Where is that simple, quiet place, that you’ve been longing for,

Is it within your own backyard or at your own front door,

It can be the peaceful beauty, we hold within our hand,

Raging glory of a garden, flowers blooming so grand,

The birds are nestled in the trees, they sing a perfect song,

The waters of a passing brook, will join and sing along,

The buzzing of a bumble bee, while touching each ripe bloom,

Or maybe it’s inside your thoughts, within a quiet room,

The tranquil place that we desire, will differ for us all,

It may be wrapped in solitude, or in a noisy hall,

It’s what we choose to make of it, that sets it far apart,

From things that taunt and eat at us, and tear our very heart,

Peace comes when we allow it to, and turn to God alone,

He takes our troubles far from us, and does it on His own,

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As time rages on and the end of lfe draws closer, we often have to rely on our memories to get us through each day. At this point in the journey, it becomes harder to recall some of those most precious times. However, they do remain. They just lie dormant for a whle until we bring them to life agan. As the memories dim, a part of us also dies. That’s why it’s a good idea to write them down for future reference. Keepng a journal or diary might sound old fashioned, but it can be helpful for any age.

Someone once said that life brings tears, smiles and memories.  The tears dry, the smiles fade, but the memories last forever. I happen to have a selective memory.  It’s a good defense mechanism for me to forget about some of the not-so-good times in my life.  The problem is some of the tiniest treasures can be erased right along with those difficult ones.

Some people are fortunate to have great memories. My oldest daughter is one of them. If I’ve forgotten something that occurred during her lifetime, I can count on her to recall every detail. She reminded me of an event when she was no more than six years old. It was a difficult time in our family. We’d just purchased our first home, which was indeed a money pit. There were medical bills, no insurance, loss of a job and pursut of a new one. My husband took a second job as a security guard at night, so that he could supplement our income. This was a time when women didn’t often work outsde the home. (How archaic!) When he arrived home from work, the chldren would already be tucked in heir beds, My daughter remembered how he would come in to kiss them as they slept and tuck a piece of gum under their pillows.

That simple memory turned into a tiny treasure which I will hold dearly from now on.   It reminded me of the hard times we were going through, but it also brought to mind the love my husband has for our children and how he deeply regretted having to be apart from them in order to provide for them.

Memories are wonderful ways for us to look at the good things in life, but sometimes the bad things should be remembered.  We learn from our mistakes.  God places trials in our lives for a purpose.  Taking the bad with the good isn’t such a negative idea.  Putting the entire incident together shows us what made the memory so special.

We can try to hide from our past; we can cover our hurt by not talking about it or simply forgetting it; we might ease the pain temporarily by doing so – but everything that happens to us has a purpose – even our memories – good or bad.

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Once a week we take a drive just to get out of the house and enjoy a change of scenery. These photos were taken on our day trip last week. The swans have returned and their tutus are in place. The dance begins. Welcome spring!

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We were only a couple months into a pandemic when I took this selfie as a reminder of what I was beginning to feel like A year has come and gone and we’re still wearing facial coverings in spite of the fact that we’ve been vaccinated. I for one have great difficulty wearing a mask because of breathing issues, but I do so because I don’t like the looks I get when I don’t. A new form of bullying, I think.

When we’re on social media, you want to put our best foot forward, so we post pictures that show us with family members or doing something requiring talent in art, music or any performing arts. We surround ourselves with beautiful settings – amazing meals – places we’ve visited and our Facebook face tells the world that we are pretty much perfect. The truth is, it’s just another form of masking what’s really going on in our lives.

We still get depressed. We fret about paying the bills on time. We worry about our health, our aging bodies and basically everything. A year of hiding out has made us into introverts. Our only pleasures come from looking at that social media and wishing we were in someone else’s shoes. Guess what? They’re looking at you too.

God has removed the mask. He’s taken away all of our flaws and foibles. He knows us – the real deep down us and He still loves us. He doesn’t need to see what we think we are, because He knows everything about us. That could be frightening to some. No one wants all their sins exposed to the world. We all have those secrets which we feel should be hidden, but they are not hidden from the One who loves us the most. While we were still dead in our sins, He sent His Son as the perfect ransom for our souls. We had nothing to offer Him that would be suitable. A doctored up selfie wasn’t going to cut it with the Creator.

