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President Trump is entering enemy territory this evening.  Two of these big Trump balloons are at the ready and will appear outside the place he takes the podium.  Several protestors from various factions will be on hand.  There are those … Continue reading

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All the hubbub of standing for our National Anthem at any sporting event is taking the spotlight big time.  Who would’ve thought that our nation, built on the blood of brave men and women, would be called out for singing … Continue reading

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I, like many, had my doubts when I went to vote last November.  I wasn’t convinced in my heart of hearts that my decision to vote for Donald Trump was the sagest idea I ever had.  He was brash, earthy, condescending … Continue reading

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A dream was hatched by a man, A dream which allowed him to see the future, Which gave him a glimpse of black and white co-existing, Without complication, Without hatred, Without malice, It was a dream which God gave to … Continue reading

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When I started blogging three years ago, I never dreamed it would become such a time consuming endeavor.  I’ve always felt strongly about certain issues, yet never felt comfortable confronting them face to face with others.  Writing has allowed me … Continue reading

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Last night I happened to see a piece on the news regarding abortion rights and protesting.  I try to tune the news out as much as I can, but I thought it was interesting that a group of women were … Continue reading

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When the Feminist Movement got underway in the 60’s, women applauded the rights they demanded.  They burned their bras in protest.  They shed all evidence of the things they felt were binding them or holding them back.  Their cry for equality … Continue reading

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The internet is amazing tool.  You can find information in the blink of an eye.  You can spend hours absorbing information and drawing your own conclusions . It also has  a dark side – when a news item can be blown … Continue reading

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