I’m more than a little concerned that our electronic devices have not only taken over a good part of our time, but by cocooning ourselves with them, we’re losing the necessity to actually communicate with one another.  Instead we can Twitter our thoughts. We can send emojis to indicate how we feel about something.  We can call up information in an instant.  We can order our meals, our groceries, prescriptions, clothing and have them delivered.  We can get medical advice, work from home, use our voice to turn on appliances, secure our homes and play music to soothe the savage beast.

To emphasize, while traveling I often refer to the map app on my phone to get  to my destination.  While doing this, I sometimes become frustrated because I’m not fast enough on the receiving end.  Instead of blaming it on my poor hearing, I tend to get angry with the device.  After a frustrating time of it, I said to my husband, “I really hate that app,” as I tucked my phone into my purse.  To which Siri replied, “Some days are just like that.”

A voice was communicating with me from the depths of my purse – crunched up alongside my checkbook, my glasses, my empty wallet and an assortment of cough drops and mints.  Siri had actually understood what I was saying.  I felt a sudden bond, but quickly dismissed it.  It doesn’t seem natural to strike up a relationship with an automated device. 

It caused me to wonder again about our dependence on these tools.  In a way we’ve become friends with them, because they’ve taken the place of a real, honest to goodness person.  In time we will not have to leave the house for anything.  Relationships will cease to be.  We won’t have to shower or put on makeup.  We will be accountable to no one.  Hmmm – sounds like a world without God.

Thankfully, God is available 24/7, 365 days a year.  All we have to do is ask and it will be given, knock and the door will open, seek and we shall find.  I pray that we never become so isolated from each other that we feel we can go it alone.  We need each others’ fellowship, friendship and face to face contact.  We can always count on God’s protection, intervention, forgiveness and everything else in life, but we need each other too.  God saw that it was not good for man to be alone so he created woman to be his partner – and her name wasn’t Siri.
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Funny things happen to me all the time. Either that or I’m not all there and everything just seems funny.

My youngest daughter brought an assignment home to finish for her art class. It was made of paper mâché and when it dried completely, she was able to paint it. She was very proud of her work. It was really cute and she put extra effort into making it extra special.

Everyone turned in for the night and the little paper mâché sculpture sat unconcerned on the kitchen counter.

It was one of those nights when I semi-woke up and wandered aimlessly into the kitchen. I wasn’t fully conscious. This wasn’t unusual since I was often found sleep walking. The house was dark. There wasn’t a sound to be heard except the growling coming from my stomach. Even though I was in a dream state, I felt the pangs of hunger.

My hands reached out in the darkness and landed on the dog art. Slowly I lifted the innocent victim to my lips. I opened my mouth and my eyes. It looked like dark chocolate, but it didn’t smell like it. It didn’t smell like anything. My pearly whites wrapped themselves around the morsel and bit down.

It was one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever tasted. I immediately woke up, spit the tidbit into the garbage, rinsed my mouth out with water and went back to bed.

The next morning I was sharply awakened by screams coming from my youngest child. I ran to see what happened and there she was with the decapitated dog in her hand.

I had a hard time explaining the truth to my family and to her teacher that I had eaten her homework, but looking back, it was one of those funny things I was talking about.

This event took place about 35 years ago. But we still laugh about it. Finding humor in unlikely situations can make you look like a real idiot or it can help you keep your sanity.

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In preparing to write my post for the day, I’ve spent the last hour fighting with my computer.  I sometimes believe the devil resides within this communication icon.  It was only an hour before I lost my patience.

Our patience in an impatient world is tested all the time.  We’re called upon daily to wait.  We may sit in traffic for an hour and miss an important meeting.  We might wait in line at the bank or grocery store while others are taken care of first.  It could be that you’re waiting for test results or the anticipation of a coming birth.  Waiting is an inconvenience.  It sometimes causes anxiety or fear. Most often we simply give up.

As I think of my own inability to be patient, I can’t help but wonder at God’s amazing forbearance with us.  When He tells us to be still and realize that He’s in control, we often try to take over and do it our way.  We want answers immediately and to our liking.

There are hundreds of examples of God’s patience with His people.  The story of Noah and the great flood comes to mind.  The world was filled with sin of all kind.  The people had turned from their creator by choosing false gods and teachings.  By the time God called Noah to build an ark, this family of eight were the only people left who believed in Him. God could’ve simply wiped everyone off the face of the earth, but they were given over another hundred years to change their evils ways.  Talk about patience.

