Six years ago, my costume wardrobe was huge. I still have a few boxes up in the attic of the garage, but for some reason, when I’m called upon to locate a costume or find one for myself, I come up empty.  This poem sort of reveals the dilemma of a retired theatre person.

Clothes for a pirate, a sword and hat too –
Some mermaids, a puppy, a high button shoe –
A cowboy, a jail bird, and Winnie the Pooh.
Hair of all sorts even red, orange and blue –
Moustaches and sideburns, there’s beards in there too.
The choices are many so what should I do?

I could dress up like Elvis or old Captain Hook,
I might even try something else from a book.
There’s Buffalo Bill, Twiddle Dum, Tweedle Dee,
White Rabbit, Mad Hatter – oh what shall I be?!
My mind is just spinning. I can’t get a grip.
It might be much better if I just took a trip.

Decisions – decisions! It’s hard to decide.
Batman or Robin – Dr. Jekyll or Hyde.
I’d be a great Scarecrow or Tin Man, it’s true.
A Cowardly Lion would be all right too.
Why is it so hard to make up my mind?
With all the great choices, there should be one find.

The reason is simple I’ll give you a clue.
All of the costumes begin at size two.
They don’t go beyond small, medium or large.
And I’m pretty close to the size of a barge.
I’m glad Halloween only comes once a year.
I have nothing to wear. Think I’ll go shed a tear.

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The backyard beckons me back home, the swing’s a welcome sight,

It sits amongst a flower bed, with pillows soft and bright,

The sound of crickets, frogs and birds, is constantly alive,

There is no need for empty words, the beauty will survive,

Heavenly stars like fractured glass, dance swiftly through the sky,

Each breath you take, each sound you hear, will never pass you by,

Perfume of magnolia flowers, captivate the senses,

When moonlight pours its golden glow, magic it dispenses,

A prolific sanctuary, where dreams take you away,

Where lightning bugs spread fairy dust, and you have time to play.

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As life goes forward, dwelling in the past gets further and further from our present-day reality. There is nothing we can do about what has happened prior to this time in our lives, except to learn from our mistakes and do our best to keep from repeating them. The beauty of living in the moment allows us to use that information, but to also look forward and see how change can be made and adjusted to what’s happening to us in the here and now. Our futures on this planet are dwindling. The sand in the hourglass of time is running out. Transitioning from one life chapter to the next is tough and if we haven’t got a plan, it might even seem impossible.

So, do we stop dreaming? Do we put things on hold because life is drawing to a close? Do we make the necessary changes to support our final years? Do we sit back and wait to die? I don’t believe this is God’s plan for us. No matter what age, no matter what our future holds, no matter what complications arise, we can be confident that God has already mapped out our lives for us. Because of that, we know that it will be good. Everything God does is for our good. He loves us with an unconditional love that we can’t begin to comprehend. Only He knows when we will draw our final breath. He’s in complete control. Isn’t that amazing and wonderful news? Every section of our lives – past, present and future – are in His hands.

“That which is, already has been; that which is to be, already has been; and God seeks what has been driven away.” Ecclesiastes 3:15 ESV

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Change is coming, you can feel the vibrations in your soul,

Sounds ravage across mountainous crevasses,



Echoing back and forth,

New sounds with each step,

Thunderous sounds of wings flapping,

Making their way to warmer places,

Animals busily searching for food,

Storing up for a long, hard winter,



Filling their bellies beyond capacity,

The shuffling of larger animals,

Crunching through fallen leaves,

Padding through moss covered ground,

Lifting and turning logs, exposing one sumptuous slug,

The skies remain brilliantly blue,

Until one cloud joins another and then another,

Exploding like fireworks,

Amidst a now darkened sky,

The evergreens stand as guardians of the forest,

The rugged landscape rising from behind, beckons sanctuary,

A rocky respite for those who can traverse her walls,

Change is coming,

Changing climate,

Changing habits,

Changing needs,

Changing theories,

Changing politics,

Changing world,

But God is in the heavens,

He changes not.

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Many of my fellow bloggers have such creative minds. They seem to be able to turn stories of reality int0 great comedy stories or routines. Like Mark and his Yegg’s mysteries or Mitch’s tales from his youth, which always stir a laugh or more. I have also been blessed to be able to turn some of the most discouraging events into something funny. For example, the senior group I collaborate with on radio episodes to present to other seniors in our community are often based on real life events. Eventually I may put some of my own experiences into book form, but it seems they keep coming faster than I can keep up with lately.

