My granddaughter, Kaeli and I love the movies.  When I go to a movie with her, it doesn’t involve violence or war.  She still likes watching things like “Peter Rabbit” or the gnomes.  When I suggested that “A Wrinkle in Time” sounded like my life story, she just rolled her eyes, as often happens when I feebly try to make a joke.  However, she and I have been watching movies together since she was a tiny tot and we would sit and watch DVDs over and over.  She once recently recalled, “Grandma, remember when we’d watch
“Shrek” when you came over to take care of me.  Those were the days.”

As my heart was then immediately tugged by this little girl and our private little tradition, we have continued to go the movies as much as possible together.  Yesterday it was “A Wrinkle in Time.”  The reviews on the movie are mixed.  For adults it seems to be lacking – for children and teens it shows more promise.  That was exactly what happened in our viewing yesterday.

I could tell she was taken by the inferred romance between the young teen couple.  I think the story of traveling through the universe in search of a missing dad intrigued her also.  I thought the special effects were phenomenal.  The story had good moral value with good triumphing over evil.  The message that love conquers all was woven into the plot.  I don’t know if she picked up on that, but I imagine she did.  She’s very insightful.

I was taken back by the glittery, oversized Oprah, who apparently represented the motherly type – Mrs. Which.  Reese Witherspoon, on the other hand, portrayed a rather scatter brained Mrs. Whatsit – Mindy Kayling offered up the wise, peace loving, Mrs. Who who drifted from Buddhism, meditation and Yoga.  It seemed to me there wasn’t enough meat in these characters for the popular cast to dig into.  The focus was more on time travel, space and the universe along with the evil force that was invading it.   Kind of like reality, I guess.

We usually agree on the movies we see.  Sometimes there’s a lesson in there that we can talk about.  Most of the time, it’s just really cool to hang with my teen aged granddaughter.




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