So, another day in which we show the world how immature we are as a society.  If we want to prove our importance in the workplace or at home, we simply don’t go to work or do the things required at home.  Sounds to me like the last protest, where immigrants didn’t go to work either just to show how very valuable they are to our economy.  Is this how we handle our problems today?

I remember several decades ago when I was still a student in college and I knew I was going to be bored with the speaker.  I stayed home.  Sure I had paid the tuition for the class, but I thought I was proving a point.   When I was in elementary school and hadn’t studied for a test, I claimed some outlandish contagious disease to get out of going.  This kind of entitlement, instilled in us long ago, is again taking precedence over doing the jobs we’re being paid for and being responsible enough to do.

So what kind of message are we sending to the world?  We’re trying to show them that we’re something that they already know we are – important. How is all this nonsense going to be viewed by our younger generation?  That it’s OK to protest anything you want. After all, it’s all about me, right?   That it’s OK to be irresponsible.  That it’s OK to act like a child for the rest of your life.  The Patty Pan syndrome will never die if we continue to act like children.

The only point  this kind of protest is showing me is a lack of maturity – irresponsible behavior – often ridiculous actions that will some day be regretted – and no real purpose to the action in the first place. Vulgar signs and disgusting actions are simply going to make you look foolish.

To those of you women who went to work today (and I know there are many) I applaud your good sense.  To those of you who went shopping today, out to lunch, picked up the kiddos from school and carted them to various activities, you are worthy of praise.  To those who worked all day and went home to continue to the cycle by doing all the chores there – you deserve a vacation

To those of you who think you need to make a point with your childish behavior, I say, Grow up!




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  1. Liberty On the Lighter Side says:

    Huge women’s issues here in ireland right now, some are marching for abortion rights while others are dealing with the shock of the recently discovered mass grave of baby remains in Tuam where young girls were locked away and their ‘unwanted’ babies disappeared. So many complex issues in the world and yet yesterday was just another ‘normal’ day for me -last night I was wondering what the day was all about. It makes me sad that women still feel they have to fight for their rights however, there are still many cases of genuine victimization and abuse.

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    • says:

      There will always be victimization and abuse as long as we travel this world. I think there are better ways of communicating our thoughts without getting all outraged though. We have turned into a breed of “me” thinking individuals and have really forgotten how to reach outside of ourselves. Sad.

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  2. I enjoyed the blunt approach you took on this issue. Very refreshing. As you’ve mentioned, protests are an unnecessary display of aggression that generally changes nothing. It’s easy to point fingers, scream, shout and blame for the gender inequality that still exists within our lives and workplaces, but that solves nothing. I believe part of the solution rests with us as individual women, and how we’re responding to our environment. I wrote an article on this for IWD and I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts.


    • says:

      I agree that protests are nothing more than making noise. Things can be settled and workable within the confines of integrity. Thanks for reading my post. I read yours too and really enjoyed it.

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