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Today being a woman (especially a mom) requires great courage.  Generations from the sixties and on have been hammered with thoughts that they must be strong role models for their children, work hard in the workplace and at home, bring home … Continue reading

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My mom was my hero.  No matter how lousy she felt – how tired or busy she was, I knew she was always available.  She didn’t wear a cape – she didn’t fly – she didn’t have x-ray vision, (although I believe she … Continue reading

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My mother was a part of the Greatest Generation – those who held tightly to their spiritual beliefs, weren’t afraid to go to war to defend their country or to stay at home and work for the war effort – people … Continue reading

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I went in for my annual physical this morning and while waiting, I heard a woman’s voice screaming at the top of her lungs.  At first it scared me, because I have seen video clips of people freaking out at … Continue reading

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   My mom was my hero.  I gave her a run for her money and probably was the cause of her prematurely greying hair, but that didn’t deter her from taking anything she faced in life.  She didn’t hesitate to … Continue reading

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It’s a common dilemma.  We’ve all experienced it.  It can cause a mother guilt.  It’s raised many an eyebrow.  The lost sock is known by many but remembered by few, so today has been designated Lost Sock Memorial Day. I … Continue reading

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Fortunately I was young when I had my children.   As we age our patience runs out – our energy wanes – our tolerance is pretty much dead – and our thoughts can’t keep up with the speed of technology, much less children. … Continue reading

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