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Today we honor the veterans who have served their country and have ultimately made sacrifices because of it. Wars will continue to wage on this earth, because there is a need to be number one – to accumulate wealth – … Continue reading

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What is at the heart of a hero?  What does one do to become one?  Jesus talked about the greatest gift we can give to our fellow man.  That means we’re willing to help, protect and serve others without thinking … Continue reading

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  As we celebrate another Veterans Day, we take time to look up to those who have given a portion of their lives to serve their country.  We’ll hear inspiring words concerning their unselfish and heroic deeds.  Many of them … Continue reading

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In the beginning of our country’s existence, a rag tag army of farmers and tradesmen went up against the most powerful fighting force in the world and gained its freedom.  Throughout our history the cost of war has been well over a … Continue reading

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“Saving Private Ryan,” dealt with the invasion of Normandy and visually shared the fear and anticipation of war.  Young men huddled together, helmeted, bayonets fixed and a look of fear and terror written on their faces – sailing into certain … Continue reading

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The Veteran

He set out young and full of hope. His heart was filled with pride. He left the ones who loved him most. Said ,”I love you,” to his bride. He felt the sting of discipline. He ran until he fell. … Continue reading

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