A week ago, Monday, my husband had his 9th urological surgery to hopefully repair a problem he’s been dealing with for this entire year. The surgery went well, until Friday when he was in excruciating pain. That’s not the funny part. He was again admitted to the ER and the hospital. That’s not the funny part either. He was going to be released on Sunday and called to let me know. When he called, he discovered that I had been up all night with extreme pain and nausea. That’s still not the funny part but wait. It’s coming. He then arranged to have my daughter come and get me to the ER. I had a number of kidney stones that were causing all the trouble. So, I was admitted to the hospital too. I know, it’s not even remotely funny for both of us to be in the hospital, but we were. His stay was extended, and I went in for surgery. Here’s the funny part – ready? We had talked about going to a nice hotel for our 58th wedding anniversary last month but spent it instead at the urologist’s office. Now we were spending the weekend, in a $10,000 a day luxury hotel – in separate rooms on two different floors.

My room was lovely. Prior to Covid, it was a pre-delivery room in the maternity ward. There I was in a room designed for birthing, giving birth to several kidney stones. (that’s another part of the funny stuff.) Our pastor stopped by to see me and asked if Paul and I were in for a two-fer. Since I have difficulty hearing there were the incessant questions – “What was that?” and “Sorry, I can’t hear you.” One nurses aid asked if I needed a toothbrush and I thought she was asking if I had a juice box.

My point is that we can dwell on the difficulties we face as we get older with discouraging hearts, or we can laugh in the face of them. I prefer the latter. We both arrived home on Tuesday and are glad to be here. We both slept well and even had a continuous dream. Paul dreamt he was in the backyard tracking raccoons while I was dreaming of a huge raccoon running through our yard. Either we are experiencing too much time together, or we are actually becoming one person.

There is more to come, but I’ll leave you with this much today. You’re not going to believe what happened next. My life with the man I married has been filled with ups and downs, but we have learned to laugh at our adversity. I think that’s what Robin Williams meant in the above quote. I also know that God loves a cheerful heart. Because of that, we continue to create funny stories. Reality really is much funnier than you see on TV.

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I’ve been absent for a while because of illness. Not just me, but the long, drawn-out issues my husband is struggling with. Through this time of our lives together, we still enjoy each other’s company and can laugh in spite of adversity. I wrote this poem a few years ago, but it truly explains the love we have for each other. I’m sure it isn’t much different than many others, but entering our 80th birthdays this year, we have many new challenges, which have brought us even closer together – as well as with our God.

We became one flesh, one life, one entity because of love,

That love came not from selfishness,

Not from personal desire,

Not from vanity,

But it was a pure love,





A result of our oneness,

Yet in spite of our individuality,

We were joined together,

The three of us,

You, me and God our Father,

We walked through dangerous paths,

We stepped into difficult situations,

We made mistakes,

We picked ourselves up,

The perfect union,

Which will last through our old age,

And into eternity.


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Miles and miles of timber,

Kissed tenderly by the early, morning sun,

The sound of rushing water from a stream nearby,

Smoothed by the caress of the dawn of a new day,





We often fall,

We sometimes fail,

We have no wings,

But we can fly,

We have no cage to hold us,

No bondage to deter,

But we can face the crashing falls,

Of each and every day,

We have no power to save ourselves,

But God provides the way,

He guides us to still waters,

Amidst the storms of life,

He holds us back when we rage,

When we can’t contain ourselves,

When no earthly power can,

He directs our paths,




Breathing new life into us,

So that our regenerated souls at last,

Lead us to Him.

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Ecclesiastes 2:11 “Yet when I surveyed all that my hands had done and what I had toiled to achieve, everything was meaningless, a chasing after the wind; nothing was gained under the sun.”

I find it interesting that time is supposed to move us ahead, but it really doesn’t. In reality, time just repeats itself and history sometimes returns to haunt us. It seems that we go in circles and continue to make the same mistakes our ancestors did. Aren’t we supposed to learn from our errors?

When we think about what we do to make our mark on the world, it really doesn’t amount to much. Whatever we accomplish here will not be remembered for long after we are gone. Even the very famous lose their notoriety once they enter the grave. One perfect person did leave His mark on the world though. Jesus’ accomplishments are still recognized and hopefully we will continue to pass on what He has done for generations to come. No matter how hard we work in this life, it is all meaningless without our savior.