During that time of grace, the people continued in their sin.  They rebuked Noah and his family.  He was the Henny Penny of the day.  The people had never experienced even a little drizzle up until that time.  When the ark was completed and the first raindrops fell, they were still so deeply rooted in their sin that they didn’t get it. Eventually the waters came from above and below and devoured every living thing except for those on Noah’s boat.

Had God finally lost his patience?  Imagine how bad things must’ve been for this to happen.  Are we getting there again?  Is it time to build another ark?  Can God forgive us for the mess we’ve recreated?  When the storm subsided and the water dried up, Noah and his family set up an altar to the Lord.  God made a covenant with them to never destroy the world with a flood.

Still that doesn’t give us free reign to go back to our evil ways.  Daily repentance is necessary.  We’ve been forgiven.  God is merciful, but He wants us to be completely His own.  That means studying the Bible and showing the same grace we’ve received to others. It then becomes our responsibility to share the good news of the Gospel with others and to be completely devoted to God.


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I enjoy looking at a site called Days of the Year, which lists all the special and unusual holidays at home and around the world. It’s amazing what people celebrate.  Today is International Town Criers’ Day – one of those things that is no longer necessary because of the internet.  In its day, however, it was mandatory for those with loud booming voices to roam the towns and countryside to spread the news.  Usually they carried bells and dressed in brightly colored clothing so they would be seen and heard.  They were also called bell ringers – or today they might be referred to as ding a lings.

In those days, there were many people who were illiterate.  The printing press had not yet been invented.  Still enquiring minds wanted to know what was happening in their kingdom and this was the best way to do it.  Those who “cried” had to have endurance to make it through the entire countryside.

I imagine by the time they got home, there would be more news to spread and they wouldn’t have a chance for rest.  Maybe there was a whole crew of town criers, especially during a heavy news week.  Kind of like the Pony Express, they would have tag teams to get the word out.  Fake news may have gotten its start, because like in the game, “telephone tag,” the message gets garbled along the way.  Who knows what the last guy in town heard by the time he got the word?

It amazes me how far we have come in communication over just my own lifetime.  We now have connections with the entire world.  We hear news immediately when it happens.  Yet even in the dispensing of it, we often wind up with the wrong message.  I guess some things will remain the same until there’s nothing else to talk about.

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It’s Monday again.  Time to start over – again.  Time to look back at the week gone by and make changes in the days to come.  Our world is filled with angst, hatred, fear and anxiety.  How can we endure another week of the same?

Looking at last week there were moments of excitement as we celebrated the birth of our nation.  During the same week, our president continued to be slandered as he has been since the days before his election.  He traveled the world to discuss peace with our enemies yet was downgraded by his own people.  Some things never change and politics is one of them.  Our president is doing things to stir up the swamp and his opponents can’t stand it.

We endured some heavy air, humidity and rain, but the grass, trees and flowers are loving it. Everything is exploding with beautiful color and birds are singing more than usual.

With only one rehearsal last week, I’m a little concerned about my upcoming performance and praying that Alzheimer’s doesn’t set in this week.  Today we begin tech week and the addition of set, costume pieces, lights, etc., which are known to confuse actors.

We spent a quiet day in the air conditioning on the 4th of July, went to bed before the fireworks started and were awakened by the noise shortly after falling asleep.  Sometimes it’s a good thing to be a little deaf.

The week was capped off with an overnight road trip to honor special friends on their 25th anniversary. The unique thing about this celebration is that the groom was our first pastor when we moved to Minneapolis.  His first wife passed.  She went to heaven leaving her husband alone to raise 5 children.  Twenty five years ago, he married again.  Needless to say, walking into an established family had its ups and downs, but together, with the Lord beside them, they flourished and will continue to do so.

We finished the weekend by taking the scenic drive home through the hill country of Lacrosse, Wisconsin. This area is lined with beautiful bluffs and the winding Mississippi River.  We traveled with another set of dear friends who also took care of our accommodations.  We are indeed blessed.

It’s Monday again.  The sun is shining.  We have another week to look forward to.  We could look at it as just another week loaded with problems and troubles, or we could give thanks for the blessings that will come from it.  It isn’t going to be perfect.  It is going to carry new challenges and even some obstacles that might change our lives, but we can be confident that Jesus has already paid the price for our salvation.  We aren’t guaranteed a perfect life in this world.  There are going to be hiccups along the way – there may even be earthquakes – but no matter how much trouble we face, we know that eventually we will be in paradise with Jesus, because He overcame the world, our sin and the devil.


