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READ LUKE SIX This chapter is filled with so much meat. It begins by discussing the Pharisees insistence on not working on the Sabbath. Such things as eating some gathered corn from the field or healing the sick from their … Continue reading

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POETRY BY KATHY BOECHER© What will remain when we are gone, what memories will stay, How will the world remember us when we are far away, The treasures that we leave behind are often just a breath, A moment in … Continue reading

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Humility can mean modesty, subservience, giving up your rights, being last taking on a task that no one else wants. These attributes are slowly being eaten away in our current society.  Somehow we no longer feel we can be successful … Continue reading

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  WOOD SCULPTURE “MOTHER & CHILD” BY PAUL BOECHER – POETRY BY KATHY BOECHER© He didn’t come in glory on that first Christmas Day. His palace was a lowly place. His bed was made of hay. His servants were the … Continue reading

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A young girl of thirteen or so, was about her daily chores, when suddenly an angel appeared out of nowhere and began to give her the most astonishing news.  Sounds like a story line for a science fiction novel or … Continue reading

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ORIGINAL ART & POETRY BY PAUL & KATHY BOECHER© When troubles come and crush us deep, They torture us so we can’t sleep, Our voices close, our lips are sealed, The words don’t come from hearts revealed.   Why is … Continue reading

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Jesus was carried in His mother’s body on a simple beast of burden – a donkey – only 33 years prior to His entry into Jerusalem.  He came into the world in humility and left it in the same way, but He … Continue reading

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MARY’S JOURNEY by Kathy Boecher© As the days wore on leading up to the Passover Feast, Jesus continued to teach. It seemed to Mary that He was more urgent in His message.  There was so much He wanted His followers to … Continue reading

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ORIGINAL ART BY PAUL T. BOECHER© Statue of St. Francis of Assisi in the St. Paul Conservatory – Como Park, St. Paul, MN Humility can only be accomplished by letting go of everything and turning to God for His steady hand.  … Continue reading

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As a redeemed child of God, I should have no problem communicating with Him, but as a child of the world I often put off or dismiss my need for prayer.  I don’t always want to bother Him with my … Continue reading

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