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This painting was a product of team work. I started the painting and Paul added the finishing touches. I could’ve felt disappointed by this, but I realized that the changes made were necessary to make a good painting. We sometimes … Continue reading

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It’s hard for us to fathom that anything could grow, In cold and frozen ground that’s covered with fresh snow, But not for our Creator God, the maker of all things, The seeds that He has sown right now, will … Continue reading

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My dreams are often full of creativity and unusual thoughts which don’t usually manifest themselves in my daily life.  Sometimes they become part of a play or story I’m writing.  I had a whopper a while ago and I think even Joseph, the … Continue reading

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This is a rerun, but seems appropriate this year as well as the same time last year. However it was pre-pandemic and oh how things have changed – or have they? Originally posted 9/25/2019. We, the people, have been bombarded … Continue reading

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Dear, Lord, I just read an article about a summer sleep away camp in Georgia.  More than 3/4 of the camp attendees and staffers contracted the Covid19 virus.  With statistics like that, I can’t help but be concerned for children … Continue reading

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Dear, Lord, Some days I feel like I can do all things through your bounty and grace.  There are also days when I feel overloaded with worry.  I think a lot about those I love – family, dear friends, those … Continue reading

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Most miracles don’t come like a flash of lightning or words written in the sky.  However, we know that Jesus performed some pretty amazing ones during His ministry – like walking on water – changing water into wine – and giving … Continue reading

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