We weave an intricate web of silken threads to create beautiful patterns,

Somehow those webs get tangled and their original intent turns ugly,

In our desire to construct the perfect life, we make sacrifices,

We struggle, we set a plan in motion,

But at every intersection,

We get trapped or,

We trap someone else,

The best laid plans of men are meaningless,

Unless we nurture and put God’s blueprint into action,

That doesn’t mean it will be flawless,

Because we are creatures of inherited sin,

Because we sometimes reach too high,

Put too much stock in our own endeavors,

Rely on our own intellect,

Think we know better,

The web of life will always have bumps and hiccups,

But if we place our faith in God,

A perfect life awaits,

A life that lasts forever.

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So much has changed over time – or has it? I think the generation gaps we hear about are more like stepping-stones to building future generations. In my lifetime alone, I’ve seen technology change tremendously. I grew up with one of the first television sets – a 7″ black and white screen placed in a huge piece of furniture called a console. Today, these modes of entertainment are now almost as big as a movie screen. Computers were in the very early stages when I was a kid. A smart phone was one you had to crank to get the operator’s attention. Now all we have to do is press a button and we’re instantly connected to each other. With all the changes over time, we often forget some of the basics to life.

I remember hearing stories about the good old days when I was a child. My grandmother would talk about riding a horse and buggy to town every Sunday for church and spending the rest of the day with relatives. There were no telephones, no washing machines, dishwashers, televisions or modern conveniences, but they were still good times. Now, as a grandmother myself, I look back at the days of my youth as the good old days. My family didn’t own a car until I was 17. We went everywhere on the streetcar or we walked. Family was still important, even though we didn’t see them every week. There were enormous family reunions at least once a year and I spent most of my summers with my grandparents on their farm.

We played in the dirt and didn’t use hand sanitizer. We drank out of the same drinking glass. We never wore seat belts. We saved our money until we had enough to buy something we really wanted. Women were treated with respect – not as competitors. We made our own toys out of old cardboard boxes. We hung sheets up in the backyard and put on plays for the neighbors as entertainment. I know there are a lot of things to be thankful for in this modern age, but there will never be anything like the “good old days.” Maybe the good old days are just the good memories we save from those times.

Each generation has something to offer the next. It has to do with things like teaching integrity, respect, communicating, working together. We can let them know they need to accept responsibility for their actions, help one another, build lasting relationships, rely on God to get them through any circumstance. All those things will help to build the future. If we dwell on the negative and forget about the gifts we’ve been blessed with over time, we will never be happy.

Time changes things, but the basics remain the same, as pointed out in Luke 1:50-53.

“His mercy is from age to age, to those who fear him. He has shown might with his arm, dispersed the arrogant of mind and heart.  He has thrown down the rulers from their throne but lifted up the lowly.
The hungry he has filled with good things; the rich he has sent away empty.”

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My maternal grandmother was the wife of a farmer – a woman with a true pioneer spirit. She often shared memories of her childhood in Montana, gathering buffalo chips to build a fire. When she grew older and married a farmer, she’d rise before the sun each day to knead and set bread for the crew of hungry men who worked in the fields. Then she would go outside, kill a chicken and prepare it for lunch.

Her hair was prematurely white, but she didn’t change it. She would braid it and twist it into a bun to keep it off her face. That radiant face was marked with wrinkles that made skin look like tanned leather, but through her beautiful blue eyes, the heart of true beauty came shining through.  One special thing about grandma was her spirit in adversity. She buried 5 of her 8 children and her husband before she finally succumbed to death herself at 76 years of age. She rarely complained, but I’m sure her prayers were filled with angst and sorrow at those times. In my eyes, she was a perfect role model.

I’ve fond memories of her singing with the ‘old time religion’ station, as she prepared the mid-day meal.  The dog added his own musical chords to accompany her. One of her favorite of the old hymns was “Silver and Gold.” I love those lyrics because they remind me of her, but also because the words carry much meaning in their simple message.

“Don’t give me a mansion on top of the hill. Don’t give me the world with a shallow thrill, but just give me a Savior. My life He can hold. I’d rather have Jesus than silver and gold.”

Thanks, Grandma for planting that truth in my heart.  My memories of you remain alive.  Perhaps I’ve turned you into a super-hero, but I think you deserve that status.  We all have our faults.  We all make mistakes as we age.  We learn from the past.  We struggle to make sense of world events, but because of the great love that God has for us, we are redeemed and promised a life eternal in paradise.

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When fall is in the air, all sorts of thoughts come to mind. The temperatures will soon be turning cold; winter is just around the corner. Leaves are changing color and need to be raked. Apples are ripe for picking and making into pies and apple crisp. We start cooking comfort food like stew, chili and soup. The hot days of summer are gone and days are shorter now.

