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The image I selected for this post is somewhat tongue in cheek.  I really believe that walking in another person’s shoes will enlighten you.  It will show you that you can do something you didn’t think you could do and it might even change your mind about what you originally thought.

This post was originally written on this day in 2012, but it still rings true, considering I recently stepped out of my writer shoes into my performance shoes.  In honor of throw back Thursday.  Here goes:

When I’m teaching drama classes, it’s hard for me to sit still. I like to become actively involved with my students. It might be the actor in me, but I often find it easier to show by example. That’s why I still like to perform in a show once in a while.

As a director, it’s easy to see where young performers should be in the scheme of things and how they should deliver their lines or what their motivation should be; but to be a really good director, it seems to me that you should work on the opposite side of the stage once in a while to see what the actor actually goes through.

The same thing is true for an actor. When you’re performing, you don’t always see what you look like and even if you think you’re doing well, without someone to guide you, your performance could easily fall flat.

In life it’s the same thing. We need someone to direct us through it, even though we think we’ve got it all figured out. It’s especially nice when you have someone who has lived it and knows what you’re going through – a teacher who shows by example.

In my case, I still flub things up and don’t get it right; but Jesus has lived the perfect life – without sin. He has experienced every emotion I have. He corrects and directs me with His Father’s law and the supreme example of forgiveness He showed while living here on earth. Praise our holy God for having the wisdom and love to share His only Son with us.

Through Him, we not only have forgiveness of sins, but everlasting life and a handbook for this one.

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Have you ever experience total darkness?  It gives you a feeling of helplessness, knowledge of what it’s like to be blind and relying on others completely.  I usually like to sleep with a light on in a hallway or another room for those various reasons.

When I was teaching drama, we’d often take a “blind walk” through the environment.  The kids would close their eyes tightly, but some couldn’t resist peeking.  They felt so much more secure when they could see what was going on.  The point of the exercise is to get individuals to use their other senses when one isn’t available to them.  By touching, smelling, listening and even taste testing something we can envision our environment.

As we walked from building to outdoors, they would touch the cement sidewalk, the bricked path, through fragrant gardens, listening to the sounds of the space.  When we rely on our sight alone, it’s difficult to act in faith.  Were always looking for answers – ones that suit our needs.  Maybe faith should be considered one of our senses.  We need it to believe that which is unseen and often unknown.

Are you walking in faith or by sight?

Walking by faith is another gift from God through the Holy Spirit, who first entered us through the act of baptism.  Faith is a belief in something you can’t see, hear, feel, taste or smell.  So in effect everything about our salvation is a reflection of God working in and through us.  Even though we can’t physically see Him, by faith, we know He exists and is walking beside us through our journey.

Faith, like trust, is a word which describes complete reliance on someone or something, to get us through the turmoil of this world and set us down in heaven some day.  Take a blind walk someday, or simply close your eyes and use your other senses to determine where you are.  We have an advantage through faith, because God loved the world so much, He sent His Son to die for our darkness and sin – to bear our punishment – our pain – our separation from God.  Through faith, we have the confidence that we are never alone – even when we feel like our world is closing in on us.

God opens our eyes when we dig deeply into His Word.  He strengthens us through His Holy Spirit, who inspired the words within that Bible. He is a loving Father who wants all His children to enjoy paradise.  Through the only Son of God, Jesus, we have been made holy in God’s sight.



“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Are you ready to reveal yourself to God?

Do you know what that means?

Have you given thought to the future, beyond death?

Where do you think you will spend eternity?

Does it all end when we die?

Is all that we’ve learned about eternal life just a fantasy created to keep us in line?

When you have faith that Jesus died to pay the ransom for our freedom from sin and guilt, we can answer these questions boldly.  God expects perfection for those who enter heaven.  None of us is perfect.  We need a rescuer.  God provided the way out for those who return to Him.  Through the sacrifice of His own Son, we’ve been made clean in God’s eyes.  When we die, we will see the face of God, not by what we’ve done, but what He’s done.

It takes a childlike faith to believe this.  We cannot be influenced by rational or scientific thought, even though it includes both those things. There were and are those who’ve rejected everything about God and His plan of salvation for all.  Because God created each person with a free will, we have a choice in the matter.  If we trust and believe in God, His Word and the power of His Spirit and the One who shed blood for us, it’s a done deal.  If we don’t, the blackness of our souls will convict us to an eternity in hell, with the devil and all his miserable minions.  Sounds like a no brainer to me.

