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Love is not limited to one day. It is part of what Valentine’s Day should be, but like most everything in this country we’ve commercialized a word into a day filled with sentimental cards, boxes of chocolates, flowers, special dinners, … Continue reading

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‘Twas right before Christmas and in our simple old house,Not a creature was stirring except one small mouse,He wasn’t too big, but the sight made me cringe,A mouse in the house meant he’d surely infringe, So off to the hardware … Continue reading

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My granddaughter, Kaeli and I love the movies.  When I go to a movie with her, it doesn’t involve violence or war.  She still likes watching things like “Peter Rabbit” or the gnomes.  When I suggested that “A Wrinkle in … Continue reading

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How many friends do you have?  Do you become overjooyed when you can add another friend to your list of Facebook buddies? Are you a charismatic person who seems to simply attract friends like flies to flypaper? Do you judge your … Continue reading

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We had our picture taken for the church directory this year and I happened upon this old one of us, circa 1965.  Look at the abundance of hair and youthful expression!  I think we both still hold some of that … Continue reading

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Originally posted on atimetoshare.me 8-27-14 Walls are intended to keep something enclosed and safe.  They can also be used as a barricade against an enemy.  The muscles of the abdominal wall are designed to protect our internal organs. Walls separate … Continue reading

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A couple weeks ago, I shared with you that I’m starting a new line of work. It isn’t a full time position.  In fact, I’ll just be working at this particular facility once a month.  I have to admit I … Continue reading

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Someone once told me that if you have something precious, and you don’t share it with others, you’re being selfish. That really makes sense, especially if you have a specific talent like singing, or writing or painting. If you keep … Continue reading

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When Easter ends, we often find reminders around the house that keep the thoughts alive for just a little longer.  Maybe it’s one of those plastic eggs that never was found.  Perhaps a few jelly beans have made their way … Continue reading

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Their world had been torn apart.  The tomb was empty.  Jesus was dead and now someone had stolen His body.  It was more than they could bear.  The early morning revelation must’ve been one of the most exciting part of … Continue reading

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