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As an actor, playwright and author, it’s important for me to know many details about a character.  I like to know where they lived – what was happening in his world – what was the political climate – what does the … Continue reading

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All three of my children had baby books, with information about their size and weight – the color of their eyes and hair, or lack of it – the first smile – the gifts received and so forth. Mary probably … Continue reading

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Our world is filled with sadness – depression all around,Where can we turn for comfort when there’s none,The darkness draws around us – no respite can be found,We search for answers but they never come. The days close in upon … Continue reading

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I never quite understood the meaning of the words, “Good Friday.” What’s good about it? Today we’ll hear sermons and watch movies depicting the horrendous torture and death of Jesus of Nazareth. We will experience the pain of the lash, … Continue reading

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HE KNEW . . .

As the days wore on leading up to the Passover Feast, Jesus continued to teach. It seemed to Mary that He was more urgent in His message.  There was so much He wanted His followers to know and yet He knew … Continue reading

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Blood flows from a beaten, smitten corpse, hanging on an instrument of torture. This One not taking life, but giving it through holy, precious blood. That is righteousness, bought and paid for the ugliest and most sinister of us. Complete payment … Continue reading

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I became an adult in the 1960s.  I lived on the south side of Milwaukee where there was a shortage of Americans of the black race.  It didn’t make any difference to me what color a person was.  If we … Continue reading

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MARY’S JOURNEY by Kathy Boecher© He had an air of royalty about Him, even though he was not arrayed in purple or crowned with gold.  His mighty steed was a simple foal of a donkey – not what you’d expect … Continue reading

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Ascension Day

    40 days had passed since his brutally crushed body was raised from death and He appeared to His followers.  Some thought He was a ghost, others doubted it was Him.  In that short span of time, He proved that … Continue reading

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i had some time on my trip back home to do a little people watching at the airport.  When you think about it, we kind of become captives of the airlines, because we either have to wait forever or we … Continue reading

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In Christ alone my hope is found,He is my light, my strength, my song;this Cornerstone, this solid Ground,firm through the fiercest drought and storm.What heights of love, what depths of peace,when fears are stilled, when strivings cease!My Comforter, my All … Continue reading

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He was so much more

He walked among the people, He told them of God’s love.He came to walk within our shoes, from heaven up above.His words were new to those He taught, He spoke of love unknown,How every single sacrifice would not for sin … Continue reading

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