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Weary of the noise of media attention,

Exhausted by virtuous and often untrue claims,

Troubled hearts cling to greater intervention,

Longing for refreshment from the flames,

Looking up is what we need for our salvation,

God alone brings peace from all our shames,

Quieting dissidence and excitation,

Giving love instead of naming names,

Sin no more holds constant consternation,

Though His Son our guilt no longer blames.

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Retire, they said.  It will be fun, they said.  You are free to go anywhere, do anything and scratch things off your bucket list, they say.  Who are “they” and I’ll bet they’re not retired?  Traveling today isn’t easy, no matter what your age.

If you’re flying, you have to arrive two hours prior to your flight.  You must sit and wait until your flight number is called.  Once on the plane you’re asked to buckle your seat belts and given  instructions for surviving a crash.  You are then told to wait again while the air bus waits its turn for take off.  Your in the air for a couple hours, praying you won’t have to remember those crash instructions while white knuckling the arm rests.  When you arrive, you go to collect your baggage.  You watch as several suitcases go round and round, trying to locate your own.  Too bad you have the same color luggage as everyone else.  You decide to wait until everyone else retrieves theirs’, hoping the last one will be yours.  You wait at the curb for your ride to pick you up or trying to flag down a taxi.  By the time you reach your destination, you’re exhausted.  What could have been a three hour road trip has turned into a five hour panic attack.

The same is true of relying on other forms of public transportation.  It’s always a waiting game.  During that time you size up the crowd of passengers you might be seated next to.  You notice the most unappealing of them all.  You assume that person is a serial killer or worse and pray again that you will never see them again.  You watch as sticky fingered, snot covered little ones tug on your leg and ask to sit on your lap.  You retreat to the restroom.

When we get older we have a lot of issues when we travel.  We pack differently than when we were twenty.  For example, our toothbrush is now accompanied by a plastic container for our teeth.  We pack Depends instead of bikini briefs.  We include outfits that will cover our aging arms and legs.  We add an extra pair of spectacles, a separate suitcase for our medications and a slew of word game puzzles.

We also don’t move as quickly as we used to, so we may include a cane, a neck pillow, a brace of some kind, a walker or any other device to help us navigate.  When we run out of breath getting from one plane or train to another, we sit down to catch our breath only to miss our connection.

Traveling by car is fine for the short trips, but as we age we often need to make more stops than the average person.  We need to stretch our arthritic legs, use the rest room, get a snack or lunch.  When planning a road trip remember to include those stops into your itinerary.  It may take longer than you thought, but you will be thankful that you did.

I’m not sure what the answer is for us old retired fogies.  Maybe the best solution is to stay home and invite people to come to visit you.  Another possibility is to take short road trips rather than thousands of miles.  Drive for an hour, stop, drive, stop, etc. etc.  It may take you a week longer to get there, but you have a better chance of arriving in one piece.







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Fifty six men were signers of the Declaration of Independence.  They represented the thirteen original colonies. That small group of patriots would cause a great reaction when it was released to the world.

What kind of men were these?  Some were doctors and lawyers.  Some were merchants.  Some were farmers.  They came from several walks of life.  All of them had one goal and that was to be free from the tight hold of the British government.  They’d been taxed beyond their means.  They were also plagued by British troops, acting as police.  Those who were to keep order often killed innocent victims and created havoc in the streets and across the countryside.   This new land was still in its infancy, but it was comprised of ethical men who saw beyond the hard work necessary to build a new country.  They were willing to invest in this union with their very lives if necessary.

The document was intended to be signed on July 1, but there were differences of opinion on the wording.   It was presented to the Continental Congress on July 4th and adopted by twelve out of thirteen colonies.  New York delegates had not yet received authorization from their home assembly to do so.  Still July 4 was determined to be the day that our declaration of independence was established.  The actual signing of the document did not take place until July 9th.

The backdrop of the New York harbor was filled with British ships.  On that day, George Washington, who was commander of the continental forces in New York, read the document to a crowd of citizens.  They cheered the words.  The cheering turned to rioting and the eventual vandalizing of a statue of King George III.  They melted down the metal and it is said they used it to shape 42,000 musket balls for the revolution.

