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I like to consider myself an avid storyteller.  From the day of my youth, I’ve been retelling some of the most famous fairy tales and folklore and have even thrown in a few of my own.  With time, stories often … Continue reading

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When I met this man, we were just kids of 15, starting our first year of high school.  We became great friends and by the time we were seniors, we decided we liked each other a lot more than just … Continue reading

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“Do not tell fish stories where the people know you; but particularly, don’t tell them where they know the fish.”Mark Twain His dad was the first to teach him how to fish.  It was a  wonderful bonding experience for them in … Continue reading

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It was one of those down times on the roller coaster of our early married life. My husband was about to embark on a new job in a different state and we had no insurance.  I had remained in our old … Continue reading

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It started when he was a young lad, spending his summers at the lake.  He met an old native American who was building a log cabin from scratch.  Each log perfectly hewn. Paul pitched right in to help, but more so … Continue reading

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A while back, a television series about the advertising business hit the screen.  I watched one episode of this and that was enough. Unfortunately it brought up some seriously bad memories.  The three hour martini lunch was played up, but … Continue reading

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Returning down memory lane, my husband had many interesting moments when he was in the advertising business.  He did almost everything, from a trip deep into the Wind River Mountains on horseback to flying into a remote lake in Alaska … Continue reading

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I would love to be able to include a photograph of the house where my husband spent his growing up years.  It was a typical house of seven gables – a mansion of sorts – within a decaying neighborhood.  During … Continue reading

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