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ORIGINAL ART & POETRY BY PAUL & KATHY BOECHER© Psalm 32:7  “You are a hiding place for me; you preserve me from trouble;  you surround me with shouts of deliverance.” Within the reeds and waving grasses, in a place that you can’t see, … Continue reading

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Yesterday Brandon Adams at https://brandonjadams.com, wrote a great post about mothers that prompted me to respond.  My motherhood journey was much like the one he spoke about in “To The Mother Who Second Guesses Herself.” It seems from the day … Continue reading

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ORIGINALLY POSTED ON ATIMETOSHARE.ME 3/28/14 Spring has sprung. Birds are again singing their little hearts out. The squirrels are very active and I’m reminded of a time about 40 years ago when one particular squirrel was raiding the bird feeder … Continue reading

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Original mural painted on wall of our Christian elementary and Middle School in Golden Valley, MN by Paul T. Boecher© Jesus told us, through His writer John, who he was.  He was sent to earth to fulfill a promise made … Continue reading

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He was there – before the formation of the world.  He fell from grace, but God allowed him to walk the earth.  He was there in the garden causing God’s first inhabitants to doubt and be deceived.  His end was predicted in … Continue reading

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A favorite story for generations is “The Wizard of Oz,” written by L. Frank Baum.  The story deals with  characters in search of something they already possess.  In a way our lives are much like this fanciful tale. We go … Continue reading

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Guilt can be defined as a feeling of remorse of something we have done intentionally or not.  It can also be a negative feeling that eats away at us, because we don’t see a way out.  We’ve all experienced it … Continue reading

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Guilt hangs on us like a heavy weight.  Sometimes it manifests itself in the way we live, think and relate to others.  Here’s an example – though not a serious offense, it crept into my dreams and convicted me. We had … Continue reading

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We seem to be living in an era where passing the buck is a common problem. When we’re late for an appointment, we blame traffic or a missed or a difficult spouse or child for holding us up.  When we … Continue reading

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I’m met by guilt on every day. It sweeps my peace of mind away. It starts with little things at dawn – why did I go and sleep so long? My socks don’t match – my hair’s a mess. Did … Continue reading

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