When God comes again to judge the world, what will your close up reveal about you?

Will He determine your destiny by the works you have done for others?

Will He see how generous you were in your giving?

Will He declare you entrance into heaven, because your faith or because of His love for you?

Will He throw you into the eternal pit of Satan’s domain?

God wants all of us to repent of our sins and accept the gift He’s given us.  He gives us eternal life, not by what we do, but by what has already been done for us, through Jesus.  God created the world and all that is in it.  He formed man out of the earth and woman out of man.  He placed them in a perfect environment where there was no fear, no shame, no guilt, no hate, no evil, no tears and no death.

What kind of love is it when the One who made you, gives up His own flesh and blood to redeem you and gives you the assurance of eternal life?

I call it unconditional.

I call it the best kind of love – perfect, sacrificial, putting others first.

His love is incomprehensible because only He possesses it.

His love is unending. It will endure forever.

His love saves us.

His love reminds us of how much we are loved.

His love is an example of how we should love.

Are you ready?

I am!




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I woke up this morning, two hours later than usual.  My dog is finally getting acclimated to the time change and I praise God for that.  I went to bed, wondering about the mid-term election.  What would the results be and how would I be affected by the outcome.  There were the “experts” with their gloom and doom predictions.  There were those who claimed the election was not for the candidates on the ballot, but for the current administration.  Big shots showed up to endorse the candidates of their choice prior to election day.  We were inundated with hateful advertising.  The president, ex-president and many more, took to the soap boxes defending and making promises for change.

I woke up this morning and there was snow on the ground.  It’s not too early for snow in my neck of the woods, but it was a pleasant surprise.  All the grunge underneath that snow will now turn to mulch and fertilizer for the next growing season.  The circle of life continues as it has for the last 76 years of my life.  There have been changes to the way we communicate, how we shop, the way we concentrate on our own needs rather than those of others, the way we live.  However patriotism remains in our land.  We have the ability to cast a ballot and be proud of it – hope that promises will be kept – and that our country will still maintain its checks and balances.

I woke up this morning thinking what’s the difference who wins an election?  I wondered why so much money as spent on ads that everyone hated.  I wondered if that money couldn’t have been better spent on solving some the problems with homelessness, care of our veterans, the safety of our children.  There really should be a cap on what people spend to buy their political office.

I woke up this morning – alive – having a good night’s rest – unconcerned about shoveling snow which will melt by afternoon – and unaffected by the noise of politics.  It’s over, but it will return again.  Maybe by then, I’ll be singing with the angels and anger won’t be a part of my vocabulary anymore.

I woke up this morning and so did you.  Each citizen of the United States must now go forward instead of taking any steps back.  The balance of power remains.  If we voted for the candidate of our choice and they did not win, we accept that with grace and move on.  If our candidate did win, we should be glad, but not prideful.  The anger that has overtaken many of our people today has put everyone in a bad mood.  Its really time to start working together again.  We are, after all, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

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White was my favorite color when I was just a child,

It made me think of purity, of peace and love gone wild,

The colors of the rainbow are included in white’s glow,

Shades of blue, green, yellow and red, deposited in the snow,

A blanket of white is on the ground at early morning’s rise,

The sun yet has not arisen,  so we still close our eyes,

And when we wake to open them, we’re in for a surprise,

Whiteness of snow is everywhere, what a perfect disguise,

It covers all the dung of life, it cleans up everything,

The snow is like the purity that God alone can bring,

He washes us in His own blood, He makes us white as snow,

So we can stand before His throne, and into heaven go,

The temperatures are falling now,  soon winter will be here,

We’ll remove snow from car windows, we’ll don our winter gear,

Another six months await us, to face another storm,

The thought of going out the door, gives way to staying warm,

We huddle beneath our blankets, put on a pair of socks,

Climb back into our winter beds,  aware that winter rocks,

Especially when you’re retired, and you don’t have to work,

The dreams of staying warm instead, is just another perk.





I need to start appreciating the color white. It looks like we’re going to be seeing a lot of it this winter. Fresh, white snow is falling again. It has washed away all the ugliness from the backyard – all those yellow patches. It has covered the remainder of leaves that fell after the last snowfall. It glistens like a field of diamonds.  Its a good reminder of how God has washed us clean from our sins and made us perfect in His sight.

