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Dear, Heavenly, Father, You have encouraged us to come to you in prayer. No matter what the circumstances, your ears are always open to our words.  You are always available to comfort us and give us hope.  Even when the … Continue reading

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Yesterday our only granddaughter was confirmed in her baptismal faith.  This was an especially wonderful day for us as her grandparents.  In this same church, shortly after her birth, she was baptized.  In this past year, she was instructed in … Continue reading

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Today is a special day in the church year.  We celebrate the day when the disciples became filled with the Holy Spirit and began their task of taking God’s wonderful news to the world – Pentecost Sunday.  Today is also … Continue reading

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The Easter message has been preached.  There were lots of folks in church that usually only come for this one special time.  The music was fantastic, the words gave great inspiration and the closeness of church family radiated like sunbeams.  What a … Continue reading

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When I was a child, I was taught to pray – Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep.  If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord, my soul to take. … Continue reading

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Yesterday we celebrated Pentecost Sunday – a day where the Holy Spirit made one of His miraculous appearances in a very dramatic way.  As the words to hymn and special music were sung, I could almost imagine what happened on that … Continue reading

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I’ve been blessed with the ability to forget most of the yucky stuff that’s happened in my life.  I believe that God allows me to forget so I can move forward.  If I weren’t able to do that, I’m sure I’d … Continue reading

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Many stories and books have been written with mystery being the genre.  Most of the time the mystery is solved by the last page or, if you’re very clever, before the story ends. God’s book, the Bible, includes some mysteries … Continue reading

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Ascension Day

    40 days had passed since his brutally crushed body was raised from death and He appeared to His followers.  Some thought He was a ghost, others doubted it was Him.  In that short span of time, He proved that … Continue reading

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