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A little over a year ago, my grandson began an adventure of a lifetime.  After graduating from college, he made the decision to take a year to travel to South Korea and work as an English teacher.  The choice was … Continue reading

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I was unplugged for the weekend.  As part of the celebration of our 55th wedding anniversary, Paul and I decided to follow part of the journey we made as newlyweds on our honeymoon.  We traveled up the backroads of Northern … Continue reading

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  When on vacation, I’ve become the self appointed photographer.  We no longer carry those bulky, fancy cameras with special lenses.  Now we opt for our cell phones.  Who knew a tiny device like that could take good photos?  Most … Continue reading

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OK, I admit it.  We’re old school.  We took our honeymoon trip using the AAA TripTik maps and tour guides.  So of course the same option was used again last year when we ventured down to S. Carolina for number … Continue reading

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When his business was thriving, Paul had an invitation to attend a caribou hunt with a friend of his.  Things were going well and he a had some time off, so he took his friend up on it.  There were … Continue reading

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We recently hit the road with great intentions of seeing wonderful sights and visiting with special people.  There are also the moments you never forget. The final leg of the journey returning home, often turns into a quest no matter how much … Continue reading

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A great Thanksgiving story about two men in search of their own goals, come together in the most difficult of situations and become lifetime friends in spite of it.  John Candy & Steve Martin were perfectly cast for the film … Continue reading

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Original Art by Paul T. Boecher© Road trip – away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Tucked away in the bluffs along the river, a tiny town, Population unimpressive. Conveniences adequate, Traffic  minimal, Pace slow, Crime, practically non-existent, Still … Continue reading

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