Thank you, God for WHITE!



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Work in Progress

Miriam Queensen writes in detail about her learning art from Paul Boecher who is her instructor at Rum River Art Center. I am proud of my husband’s technique for teaching. It takes time to create a masterpiece. He allows his students to loosen up and enjoy the ride. I’m anxious to see the finished product of Miriam’s painting and love her journaling of the process.

Miriam Queensen

For my acrylic painting class at Rum River Art Center, we’re creating a painting over several sessions, from the beginnings of a color tint/background to the final stage, where we’ll add details to complete the painting. Most of us chose larger canvases than our paintings from the first classes that I wrote about last time; mine is 18″ x 20″.

When I told my father about the painting class, he said he didn’t think he’d have the patience. I think that’s true of most of us — we expect instant gratification in so many areas of our lives (we want immediate responses to texts, instant information at our fingertips, and popcorn takes only 2.5 minutes to make). While working on our paintings, we want them to “look like something,” or be instantly beautiful.

It doesn’t help, perhaps, that our very experienced instructor, Paul Boecher, can conjure a painting…

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First of all, I am 76 years old and I admit that growing up isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. I believe the whole process is overrated.  When we’re five we can’t wait to be ten.  When we’re ten we want to be 21.  When we’re 21 we want to be 50. When we’re in our seventies we begin to dream of being five again.  Even as we grow old, we can continue to dream about what we will finally be when we grow up.

For example, most of us have experienced a lot of different things through our journey.  Some have been exciting, while others have been mind bending and heart breaking.  When I was in high school, the doors were beginning to open for women in the workplace.  No longer were we restricted to nursing, secretarial work, housekeeping or stay at home mom. I wanted to be a brain surgeon.  The fact that I wasn’t proficient in math and science kept that from happening.

As I got closer to making a decision about university vs. technical college, the cost of university was the deciding factor.  I studied shorthand and other business skills, including my passion for writing.  There was an educational television station connected to the school.  I wrote copy for programming which in turn set my mind spinning on writing for a living.  Some college classes in creative writing and journalism were added to my evenings, keeping thoughts of new occupations alive.

In my life I’ve been a stenographer (who couldn’t read her own shorthand,) a loan processor, an office manager, a temp in a number of jobs.  I became a wife, a mother, a housekeeper, diaper changer, business manager and chief cook and bottle washer  I’ve been a waitress, a drama coach, a dialect coach, a playwright, a puppet maker, costumer, director, actor, teacher and helped my husband as he started new business ventures.

In my latter years, I’ve gone back to doing the things I love.  My writing has become a passion as I continue writing this blog.  I’ve been in the process of writing a novel for some time.  I’ve written a couple of screen plays.  I have difficulty with rejection, so most of what I’ve written has never been published.

No matter where life takes us, if we just sit and watch it go by, we will soon lose our zest for living.  I’ve seen many of my friends grow old physically when the retire.  For me it’s an opportunity to keep doing what I love to do.  I’ve taken to writing poetry.  I still like to direct.  I’ve recently returned to the stage.  I keep on keeping on.

So what do I want to be when I grow up?  First, I hope I never do grow up.  I hope I will continue to learn more about God and His direction for my life.  I’ve given serious thought to becoming a stand up comic.  My only issue is that I’d have to sit down to do it.

Whatever you do with your life, be sure to learn from all of it.  We have but a short time to make a mark on this world.  It doesn’t have to occupy half of the planet. Just a small mark will do.  On the way, be sure to tell others about the love available to them from Jesus.  He has a perfect plan for our lives today and in the future – even after we die.


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8f3f7efcd1d65eceb1e8614049d6818b--meaningful-sayings-things-happenMy husband and I developed a habit since retiring.  We like to take one afternoon to drive into the country and enjoy the view.  Our dog also precisely when it’s time for the adventure to begin, since he comes along.

Last week, we were searching for a specific destination, so I got out my phone and referred to my map app to guide us.  I always seem to have difficulty getting into the right spot in the app and voiced my displeasure by saying, “It’s so hard to navigate this site.”  I returned the device to my purse and suddenly heard a voice reply, I’m sorry.  Things like this happen all the time.”