John Adams wrote to his wife this following thought:

“I am apt to believe that [Independence Day] will be celebrated, by succeeding Generations, as the great anniversary Festival. It ought to be commemorated, as the Day of Deliverance by solemn Acts of Devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with shews, Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward forever more.”

When we think about slavery, lets consider what would’ve occurred had not the Revolution taken place.  We would all be under the thumb of a foreign nation and slaves to tyranny.  Because we have this document, we can see that freedom is for all, not just a select few.

Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both died fifty years later in 1826 on the same day, within 5 hours of each other.  Both of these signers and patriots who stood up for freedom would go on to become presidents of the United States.  They also had this in common.  They died on the 4th of July.


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Within the glorious majesty, upon a hill so high,

My eyes survey the great expanse,  I raise them to sky,

God’s great creation is right there for me to lay my head,

The stars will light the sky tonight, the earth will be my bed.


This nation holds a treasure chest of bounty and of love,

United we are at our best, when push turns into shove,

We celebrate and honor her upon this special day,

Though she may not be perfect now, we’r

e sure to find a way.


With hearts united we shall stand and raise our country’s flag,

With gratitude and great respect, we certainly can brag,

No other country can compare with what we have right here,

America, you are the best, here’s to another year!





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Independence is a word which describes our ability to be self sustaining, self sufficient and self supporting.  It has long been a part of who we are as Americans.  It doesn’t mean that we are no longer accountable to someone, nor does it refer to doing our own thing even if it hurts someone else.

Yesterday I was experiencing problems with Facebook.  I discovered that others were too.  For most of the day they were having server problems.  It occurred to me just how dependent we have become on our devices and communication tools.  What if the internet shut down for a day?  What if, as George Orwell suggested, we were being controlled by machines?  Hmm.  Has that already happened?

Everything has been programmed into some memory bank.  Our personal information is available to the world.  Our identity can be stolen.  Our ideas and words can be taken from us. We shop online.  We bank online.  We communicate online.  We do business online and most of us spend a greater portion of our time online.  In a way, we’ve become slaves to our devices.  This is a scary place to be – a place of complete dependence.

When America was founded, there was no instant news.  There was a lantern in a bell tower to signal that the British were coming.  There were people enraged by being ruled by a tyrannical king and having to pay taxes without any benefit.  They spoke to one another.  Interesting concept, but I digress.  They sent messages through riders on horseback. They met in community places to discuss their concerns.  They were face- to-face discussing what should be done.

Those who built our country used the sweat of their brow and their backs to cut through hard soil and create fields of grain.  They used ingenuity to carve through mountains and build railroads.  They persevered through drought, dust storms, depressions and difficult times, because this is what they did.  They fought in many wars so we could be free.  Many died in the process.  The cost of freedom is more than we can ever repay.

This may seem a strange message on the day we reserve for celebrating the birthday of our country, but still I think it deserves mentioning.  Independence requires responsibility.  The minute we depend on others for our living – use the government as our security blanket – turn our lives over to technology  – blame the government for everything bad in our society – we’re giving up our independence.  As Americans, we can’t let that happen.

As we celebrate this special day, we must look back – not with resentment or blame, but with hope for a better future.


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In today’s society 77 isn’t considered old, yet why do I feel like I’ve entered a new dimension – like the Twilight Zone?  My hefty body has been supported by legs and feet which are beginning to falter under the strain.  Memory is slipping and trying to remember my few lines in my play is beginning to scare me to death.

We have however made some adjustments to our lifestyle.  We bought a smaller house – about half the size of our other one.  We fell in love with the charm of it, even though it’s situated on a busy highway near the railroad tracks.  We’ve chosen to think of the noise as the sound of the ocean crashing against the rocks.  Conversations are limited because we can’t hear one another, but we’ve created a nice back yard so get our inspiration from that rather than our mumbling and grumbling.

In creating the space, we tried to make it like a retreat or a park, where many could gather.  Using things that didn’t fit into the house was helpful.  The seating areas allow us to work in one area for a while – sit down and rest – move forward to the next area, etc., etc, etc.  Since the hoops for our croquet set have vanished, my husband thought it would be fun to hit the ball towards one of those seating areas, sit down and talk for a while, get up and hit the ball again.  He may be coming up with something.  Croquet for the aging.

My sister has come up with the idea of a wine and cheese bar at nursing homes.  It certainly would be well received and the residents would sleep much better.

