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Being part of a team is great when everyone on the team has the same goal in mind. Tuesday is my day to work with a team of senior citizens who are not ready to be old. That being said, … Continue reading

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A seed drops, It burrows and nestles into rich soil, It springs forth with new life, Fragile branches at first, Growing strong with each passing day, Expanding, stretching, embracing the sky, Reaching for the face of its Creator, It bends … Continue reading

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This painting was a product of team work. I started the painting and Paul added the finishing touches. I could’ve felt disappointed by this, but I realized that the changes made were necessary to make a good painting. We sometimes … Continue reading

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The Mark Twain story of how Tom Sawyer got his friends to do his work for him, is that of an entrepreneurial young man.  He made the job so appealing that his friends were even willing to give him something … Continue reading

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When my now 25 year old grandson was about three, he created his first book. He loved listening to his grandpa talk about nature and would often search under rocks to observe the insects. Because he started learning about the … Continue reading

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What is a team without a leader?  How does a corporation thrive without someone to guide it?  What happens when everyone thinks they know better than the boss or there are too many cooks in the kitchen? Usually the result is … Continue reading

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  One of the best ways for a leader to understand his team is to get into their shoes.  In the show Undercover Boss, the boss takes on the tasks of his employees to get a closer look at what or … Continue reading

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“Remember, there are no small parts, only small actors.” Constantin Stanislavsky Where do you fit in to the scheme of things? I always tell my young performers that each of them is an important piece of the story we are … Continue reading

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I went in for my annual physical this morning and while waiting, I heard a woman’s voice screaming at the top of her lungs.  At first it scared me, because I have seen video clips of people freaking out at … Continue reading

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