Why do we feel it’s so important to put on our best exterior, when our interior is falling part? Some might think of it as a form of narcissism. Some base their own lives on what someone else’s looks like. We want the world to see us at our best, but we aren’t always so. Maybe some of the masks aren’t the ones we wear on our faces for protection from a virus. Those are the ones we use to shield who we really are. We aren’t Pinterest perfect. We aren’t flawlessly Facebook favorable. We’re really all the same on the inside and God chose to love us in spite of that.

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“I shall be telling this with a sigh, somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference.” Robert Frost

When a road is wide open and free from all care,

When the dreams of a poet, long to be shared,

When life gives us lemons and we can’t find shade,

Just turn it around and make lemonade,

To a road that’s less traveled you flee,

And the wide open spaces you see,

There’s no cause for worry, no reason to weep,

There’s a place that gives refuge and heavenly sleep,

On the road that is open, the skies are so vast,

That stars remain countless in such a great mass,

So change the direction to lead your way home,

Where sorrow and sadness can no longer roam,

Your thoughts turn to heaven, your lips sing God’s praise,

On a road less traveled, you’ll spend all your days.

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In our town, some stores have opted to not use paper bags. Instead you can purchase a bag or bring your own canvas bag from home. I’m wondering why paper? I have such an abundance of plastic bags in my cupboard, I could recycle them and make bricks to pave my back yard. Oh wait, I believe someone has already done that. I have bags from the grocery store, bags from department stores, bags from retail stores and on and on. The bags have taken on a life of their own. One of these days, I expect them to take over my house and bury me in a sea of plastic.

When I was teaching drama in high school, I always kept a brown paper bag at my side. It was useful when someone became nervous about performing – just stick their head in the bag and have them breathe deeply to prevent an anxiety attack. I also found the paper bag to be useful when I was directing. If a scene was taken a deep dive, I would put the bag on my own head as a show of disappointment. I never had to say a word. They all knew what it meant. I probably could’ve suffocated in that bag many times.

The thought of covering one’s head with a bag sounds a bit ridiculous, but many times we’re doing that each time we stand back and let the noise of dissonance ring out and say nothing. Like the osterich burying his head in the sand, we can become oblivious to the clamor of injustice or disconent. The truth is, a paper bag isn’t distancing us from any of it The noise always seeps through and is next to impossible to squash. We can temporarily separate ourselves from the world as we know it by turning off the news, social media, the press, our own opinions, and the Internet, but somehow we cannot ever really silence it. We shouldn’t really turn it off anyway, as difficultf as that may get. God wants us to be involved in our world. We have to live in it for 70-80 years or more. Our real focus should be on Him. Once we realize that He’s in control of everything we experience, it’s easy to let go and have true freedom.

I don’t condone walking around with a paper bag on your head. I have enough problems breathing with a mask on my face. I do think that God wants us to take an active part in the world we inhabit. We can make a difference. We can foster change. We can express support for those who can’t do so themselves. We can financially give to those in need. We are God’s instruments for all of that to occur. Take the blinders off, remove the bag, get your head out of the sand and participate in life.

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Each day holds its own beauty and glory, but many of them can be filled with trial, pain, discouragement and all the negatives that come along with living.  God reminds us that each day was created by Him.  We therefore should consider them as another chance for us to share the wonderful news of the Gospel with others.

Fall is the perfect time for seeds and bulbs to go into the ground.  They are sometimes placed by human hands or machines.  Seeds can be carried by the wind or birds and animals.  God provides the natural mulch which covers and protects them over the cold winter months.

During this time of dormancy, God may use them as food for foraging animals or He might allow them a needed rest so they can be ready for rebirth in the spring.

When spring arrives they burst their little heads through the softened, moisturized soil and once again come to life.

Summer can take its toll on these infant lives as the heat of the sun and countless storms batter against them.

Our days are like that too.  For a time we grow dormant.  We find ourselves wearing out and caving under the pressure of life.  We struggle to survive.  We sometimes give up and fall apart.  The enduring winter seems as though it will never end and then we receive the tender touch of our Lord and Savior and are again reborn through Him.