I absolutely love this time of year, but the thought of six cold months ahead, is downright depressing. Seasons can be like the ages of our lives. In spring everything is full of promise. In the summer all is alive and thriving. In the fall we begin the aging process – we wither and dry up. In winter we die. Each year is a reminder that our time on earth is temporary, but our lives don’t end when we die. Death is just the beginning of the most wonderful season – eternal life.

Dear Lord, thank you for giving us this time of grace on this side of eternity, to grow in your truth and to do the work you want us to do. Thank you for the change of seasons and the beauty each one brings. Thank you for the days you have allotted to my husband and me as we travel through this world. I also pray for him as he is undergoing another surgical procedure today. May this be the one that will give him the help that he needs. I know his faith in you has never wavered. He is your good and faithful servant, and if it is your will, may he have many more years to serve you. Amen!

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The heat of summer crunches under fallen shards,

Remnants of that which once was full of life,

Giving way to gorgeous color everywhere,

God’s paintbrush embraces the trees,

Scrumbling brilliant hues throughout the landscape,

Purveying jewels to adorn the countryside,

Filling the sky with burnt orange, crimson and golden clouds,

Autumn reminds us of our earthly journey,

Soon we’ll be blanketed with white,

Entwined in ice,

Struggling to keep our balance,

Watching icicles form,

But for now,


The brocaded tapestry of a coat of many colors,

Created by the One True God.

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Everyone has a story. Maybe more than one. In fact, most of us are a complex bibliography of a huge assortment of stories. There are those events in your life that make up the memories of the past. Memories – good or bad – become stored in our brains for future reference. If you are a writer, you know how important memories are. Maybe your story has to do with a bad memory. Did that memory define who your are today? Most psychologists would agree that it does. We also have access to current events that affect our story. Is it politics, war, modern history repeating itself? Maybe the economy is in the process of defining you. Perhaps your story isn’t concerned with such things.

You may be in search of the “American Dream,” which seems to have become a nightmare of sorts. Our story can also be attributed to our dreams. I happen to have some of the most vivid ones – in technicolor, with just the right lighting and costumes. It’s a secret place where the devil likes to infect my brain from time to time – often causing me to wake in a cold sweat.

Your story may be completely different than the one you present to others – a masquerade of sorts – for the benefit of the audience. I suppose many would say that of me or any other performer, who puts their story on a stage for all the world to see. Are you telling the true story of who you are when you relate to others? You might be afraid to reveal the truth of your journey, because you would be judged in a bad way. Is your story a do-over? Have you changed its course over time? Are you willing to share the darkest secrets of your life with everyone, or do you prefer to have them think only the best of you? Sometimes our story can benefit someone who is going through a rough patch. It might allow them to feel comfort that they aren’t the only one suffering in such a manner.

When our life story is laid out before our Creator, what does He see? He knows everything about us – all our inmost thoughts and deeds. He is aware of our weaknesses. He has laid down a strict set of rules for us to remain obedient to Him. Are we? We know the wages of sin is death and yet there is nothing we can do about that outcome. The only answer comes through our story with our Savior, Jesus. He made it possible for us to appear whiter than new fallen snow, before our Maker. That’s the best story ever – and it’s the truth!

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Cool, refreshing waters wash up on an empty, tranquil beach,

The final days of summer have washed over us and we are spent,

Our days pass so quickly as we grow old – or not at all,

Time escapes and ends up somewhere in infinity,

Still there is hope,

For those in their final years,

For the broken,

The crushed,

The weary,

The lonely,

There is a fresh beginning right around the corner,

New start,

New hopes,

New goals to reach,

New people to meet

New adventures to make,

New life,

Live it.

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This year has been filled with surprise after surprise. I believe 2022 will go down in history as one we’d love to forget. This morning the sky opened up and gently expelled flakes of white upon an already colorful blanket of reds and oranges. Another surprise. We always seem stunned to see the first snow of the season, but we shouldn’t be. Snow is a mainstay in Minnesota. In a way those giant flakes of white could be construed as manna from heaven, being poured down on a weary world. It is like a washing away of all the ugliness that has transpired for the past ten months or even longer. As it actually begins to stick to the ground, I’m wondering if this is yet another sign of the state of our world right now. God has been speaking to us and we seem not to hear Him.

Maybe shaking the crystal snowball will get our attention. Remember how as children we were fascinated as fake snow flew through the confines of an orb, and dusted everything with a coating of white? Somehow that same feeling is closing in on me right now as I look out my window and watch giant flakes of cleansing snow, caress the landscape. Perhaps it’s just an omen of what is to come. Maybe, as the Farmer’s Almanac indicates, we’re in for a long, long winter. Whatever the case, there is nothing like the first snowfall of the year.