Both of us chuckled as we realized my phone was having compassion for me.  Now with all the other electronic devices available to us, we could easily develop a friendship with each one of them.  We’re already on a first name basis with Alexa and Siri, right.  However who knows what might happen if either of them malfunctioned.

The Creator of the universe is available to us every minute of time, but have we grown to expect an instant answer from God? We don’t have to plug anything in to recharge it. We can be involved in a conversation immediately with God.  All we need to do is begin the talk.

Things do happen to us all the time.  We may find ourselves frustrated with our work place – within our relationships – in our worship – regarding our health or financial status. God never promised that our walk on this earth would be easy. In fact, He tells us in His Holy Word, that there will be trials, disappointments, loss, fear, anxiety and all the other negatives that face us as human beings.  We are not exempt just because we follow Christ.  In fact we may experience more of those things because of it.

God can console us in times of trouble.  An electronic device can distract us for a while, but the problem remains when the power runs out.  He never runs out of power, but we do.  We need to get recharged through His Word, the Bible.  Within those pages we will discover comfort, compassion, hope, freedom and promises that have been kept.  God won’t physically speak to us, like that little device  does, but His voice is evident throughout the Bible.

The bumps in the road and the hiccups of life will be with us until we die.  While we live, God promises a way for us to overcome those interruptions.  When we die, we’re assured of a life as it was intended to be.  Because of His great love, we will never die.

We can truly take on an attitude of positivity even when our path is difficult.  Things happen, but God is in control.  Have faith.


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Each morning is like a new beginning,

A fresh start,

A clean slate,

We begin with optimistic eyes pointed at the early glow of a rising sun,

As moments progress, the light overtakes the day and,

Burns off the remnants of morning mist,

Though the sun is less intense,

In summer it can become burdensome and overbearing,

The heat,

The air,

The weight  is almost too much,

By dusk, we welcome the relief,

We breathe in fresher air,

We rest in the shade,

Soon the seasons turn, too soon,

Each one passes with more intensity than the last,

Now we enter the longest one,

Where hibernation becomes inviting,

Hiding away from everything for six months or so,

We become numb to the events of the past hours and minutes,

Once more to be greeted by anther morning of promise,

Do we hope in it or give up before it dawns?

The mist returns and clouds our thoughts,

Yet it is beautiful in its forboding,

What will the new day bring?



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When you only have two children knock on your door for Halloween treats, you’re bound to have leftovers.  So here I am, with snacks for 40 kids.  As I was thinking about that, while walking through the aisles of Walmart, an older woman asked, “Where has all the Halloween candy gone?”  If I had brought my treats along with me, I would gladly have given them to her, but such was not the case.

The shelves were filled with Christmas candy at that point, and my weird mind conjured up images of thousands of tiny elves taking the candy out of its Halloween costumes and dressing them in Christmas outfits.  It always amazes me how quickly our retail stores are at least one jump ahead when it comes to holidays.  We haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving yet.

As I thought about this question, my enquiring mind went into overdrive and did a little research on what happens to trick or treat treats that no one wants.  There are a number of dentists who will take the candy in exchange for toothbrushes, toothpaste and other oral hygiene products.  There are organizations which send unused candy to deployed military. Some of it goes to veterans and the homeless.  Some stores will buy the candy back.  Again, these must be the ones who employ little elves to rewrap and remarket those tasty morsels.  At least they aren’t going to waste or in my case – waist..

As I recall, I uttered my thoughts about the elves to the woman who asked the question.  She looked at me, with a puzzled expression on her face and walked gingerly on her way.  I bet she’s got visions running through her head now too.

I’m happy to know that the abundance of leftovers are being put to good use.  I wish someone would help me clean out my refrigerator.  The things I put away, because there was too much, have turned into mini-science projects.

We are a throw away society I guess.  Everything is made to be used and disposed of at the same time.  Can you imagine all the usable items that fill our junkyards?  I personally don’t want to check it out, but I’m sure we throw away more things than we should.

So what’s my point?  I still see those little elves.  I don’t really have a point.  I fear I may be going crazy.  Happy Hallogivingmas and to all a good night or good morning.  I still haven’t adjusted to the time change.