Dear Lord, thank you for giving us the seasons to enjoy.  Your beauty is everywhere in every day and in every breath we breathe.  Help us remember that no matter what trials come to us – you are there.  When things are running smoothly – you are there.  When we think there is no hope – you are also there.  I praise and thank you for your faithfulness. Amen!

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I am part of the “Silent Generation” or more commonly known as a Traditionalist. Wehave also been labeled, “The Greatest Generation.” Those names were associated with the time in which we were born – anywhere between 1928-1945. I don’t really agree with SILENT OR GREATEST. We are indeed traditionalists however. We all have our pluses and minuses, but many of us old timers seem to think that the Newbies are on the road to destruction. I have to admit I’m one of those old Fuddy Duddys myself at times.

My generation endured the ravages of war, economic recovery from the great depression and progressed to home ownership on GI bills. Opportunities were opening up in all areas of employment. National parks were the destination of many a vacation. Family time was vital.

I grew up in an age of discovery which brought us the first automatic washing machine, the first television set and beautiful gas guzzling cars. Everyone knew all the words to the National Anthem; Coke was something you drank from a bottle; recycling meant taking that bottle back for two cents. Our entertainment consisted of going to a movie on Saturday and spending the entire day watching the same movie over and over for a quarter. Disposable bottles, diapers, etc. were unheard of. Fast food was a sandwich we made ourselves. Our “social media” was getting together at a friend’s house to talk.

Now we old fogies struggle with technology and we live much longer than our predecessors. We see the mistakes that are being made in our government, in the raising of children, in education and in society as a whole. In my opinion, we should be like our forefathers and die young. Then we wouldn’t have so much time to sit around and complain about the younger generation. In the meantime, let’s find the good in our world while there is still some left.

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It’s good for us to embrace the ordinary in our lives.  We often think our days are filled with nothing but chaos, but if you look deeply into each moment, you will find joy in even the tiniest of events.

Our world is full of amazing beauty and inspiration.  All we have to do is take a good look at it.  Each intricate pattern in a fallen leave was drawn by God.  The fresh, new growth of spring indicate that life goes on. The heat of summer helps us to slow down a little and smell the roses. The smells of autumn enrich our lives too – the pumpkin spice – the cinnamon, apples and brown sugar, hot cider and roaring bonfire. In winter we’re treated to etchings in the frost on the window pane. We snuggle closer, we warm our toes by the fire, we savor hot chocolate, we settle in. Then the process starts all over again.

The smile on a child’s face when he realizes that he can do something he didn’t think he could. The relief in an elderly persons eyes, when you lend a hand to help. The laughter of friends and family. The simple things of life canbe a blessing to us as we trudge through each day.

Sometimes even the dirty dishes in the sink and the unmade beds don’t matter, if you have a moment to share with someone you love.  Maybe the dust is piling up on your furniture, but you have spent time reading a book to a child or teaching them to tie their own shoes.

The big picture is under control.  God is in charge of that. We might forget that from time to time – but He gives us reminders in so many ways.  It’s up to us to look for them.

Look at the fact that you’ve been granted another day to enjoy these simple pleasures.  The beauty in this world has been tarnished by sin, but it’s still beautiful.  Imagine what it looked like before the fall of man.  Imagine what it will be in eternity.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

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There is nothing new under the sun.
Things we do wrong have already been done
The sins of today are nothing new.
Most men have observed this to be true.

All we experience has been done before.
The hopes we aspire to aren’t new anymore.
The trials we face and the battles we’ve won,
Have been conquered by another one.

The beauty we long for – the time that we crave
Will go along with us when we enter the grave.
It may seem defeatist to go on this way,
But still there is something to brighten our day.

Though life may seem futile and desperate for some,
There’s hope for all creatures. It’s already come.
It came straight from heaven, the work has been done.
Now all things are new when lived under the SON!

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This painting was a product of team work. I started the painting and Paul added the finishing touches. I could’ve felt disappointed by this, but I realized that the changes made were necessary to make a good painting. We sometimes forget that working together is so much better than doing something alone. Our voices can be heard much stronger when we join them. The inventions we come up with, the innovations and different ways of accomplishing them are all part of the team effort. Solving problems goes along with that. We need to compromise sometimes, we must listen to other opinions, we must give and take. That’s where the healing begins.

