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There are some days when I feel full of energy and ready to leap tall buildings with a single bound and then I realize that I’m almost 77 and my cape has long since worn out.  It’s then that my … Continue reading

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At the beginning of February of this year, we undertook the task of creating theatre with young people.  The auditions produced sweet faces, high energy and excitement.  You could feel it in the air. These delightful little Thespians pushed forward, … Continue reading

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Well a week ago, I was trying to sneak in a quick post to indicate that I would be offline for a while, because I was running a 9 AM to 3:30 PM musical theater camp.  Needless to say, I … Continue reading

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ORIGINAL ART BY PAUL T. BOECHER© A mass of melting snow trickles gently over rocks and crevices, Weeping as the tears of God, Hemmoraging from each pore within the granite, Shards of glasslike ice – intertwining, mingling, coexisting, Fraternizing, socializing, coming … Continue reading

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