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For centuries before the Messiah’s birth, the perfect sacrifice presented before the God of Abraham was an innocent little lamb. This would be the payment brought before God to ransom mankind from the hold of sin, but it was a … Continue reading

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I might be the only one who has made this comparison, but the entire Biblical Christmas story reminds me of the word Vizzini kept repeating over and over in “The Princess Bride.”  It is more than inconceivable, it’s unbelievable, miraculous … Continue reading

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Blindness in Jesus’ lifetime was quite common.  Actually blindness was a contagious disease carried by flies and the only way to avoid catching it was to stay away from those afflicted with it.    The hot desert sun would close … Continue reading

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He was so much more

He walked among the people, He told them of God’s love.He came to walk within our shoes, from heaven up above.His words were new to those He taught, He spoke of love unknown,How every single sacrifice would not for sin … Continue reading

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Memories can surface when we least expect them to.  Sometimes we tuck them away knowing they have value, but just aren’t sure what that is until we need them the most. My mind was swimming of thoughts of my boy. Those early … Continue reading

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