You can see Him in the morning mist or in refreshing showers,

He walks amidst the tallest trees and dots the fields. with flowers,

His voice is sweet yet full of power to all who want to hear it,

He reaches out his hand to all, but many don’t come near it,

His love is so much greater than we possibly could know,

He never will give up on us, He’ll never let us go.

Though we need God’s refining love and His sweet intervention,

Our hands are often tied and bound, we give way to dissension,

The world around us flails and falls, our cities fill with battle,

The leaders call for compromise, but that seems like more prattle,

We cannot come to terms with this, until our ears are opened,

Until the cries of justice ring and words more wisely chosen.

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I love dogs. I also like to laugh, so today I’ll step away from my normal seriousness and LOL.

It’s not easy to find humor in the events of today, but I think it’s mandatory. Laughter has always been good medicine. Even the Bible talks about humor and how important it is for us.

Proverbs 17:22 says, “A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

That in itself is a good reason to laugh. Who wants dried up bones? I believe that God infused laughter into our humanity so that we wouldn’t lose hope. If we can find humor in an otherwise depressing situation, things don’t seem quite so bad anymore. One of the reasons I married my husband was that he had a great sense of humor. He had to – he married me. The world is filled with so much bad news; it’s time to start laughing again. It may seem impossible to find anything to laugh about, but it is still a good remedy for a heavy heart.

Ella Wilcox said it in her poem “Solitude.” Laugh, and the world laughs with you; Weep, and you weep alone; For the sad old earth must borrow its mirth,It has trouble enough of its own.

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When fears and worries are so real,
We sometimes wonder why we feel,
The pangs of deep depression.
The weight’s extreme – we lose all hope,
Our hearts grow sad – for strength we grope,
To lighten this progression.

We look within and try to cope
There are no answers in our scope
It now becomes oppression.
We try so hard to rise above,
We search in vain for any love.
To deal with this obsession.

We cannot do it on our own,
We need one advocate alone,
To bring our full confession.
God takes our hand and leads us out,
Relieves our pain – our fear – our doubt.
He is our best possession.

His love is great – it sees us through
When there is nothing we can do.
Our words hold no expression.
He lifts us from the pit of death.
He died for us to give us breath.
To wipe out our transgression.

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It isn’t a matter of taking sides in a situation. We must first look at ourselves – our own mistakes and misconceptions – our flaws and voices that speak without thinking first. This week has been one of great ups and downs in my state. Each day there has been the call for justice as the Chauvin trial came to an end and the jury determined within ten hours that the police officer who shot George Floyd was guilty on all counts. There were tears of joy. There was hope in the possiblity of police reform. Steps to take action in that area were swift, but will undoubtedly be stalled in the process. We know that change isn’t something that happens over night. Even the evolutionists believe it took millions of years for man to evolve. I truly hope that it doesn’t take that long for this change to happen, but for now, we wait and see.

I’ve seen change occur over my 78 years – some for good – a lot not so good. I spent my younger years taking on causes. I thought it was the right thing to do. As time goes by, we change how we think. We alter our priorities. We get interrupted by life. We raise a family. We grow old. We finally think about dying and wonder why we got so worked up about all the other stuff.

I tend to get angry with the changes around me. My first thoughts are not always rational. I may react without knowing all the facts. I’ve learned over time that my words can get me into a peck of trouble, so I’ve tried hard not to express an opinion about what’s going on in the world. I am not afraid to say what I believe however.

Change is a slow process for the most part. Not in the area of technology however. We went from a ten inch television to a smart TV thin enought to hang on the wal like a picture. We’ve seen crank phones with party lines develop into smart phones that can track your location, is aware of almost everything about you, can connect you to the world wide web. We’ve gone from wringer washing machines to machines that only require loading and pressing a button. Our refrigerators dispense hot or cold drinks. Our lives revolve around social media rather than physical interaction. Some changes have given us freedom to do things we want to do, while enslaving us to things that have little or no value. The truth is, we’re not much different than we were a hundred years ago. We’ve grown accusomed to depending on some one or something to get us through every day.