As I sit here viewing this glorious first look at winter, I can’t help but be hopeful. God is still in His sanctuary. We have His protection, no matter what comes our way. He has washed us clean of all the bigotry, hatred, bias, racism, fear, depression that comes from a long time in the wilderness. He is still in control, whether we believe that or not. Nothing will get in His way, except our inability to believe that He exists.

Moon beams sift through pines on new fallen snow,

Light sufficient to find the way back home,

Heavy load weighs on icy roads below,

Weight of the world upon that glistening dome.

The tree of life stands firmly in its place,

It will not move in any time or space,

For God so loved this world He would not spare,

The One who came to us – His love to share,

To melt the ice of frozen hearts in sin,

Refreshed and washed as white as snow by Him.


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Ascending through a crimson sky, brilliant glory blazes,

Morning’s light so swiftly passes, into heavenly gazes,

Sunshine cuts through frosty woods, a peace in the afterglow

Shorter days and longer night times, remind us of coming snow

The glory and the splendor of that early morning light,

Defines the way we feel just then and carries us to night,

Shadows fall and daylight ends, the sunset soon disappears,

And wait we must for sleep will come; it has for many years,

And if we wake at morning light, or if our life is ended,

We’ll possess October skies to heav’n we’ve been transcended.

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Wednesday around here, usually means it’s time for garage sales. We’re getting to the end of the season for that sadly. I love looking at other people’s trash and trying to imagine how to use it in and among my own trash. Like I said, the season is about to end with the onset of colder months. No one likes trudging through the snow to visit a garage sale. The fact that I often look for signs leading to them, brings me to another form of advertising that appears on people’s lawns and street corners. The political advertising season is heavily crowding out the yard sale signs and making them impossible to see. Like most of my friends, we are all sick of this massive advertising campaign, aimed at getting votes. I would imagine that millions or more dollars are being spent on these few months before an election to brainwash with pictures and names of various candidates. Wouldn’t it mean more to use that very same money to do some good for the community these people are running to rule over?

I firmly believe that everyone should be limited to how much they spend on posting their faces all over the place. This form of brainwashing should not be tolerated. Not only is it a waste of money, but it’s hiding the yard sale signs – making people really mad – irritating everyone who sees them – really not accomplishing what they set out to do. When we get this close to an election, you can’t take a walk around the block without being greeted by a Republican or Democrat candidate. They are plastered on lawns, billboards, the screens of our televisions and the media often takes a stand on one or the other. Because we are a free nation, we’re allowed to do these things, however, it seems to me that it’s just a form of agitation, which our country doesn’t need right now.

If you have any common sense, you’ll do your homework before going to vote. Find out what the candidates have accomplished so far and if they have the gumption to carry through on their promises. You can bet that most of them will forget what they promised the minute they’re elected. So, I propose that all the money used for political advertising is placed in a special account to be used for things like homelessness, medical care for the aged, help for those who can’t take care of themselves – I think they call it charity. Maybe we’d be looking at a whole new world.

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Photo taken by me on one of our mini-road trips last week.

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. Not only are our eyes exposed to a feast of brilliant colors, but the sounds change too. We hear geese migrating in search of warmer climates and honking all the way. There are more birds at the feeder lately too. Squirrels are busy gathering sustenance for the coming winter months. How majestic is our God. He has His eye on His entire creation, every second of every day. He charts the paths for the birds to fly. He leads the critters to food sources that will keep them alive. He hears our prayers – every single one of them – and answers them with our best interests in mind.

We live in a small town, just north of Minneapolis. We’re close to all that we need to keep us going every day, but we are also able to escape the city within just a few miles outside our backyard. We generally get in our car at least once a week and travel through wooded areas – visit parks surrounding two large rivers that feed them and enjoy all that God has to offer. These little trips are a way for us to refresh and regroup and get closer to our Creator. The trips are short, but enough for us to enjoy the changing seasons and escape the city sounds, smells, sights, feelings and tastes. It is a sort of respite from all the chaos that is going on right now in our neighborhood. You see, our home sits very close to a major highway which is currently under construction. Even though we live in a small town, there is crime around us. There is danger everywhere, but God has placed His protection around us too. He has given us opportunities to venture to other places and enjoy His handiwork.

If you want to enliven your senses, get out in nature. Especially right now when the colors are amazing. The metamorphous of life is taking place. Survival of the fittest is in the works. There is so much to enjoy right now. God’s paintbrush has been working overtime.

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