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Hi, my name is Kathy and I’m a technoholic.  I never thought I would have to admit this.  I Thought I could keep it hidden from the rest of the world, but the truth has finally hit me.  I’ve decided … Continue reading

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Well, the word for today is “ARGH,” because it’s “Talk Like a Pirate Day.” Who doesn’t like Pirates? Other pirates, I guess, along with those they pillage and plunder. The kind of pirate I’m talking about is the Errol Flynn … Continue reading

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I think it began when I was three. Mother enrolled me in ballet, tap, jazz and baton lessons – thinking I would someday become the next Shirley Temple.  I learned to step, shuffle, ball and change before I knew my … Continue reading

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“If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t they never were.”   Richard Bach We all have people in our lives who bug us, bring us down, don’t understand us, are not … Continue reading

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I’ve been on a Willy Wonka adventure for the last couple months, which culminated in a marathon of seven performances by two separate casts this past weekend.  They will do the same next week.  Their resilience and buoyancy amazes me.  As … Continue reading

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  We all have a certain amount of drama in our lives.  With the invention of the internet and instant news, we’ve all become an active part in the drama that is playing out all around us.  We can become … Continue reading

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(Photo of my little pirates last year.) Working with children has blessed me, but there are times when I wondered if anything got through to those little ones.  Teaching drama to K-4 children each week was a challenge  The chaos, the after school … Continue reading

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