No matter what the situation, no matter how hard it may seem, we get through the difficult times and we’re usually better because of it. When we pass the buck or blame society, our upbringing, our religion, our relationships for something that we’ve caused we aren’t being honest with ourselves. We need to look inward to see where the blame lies. Every single one of us is guilty in one way or another. Let’s stop looking at the past and using it as a means to get us to the future. May God help us to look within, ask Him for forgiveness and begin the change.

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The only justice for a life of sin is death.  Every person that walks the earth is guilty no matter how good they may appear.  We have all been judged by God and fallen short of His expectations.

When I was a child and heard these words preached over and over each week, my heart grew ever so heavy.  I was convinced that even the smallest of sins condemned me to an eternity in hell.  It may seem like a whole lot of brainwashing going on in my little head. I even felt worthless as a teen and young adult.  I now realize that my introduction to the wages of sin was necessary.  How else would I have seen my need for a champion – a hero – a savior?

The good news is that we all have salvation within our grasp, not by anything we do, but through the full payment for our redemption by the King of Kings Himself.  He loves us so much that He made the supreme sacrifice.

He died once for all.  Yes, He died for those who defy His name and worship false gods.  He died for the executioners who slit the throats of Christians.  He died for the thugs on our city streets.  He died for the prostitute, the addict, the rapist, the child abuser, cheater, thief, liar, the priest, politician, housewife, business man, child – for all!! He gave His life for the entire world, not just those who think they deserve it. Not one of us deserves justice, but our gracious God believes we do. He made it possible for us to be redeemed.

Look into your hearts.  We are all guilty.  We will die and go to hell if we do not repent and lean on Jesus.  With Him all things are possible.  He became our brother so that we could ALL be called Sons of the most high.

Chief of sinners though I be – Jesus crucified for me!

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He died that I could live. He suffered pain and loss.

He gave all He could give, upon that rugged cross.

But on that awesome day, so many years ago,

He for my sins did pay, so freedom I would know.

The story didn’t end there. He came to life once more.

To show me that I too will live within His heavenly door.

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Yesterday, after the final moments of the infamous trial in Minneapolis, the governor appeared in a press conference. Throughout his opening remarks he used this phrase over and over again. “We can’t live like this.” He used those words to stress the fear our state has been enduring for far too long. He spoke about the ravages that have occurred in 2020 and 2021. The fact that a thousand businesses were ruined in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death. Many of which were owned by people of color. He spoke words like – trauma, pain, demands, change, fear and rage.

In the past year, we’ve been striving to exist through a pandemic which has divided us in so many ways. We struggled through this time of isolation, finding new ways of doing things in time of crisis. Americans have always done well under pressure, but we sometimes wonder how much of this can we take. “We can’t live like this.”

During that year, we were forced into our homes, separated from our families, unable to bury our dead or watch our children graduate or get married. We adjusted. We then had an election that divided our nation even more. We feared for the safety of our leaders as well as those we love. We watched as the divisions split us even further. We adjusted. Inequality on our streets became more apparent. Protests turned violent, businesses were destroyed, blood was shed. We became the headline of the day for many months as the killing of a black man by a police officer was made public. The thought of a fair trial seemed impossible. We adjusted. Demands for justice – voices for change in our policing – calls for removing weapons from our public defenders. “We can’t live like this.”

During that year we also were told to be vaccinated for COVID19. We were told this was the only way to lessen the effects and possible death from this plague. Everyone rushed to do so. Some refused, because the vaccine was never approved by the FDA. New cases began to break out. There were variants of the disease which would not respond to the vaccine. Our minds asked if we did the right thing by getting shot. We lived through it, but still wonder if it was the right thing to do. Some felt we were being led like sheep to the slaughter. Again, fears arise and people hide – within the confines of their homes, in the comfort of self-healing, prayer, reading, hoping to erase the outside world from view. Fear is winning. “We can’t live like this.”

A week ago, another black man is shot and killed by a police officer. That along with the trial of Derek Chauvin going to a jury for deliberation has set another climate of fear in our city. Those of us who shy away from watching or listening to the news, are more alert to what’s happening on a daily basis, because of curfew alerts that pop up on our phones. Our city is living on the edge. We’re living in fear. “We can’t live like this.” A peacetime emergency order was issued yesterday to call upon other states to aid in the possible riots, looting, more blood in the streets and dissent. Will that change things? Will we adjust to this as a way of life? Will we succumb to fear? “We can’t live like this.”

