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I’ve come to the conclusion that part of God’s wrath came down specifically on women in the form of hormonal imbalance.  There are some changes as men age, but women get the brunt of it. In the teen years, our … Continue reading

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When my sister comes to town, it’s a special time.  This is our second visit in less than a month and I’m relishing every second of it.  Yesterday was spent with our son and his lady, and youngest daughter and … Continue reading

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Recently, my home state of Minnesota decided they would try to control invasive plants which are killing the good ones.  Where does one go to retain a group of goats?  I suppose they call UNEEDA GOAT or some other rent … Continue reading

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We recently hit the road with great intentions of seeing wonderful sights and visiting with special people.  There are also the moments you never forget. The final leg of the journey returning home, often turns into a quest no matter how much … Continue reading

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We’ve been spending the last two days with my wonderful sister and her husband.  They’re both 5 years younger than us and their youthful spirit is much like the first couple in the above cartoon.  I am represented by the … Continue reading

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She entered my life just after I had turned five – a most traumatic experience for one of the most spoiled children in the world. After all, I was the first grandchild on both sides of the family tree.  I … Continue reading

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THIS IS A RERUN, BUT ONE OF MY FAVORITE HOLIDAYS BY FAR. It’s a common dilemma.  We’ve all experienced it.  It can cause a mother guilt.  It’s raised many an eyebrow.  The lost sock is known by many but remembered … Continue reading

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Since this is teacher appreciation week, I thought I’d talk about some of the teachers who influenced my life.  When I was in kindergarten, there was the kind, elderly, Mrs. Braham.  She was one of those very ample women, much like … Continue reading

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Who would’ve thought there’d be a day reserved for this?  I happen to own a dog who thinks he’s a cat.  He has many characteristics, like preening himself, curling up in a tight ball, being a loner and occasionally coughs … Continue reading

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ORIGINAL ART & POETRY BY PAUL & KATHY BOECHER© At first I took a pencil in my hand, And etched words onto a lined tablet, Penmanship was still alive, And cursive script soon covered linen pages, As time passed, My … Continue reading

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