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 “Again I saw that under the sun the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, nor bread to the wise, nor riches to the intelligent, nor favor to those with knowledge, but time and chance happen to them all.”  Ecclesiastes 9:11

I often wonder what it would be like to turn back the hands on a clock and reverse our lives at a fast speed, so we could pick out the times we gave up on something right before a major break through was about to happen. Inventors kept on going until they found a solution for the problems of mankind. Physicians and other scientists keep pressing on to discover ways to extend life.  Authors spend years trying to create the one manuscript which might take a huge literary award some day. An artist spends great chunks of time to create a masterpiece and  with just one more brush stroke, it would be finished.

The point I’m trying to make here, is that we often miss the mark in life.  We press on and run the race, according to Saint Paul, but somewhere in the mix, we get discouraged and give up. If we had only put in one more hour, day, week, month or year until we came to the perfect end.

The trouble is, we’re all subject to stopping right at the cusp of a new discovery.  We don’t always push through the muck of life and keep pressing on.  We lack the courage, strength, patience, fortitude,, chutzpah, or financial backing necessary.  Without those things, we pull back and feel there is no ending to the story you’re pursuing.  That is, unless you have the greatest partner working right beside.

Through trials and persecution, through could-have-beens and should’ve-beens., we might think the tests in life are telling us to change direction.  We may be right to trust our own instincts, but to believe that we can make it through this life by ourselves, is a terrible way to think and live.  Trusting in God takes courage, but once you turn your life completely over to him, you are bound for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual freedom.

Putting our trust in His direction is not easy.  It requires the faith of a child, the faith of an old woman giving her final penny to thank God for His blessings to come.  Faith comes from believing in the truth of God’s Word and following through.  We shall never walk alone.  We’ll win every time if we depend on God’s mercy and direction.

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His hands are open to the world.  He reaches out to heal,

He touches and His will is done.  He knows just how we feel,

He took on human flesh to be the perfect sacrifice,

The pure and spotless Lamb of God would pay the needed price,

We walk with Him in confidence.  We know He’s always there,

To wipe away our sadness and tend to every care,

So reach out to the Savior, the sinless. Son of God,

Prepare your hearts to meet Him as on this earth we trod,

And when our final hour has come and new life takes its place,

We know He’ll be there waiting to meet us face to face.


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Here we are again, back to normal time – whatever normal means.  The thought of getting an extra hour of sleep used to appeal to me, however our dog never got the memo.  He’s used to getting up between 4:30 and 6 AM.  That means he would be now getting up between 3:30 and 5 PM.  I have become an early riser over the years, and my hours of awake time usually run out by 9 PM, so now I’ll be ready for bed 9 PM but it will actually be 8 PM.

Will I be tired at 8 PM.  I suppose it all balances out over time, but this twice a year changing of the clock seems so senseless to me.  They’ve begun stretching the time a little each year.  At this rate, we might be on actual time in 2042 or so, which would make me a hundred and I don’t think I want to wait that long.

Will I get hungry at the same times I have become accustomed to? Since I am almost always hungry, it won’t make much difference, but my body may have another opinion.  Will I arrive early to church?  Well, we’re usually the first ones there, so that shouldn’t be a problem.  We may just have to wait for an hour until someone arrives to unlock the door.

I guess the early thinking on this subject was designed for those in agriculture.  With days stretching out to longer time periods of daylight, they would make use of the extra hour to sow, harvest and reap.  Now most of them get up with the cows, which will be an hour earlier.  The cows can’t change their time to be milked, but farmers will need to get up earlier to take care of that chore.

Have we become slaves to time?  Maybe so.  Maybe this is just another government attempt to keep us focused on the mid term election.  Like we really need to watch another political ad, right?

Well here it is, 7:30 AM and the sun has apparently risen, but it’s no where to be seen, since it’s shrouded in clouds and a faint hint of moisture in the air – perhaps some of those clouds hold snow.  Well that’s a whole other post.

So we will complain about the change of time for the second time this year. We will take at least a week of getting used to.  Our minds tell us one thing, but the clock on the wall holds a completely different story.  We will scoff at the first person who came up with this antiquated idea.  We will accept it and live with it.  Something like sheep staying with the herd.  Baaaaaa!





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Your Word, Lord, is perfect. Its teachings are true,
By faith we accept it, not by what we do,
Your words can give strength to our weak minds each day,
Our path is made straight by the things that you say,
You reach out your hand and you touch me with love,
I long for the day when I see you above.

God’s Word is all we need to see the only way to Him,

It’s written by the pen of men but God’s love stirs within,

Inside the pages worn and marked, truth lays in every word,

God never lies. His Word is truth, penned by the men He inspired.

