The memories  of what happened in Paris, smolder like dying embers. waiting to be reignited.  Words have been spoken- fear of future attacks stand as festering wounds in the hearts of many – anger rages as some leaders continue to disregard the real enemy.

When things like this happen, our natural tendency is to go into a state of denial. We don’t want to believe that our security has or will be breached. By so doing, we can become lackadaisical about a very real threat.

After 9/11, I recall being encouraged to be vigilant. Today our world has changed. Within my hometown of Minneapolis, the protectors of our city are under attack by a group of folks who feel they have been discriminated against by the police. Respect for our safety net is under attack at a time when we need them more than ever. Certainly there is bound to be corruption in those who have been called on to protect and defend, but if we no longer trust them, we’re opening ourselves to all kinds of danger.

It seems that all the good accomplished by Dr. Martin Luther King have once more come under attack. All under the administration of a man who promised to bridge the gap between black and white.

We’ve become a nation of skeptics. We no longer trust our government officials. We’ve little respect for law enforcement. We live in a society of entitlements which wind up costing someone something. We need to get back to our basic beliefs as a nation. We were once a nation united, under God. Our Pledge of Allegiance still states that very fact.  Thank God that hasn’t been altered to be more politically correct.



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  1. Repentance, obedience, and prayer are our most powerful weapons against the evil that is bringing us down. There isn’t really anyone to safely, put trust in right now except God.

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