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CACOPHONY – A harsh discordant mixture of sounds. Another mid-term election is already in progress. It began many months ago and has ramped into a frenzy of accusations, name calling, hatred, anger and just plain annoying noise. Like the constant … Continue reading

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Conscience is defined by Webster as an inner feeling or voice viewed as acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one’s behavior.  Martin Luther spoke of his conscience as being captive to the Word of God and that he … Continue reading

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Photograph my ancestors on the prairie of Montana over a hundred years ago. We hear a lot today about the pioneer spirit – especially in regard to the first woman president.  I’ve already cast my vote and I feel I’ve made the … Continue reading

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I imagine we’ll be hearing all kinds of stuff about Donald Trump this week.  This whole political season has been so predictable and childish.  It’s about time we stop talking about Trump’s alleged hatred of women and Hillary’s emails.  Let’s … Continue reading

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We have the right to choose the candidate we want to be the Commander in Chief of our nation, but it really must come to a choice of one who has proven himself or herself to be a person of integrity.  … Continue reading

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Have we become a nation of skeptics? How many of us really trust our government?  In the past few decades, I’ve seen a once strong nation, with strong patriotic and moral values, succumb to the lies of career politicians, stand back … Continue reading

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My country has been changing, but her spirit never dies, Her people are the core of her, not all the evil lies. So many lives have gone before to hold her flag with pride. So many tears have long been … Continue reading

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