Obviously there are no clear answers here. Time will be a factor in all of it. Change doesn’t happen over night. Quelling someone’s fears takes time. Calming a crowd of angry protestors will probably not happen by stirring it up with tear gas. So how do we live like this, without fear? We can, you know. We have a remarkable source of comfort in the fact that God is with us through all of our suffering, pain and fear. He has walked in our shoes. He took on human flesh so He could experience all the fears we live through each day. He died to prove His love for us. He bled so we wouldn’t have to. He paid the price for our place in His heavenly realm. He rose and returned to heaven and will be there to greet us when we die. No fear of death, no fear of life, no fear in anything the world can throw at us – only the confidence that God is in control. Through Him, we can and will live through this.

“The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” Psalm 27:1

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A quiet town nestled into the bluffs lining the river – a popular city site of a former flour mill – the corner cafe in a tiny town hidden amongst the trees – a bakery, a lighthouse, a place for a rendezvous. All these images stir the imagination and create thoughts of another time and place. The artist catches the lights and darks. He plants his brush strokes firmly and at times whimsically. He watches as color is reflected upon distant objects and creates an image that will create new memories. All forms of art can create a kaleidescope of magical patterns and design. Find your inner artist.

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It’s hard to be part of the world today. Even though we’re all connected to our home towns, our communities, our families, our church, we’re still living life apart from them. In the past year we’ve opted to stay away from the news media as much as possible. There are times we feel the need to connect, but whenever we tune in, it’s nothing but depression, grief, sadness, bigotry, hatred and all the other negativity that reaches our air waves on a daily basis.

Minneapolis in 1973 was a much different city than it is today. We moved from a small town in Wisconsin because of a job opportunity. The tallest building was the IDS tower which had just been completed the year before. Minneapolis was a cultural center, with the sophistication of a big city, but the down hominess of a kind and caring population. So much can happen in half a century. Cities grow bigger. Corruption and crime grow too. Like weeds, those tendrils of hatred and ugliness weave their way through a “Minnesota nice” community and begin to infest every area.

Time tends to change us, but when you look at history, things rarely change much. We just experience some of those changes in different ways. We react to them with different opinions. We address them sometimes out of a feeling of guilt for past actions, or because we sincerely want to see things turn around. It’s really not up to us to determine what others are thinking.

We can’t hide from every day, just by turning off the news. Last night we received a call from our son, who lives on the other side of town, to assure us that they were safe. Since we hadn’t been watching the news, we were completely unaware of a carjacking and shooting that occurred only blocks from their home. Had we known, we would’ve been worried, but our isolation from the facts kept us unaware. It didn’t change the fact that a crime occurred or that someone died in the process. By hiding from the world, we aren’t guaranteeing self-protection. By being ignorant of the truth, we can easily jump to our own conclusions and make irrational judgments.

When we’re connected to the King of the Universe, we are not guaranteed a world without fear. We’re not assured perfection in all our dealings. We’re not given a free pass to do what ever we want, because we won’t have to suffer consequences for bad behavior. We are promised that God will be with us through all of it. He will give us the wisdom to choose the right way to live. He will help us discern between good and evil. We can’t hide from Him, because He’s always there. He knows every idiosyncrasy, every fault, every sin, every misdeed and flaw. We are accountable to Him for the way we live, but only He can provide for our redemption. Instead of running away – run to Him. He is the only way.

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A curtain made of yarn and linen woven together with greatest skill –

Designed to honor the face of God.

Only one could come into this holy place.

Only one could enter and only at the appointed time.

Cherubim meticulously crafted into the cloth of royal colors – purple, blue and scarlet.

Colors of the King of Kings.

The purple shows His passion – His love for all and His willingness to die for us.

The blue might be the heavenly realm from which He came and to where He ascended. There He has reserved a place for us.

The scarlet reminds us of the blood – true blood – true flesh – true man and still true God

Shed in payment for the sins of the world.

The curtain stands no longer.   It has been torn in two.

God has shown His miraculous love for mankind.

The door is open now for me and you.

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