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  “Acting is the most personal of our crafts. The make-up of a human being – his physical, mental and emotional habits – influence his acting to a much greater extent than commonly recognized.”   Lee Strasberg I can’t remember how … Continue reading

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I LIED …..

Yesterday I said you’d probably see less of me this week, because it’s “TECH WEEK!”  Actually things are going quite well.  This is the first time in ten years that I’ve worked exclusively with adults so that may explain it.  … Continue reading

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This splendidly handsome man was born on February 9, 1891 – a long time before I was even a glint in my father’s eye.  He was born in England and studied at a boarding school in Littlehampton. His intention was … Continue reading

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I’ve been on a Willy Wonka adventure for the last couple months, which culminated in a marathon of seven performances by two separate casts this past weekend.  They will do the same next week.  Their resilience and buoyancy amazes me.  As … Continue reading

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Yesterday ended an eight week after school program of drama enrichment.  Nine kids ranging from 2nd to 4th grade showed off their acting skills to their classmates and parents.  Working with children has always been a blessing for me, but … Continue reading

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