.  It’s March 5th, the beginning of our snowiest month up here in the Tundra.  Minnesota winters are like that.  They seem to push all our buttons, especially at the end of it.  We’re supposed to … Continue reading

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Eddie Arcaro was born on this day in 1916, the premature son of Italian immigrant parents.  He would only reach 5’2″ in his adult life.  Being small allowed him to become one of the greatest thoroughbred horse racing jockeys of … Continue reading

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ART & INSPIRATION FROM KATHY BOECHER© I love these magnificent, showy flowers – The hydrangea, Colored pink, mauve, deep indigo and a blend of all, This year I’ve had back luck with these blooms, Late in the season I discovered … Continue reading

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ORIGINAL ART & POETRY BY PAUL & KATHY BOECHER© Did you not notice as you walked, through brush and wooded path, Did you not see him in the tree, as you so quickly  passed, He’s right above you just waiting, for … Continue reading

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We arrived safely in Nashville, TN last evening after two days of pretty intensive driving.  I guess we now qualify as road warriors.  Each day seemed to be filled with clouds, which made it easier to travel, but those clouds … Continue reading

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My mom was my hero.  No matter how lousy she felt – how tired or busy she was, I knew she was always available.  She didn’t wear a cape – she didn’t fly – she didn’t have x-ray vision, (although I believe she … Continue reading

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(Photo of my little pirates last year.) Working with children has blessed me, but there are times when I wondered if anything got through to those little ones.  Teaching drama to K-4 children each week was a challenge  The chaos, the after school … Continue reading

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In my next few posts, I’ll be talking about Mary’s journey – how she accepted God’s will without question – how she nurtured her Son, Jesus, made sure He followed the commandments, did His chores, worked alongside His stepfather.  She … Continue reading

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Being in the desert for 40 years had to be an incredible exercise in patience.  Even though the Israelites had obtained their freedom from slavery, their condition during that desert time was a series of highs and lows.  God had … Continue reading

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This past week we had visitors from Utah, Oklahoma and Wisconsin – cousins I’ve not seen in over 30 years. We’ve all become older, and the hair that remains has turned gray.  A few laugh lines have appeared (in my case an … Continue reading

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My grandmother had a great way of dealing with frustration. When it became too hard to cope with the memory of losing five children to untimely death; managing a farm; nursing a husband who survived 2 massive stokes – she would go to … Continue reading

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