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When we think about going to church, our first impression usually has to do with the façade. What does it look like to the worshipper? Is it inviting as a place to spend time with God and fellowship with others like you? Is it equipped with all the technological equipment to reach those who are homebound – or tuned into the internet for immediate Bible references? Is it a place that is well maintained? Is it a place of refuge for those who feel lost? Is it a sanctuary for those who have strayed from God and His Word? Is it beautiful in design – its outward trappings – its glorious art work?

When we make a decision on which church to attend, are we looking at the outward appearance of the building? Are we putting our reliance on things that will make our worship more meaningful to us? Are we looking at the friendship of the people and the acceptance shown towards all? Are we, once we become active in that church, subject to all the behind the scenes skirmishes and petty arguments that really have nothing to do with worship.

The church is not about a building. It’s not there to make us feel better about ourselves. It’s not always a cohesive body. Many of the members of the body are subject to making wrong choices, finding fault in others, judging and forgetting the One who rules over that body.

Certainly a church must follow a set of rules. They have a constitution, by-laws and a number of leaders of committees to care for the church from an administrative standpoint. Still, even an organized body like the church is not immune to making human mistakes. We’re all sinners in God’s eyes. Had it not been for Jesus, our sins would continue to plague us and cause us to fall into hopelessness.

When you get down to the nuts and bolts of a church, there will always be a difference in opinion on the maintenance and future growth of the structure. There will be arguments on what to physically fix first. Many feel they aren’t being heard and become frustrated. Many get tired of fighting these minor battles and walk away rather than getting to the core of the matter.

God is not impressed with outward appearances. We can spend millions on places of worship, but to Him it makes no difference. “Wherever two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them.” This gathering place is a temple to give thanks, praise, sing, hear Gods Word and bring our petitions to Him. We don’t need to make an impression on God. We certainly shouldn’t try to make an impression on those we wish to attend our church. The Bible and its truth are sufficient.

God’s Word is our great heritage – a gift from our Creator. We each have something to bring to the body of the church. Everyone has a unique purpose to the advancement of His truth. If the church is focusing too much on its image, it has begun to cover up its core teachings. No amount of adornment is going to bring us closer to God.

It’s not all about us. The church is all about God and His plan for each individual member. When we mask the truth of the Bible with outward appearances, we’re opening the door to Satan and his minions. He will attack from the inside out. Our assurance is that Jesus already conquered death and sin, and we will inherit God’s kingdom in eternity free from all sin.


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Howling, whistling, streaming through a patch of aging trees,

The wind surprises and upsets and strips them of their leaves,

One day a lush green canopy, another turned to gold,

Soon withered, dry and sapped of life, they waiver in the cold,

The signs of life are all but gone, the snow will soon be here,

The days grow short, the sun subsides, but still we do not fear ,

Beneath that cloak of white shall rise, new life again in spring,

Like we shall someday rise again. when new life God does bring.

We all are swept by winds of time, our days are very short,

We live, we dream, we try, we fail, the problems we can’t sort,

We’re push and tossed and crushed at times it seems,

But in our every trial, the blood of Christ redeems,

Our sins have been forgiven, our life is guaranteed,

God promises us His Kingdom if only we believe.

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What is a team without a leader?  How does a corporation thrive without someone to guide it?  What happens when everyone thinks they know better than the boss or there are too many cooks in the kitchen? Usually the result is chaos.

When Paul spoke to young Christians, he referred to being part of a body – each one having some talent or specific use to assist in the operation of it – and this can be applied not only to the church itself, but to our lives.

When we lose the use of part of our body it is not only difficult, but we have to compensate for that loss somehow.   God always provides a way for us to go on.  In the Christ’s body, we are all united to serve each other with Christ at the head of all of us.

That shouldn’t make us feel useless, but reassure us that we have the Creator of the universe in control of everything we do.  Not only that, we have each others’ backs when we need help in life.  God doesn’t need our help, but isn’t it cool to know that He gives us jobs to do in and for His kingdom?

We are all important in the scheme of things.  Without us, the body of the church will go on, but it will suffer some.  We must be on guard to keep it intact – to nurture each other in faith and love – to serve the head or the brains of the outfit, Jesus, Christ, putting Him first in all that we do.

What a privilege and honor to be a necessary part of the body of Christ.


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