I’ve learned over time that when I have to pick something up from the floor, I usually try to do other things while I’m down there. Like cleaning the floor, crawling to the sink and things like that.  The up and down stuff is getting harder each day.

Since I have lost the clarity of hearing and my hubby is losing his too (though he hasn’t admitted it) we’ve learned to project quite nicely.  My stage voice is actually coming back. We must be careful about the following – standing up, moving. sleeping (for fear of rolling out of bed,) taking a bath or shower, remembering to turn off the stove and so on.

We both have a new way of walking – kind of like a couple of weebles wobbling along.  Each step stirs another pain, so it is done with extreme care.  Running is out of the question.  My breath disappears as soon as I’m exposed to the humid, hot air of summer so I spend most of my time in air conditioning.

We make adjustments.  Instead of brushing and flossing our teeth, we take them out and put them in a plastic container to be cleaned overnight.  The phrase, “your teeth are as bright as the stars.  They come out at night,” comes to mind.  We opt for elastic in our pants rather than zippers, leaving room for expansion.  My trim and fit husband still needs a belt or suspenders to keep his where they belong.

We adapt.  We have one bathroom in our new old house.  We take turns.  We shower and bathe when our spouse is home, in case we fall.  We need each other now more than we ever did.

We’re promised new bodies in paradise.  I’d like to place my order now.


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Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger.  James 1:19

I am proud to be an American, not because of the ugly events in our history, but for the people who used those events to fight against tyranny.  Blood was shed and lives ended in the pursuit of freedom.  We must never forget the cost it took to gain our independence.  After the American Revolution, more wars followed.  We need to be aware of those bits of history, because we can learn from them.

When we enter the world today, that is leaving the safety of our own little world, we’re exposed to so many ideals, philosophies, lifestyles, cultures, fashion, religions and more.  Some we find offensive.  Some we learn to adopt.  Some we ignore.  If we are easily offended by things, we may have to take a look inside to see why.

In the past few years there has been a loud protest rising by various groups of people.  They claim offense at just about everything outside their own realm and expect others to change because of it. Part of our freedom includes the right to express ourselves without fear of recrimination.  Part of our freedom also allows us to solve differences of opinion sensibly, rather than simply voicing our offenses.  Everyone walking the streets today will tell you they are offended by something.  That doesn’t mean they are right.

America, the welcoming country, is now filled with people from all corners of the world.  They came here through a legal process or as refugees fleeing dictatorships or unbelievable living conditions and oppression.  They came to America for a reason – to escape their former lives and start anew in the land of opportunity.

We have had open arms, accepting the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to be free.  Yet so many are still living as they did in their past worlds.  They express offense with our history, our patriotism, the blood shed to obtain our freedom, the things that happened so long ago that we have no longer have control over.

We all have the freedom to be offended, but there has to be a way to work through that offense in a peaceful way rather than stirring up the masses and creating hate and anger amongst them.

Taking offense at our flag, the symbol of all the blood shed for our independence, is offensive to me.  Taking offense at my religion, my lifestyle, my beliefs is not my problem, but it offends me. Still the offense belongs to someone who is still trying to work through their own life issues.  We’ve become a nation that has to walk on eggs every time they open their mouths.  We must be so careful not to offend.  Maybe if we all treated each other as we would like to be treated, the whole world would work a lot better.  Hmm – interesting concept.

The offenses that fill the news feeds and go viral are merely adding to the fires and driving people further and further apart.  We are the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – indivisible.  We seem to have forgotten that.

As we approach the celebration of our independence from England, let’s look at each other not with judgmental minds, but with a spirit of fellowship and patriotism.


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In my years of stumbling over obstacles, brushing myself off and starting over again,  I’ve come to the conclusion that my life may not have seemed important to me, but God knew me before I ever came to be.  He created me with special talents, gifts and a sense of humor.  All of those things are positive when it comes to discovering who you are.

The world is constantly telling us how we deserve special treatment.  We’re worth it.  That isn’t always the case.  There are so many individuals out there who feel they have no value to society.  They aren’t equipped to handle the challenges that come their way. They retreat.  They stumble.  They fall.  They turn to things which will numb their pain and do whatever is necessary to make themselves look good in the eyes of the world.  Every claim about our self worth is taken advantage of by the father of lies.

In the beginning, when all this sin thing got started, he was there telling Adam and Eve that they deserved to be like God.  He made them doubt their Creator.  He set a trap for them, based on their own self worth.

