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I don’t know about you, but pirates have always held a fascination for me. In the old days, we’d watch the swashbuckling antics of Errol Flynn.  Today we put up with the rum swilling Johnny Depp – a much more … Continue reading

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With an ever changing economy and uncertain times, it’s hard for most people to get by much less think about leaving an inheritance for their families. Although many contend that it’s important to work hard and store up treasures for … Continue reading

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Before the impending birth of my husband, seventy five years ago, his parents purchased this Jenny Lind crib for him to rest his tiny body.  A few years later, his sister occupied the same space.  When our own three children … Continue reading

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When Easter ends, we often find reminders around the house that keep the thoughts alive for just a little longer.  Maybe it’s one of those plastic eggs that never was found.  Perhaps a few jelly beans have made their way … Continue reading

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Most of us like to hear stories about finding undiscovered treasures.  Some of the greatest books in literature, the most popular movies and exciting theme parks are based on the search for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  We … Continue reading

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