The same thing happens today as teens surrender to peer pressure – as children fight for attention on the playground, the classroom or at home.  As they get older the fight for self worth calls to all who enter the work place.  There is competition all around.  There is hatred, envy and jealousy in every stage of life.  Even when we should be enjoying our final years, we often compare ourselves with someone else.  We naturally push back when we don’t make the grade.  We blame others for our failures rather than admitting we were wrong.

These feelings are a result of our sinful nature.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could get a do-over?  If we could jump in a time machine and race back to the Garden of Eden and tell those first human beings to listen to God alone.  That first sin may not have happened and all would be right with the world.

There is an even better plan, which was laid out for every individual who experiences the breath of life.  God has scripted the whole thing before He created the world.  He knows before it happens.  He has arranged it all with our best interests in mind.  Why?  I mean, who are we to expect special treatment from the Creator of the universe?

Every life is important to God.  He crafted us in our mother’s womb – not only with eyes that work and ears that hear, but with a heart and mind that can make decisions and still discover what He has planned for us.  If we allow Him to, we will see not what we deserve, but what He has so graciously given us through His Son, Jesus.  If He thinks we’re worthy of a heavenly home, he will certainly be with us through this short time on earth.  His love endures forever.


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I finally got up the courage and the time to review my novel after almost six weeks of being away from it.  I believe with all my heart that this was a wise choice, because it has made me view this writing with fresh eyes.  When we’re in the process of creating something, we do our best put all our thoughts down – to fill the story with the required word count – to grab the interest of the reader – to edit, revise and cut things that don’t belong.  You think you’re done, but you’ve just begun.

I experienced a feeling of accomplishment when I hit the 60,000 word count.  I went back to check for grammatical and spelling errors.  I found words that I had overused and replaced them.  I felt confused on some parts of the story.  It felt disconnected especially at the beginning.  I made use of a couple people who were interested in reading it in hopes of getting honest criticism.  I put it away reluctantly and waited.  Then I waited some more.

Yesterday I put my focus on reading objectively.  I wondered about everything.  This masterpiece I thought I’d created was far from it.  I will continue to edit and probably put it away again.  I am exploring many options for eventually publishing this work, but the more I investigate, the more confused I get.

My husband and I are on the same mission.  We make art.  He does so with a paint brush, his education on the subject, his lifelong experience and sometimes a hammer and chisel.  I have chosen to express myself through words.  We both try to scrape a living out of it.  I tend to listen to my husband, because he has experienced success and failure.  He knows the ins and outs of business and he’s very smart.  He bestowed his wisdom on me by telling me that our work may never be done.  No matter how many strokes of the brush or how finished you think you are, there is always room for improvement.

I have also worked at my passion of writing for most of my life.  For the past 70 years I’ve invested time, sweat, thoughts, words into blogging, playwriting, screen writing, poetry, stories and now this.  I’m one of those old fogies who want instant gratification and getting a job done as fast as possible.  Part of that has to do with moving on to the next thing.  Some of it is the result of a strongly engrained work ethic.  Some can be attributed to wanting some monetary gain from it.   I don’t consider it a hobby nor does my husband.  It is our life.

Our aging bodies are telling us we can’t physically do the things we were once capable of.  Because of that we must change our way of living.  No longer are there the long rehearsals, making costumes, writing plays, creating a set.  Those things have been set aside due to energy level and just plain not being capable to keep up the pace any longer.  For me, the logical answer is to write.

We still have our minds thankfully.  We also have a wealth of information from our experiences.  We have done the growing up, thinking we knew it all and running into obstacles big and small.  Now is not the time to put it away forever.  God has granted me more time on this earth for a reason.

So I will continue to edit, revise, maybe even completely redo, because this is what I do.

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I hope the title caught your attention.  This is a repost of one from July 3, 2018.  In preparation for the big celebration, it might be a good idea to take a look at this again.  Our nation is once more divided in so many ways.  If we don’t set aside our differences and begin to work together, I fear we will face another revolution.

This week is one of celebration for our country, as we honor our independence from tyrannical rule on July 4, 1776.  Flags will be raised, parades held, firework displays will explode to re-announce our freedom.  Do we know what it’s all about?

I decided to read through the actual Declaration of Independence in its entirety.  Most of us are familiar with the preamble – “When in the course of human events …” But the rest of the words aren’t usually read, yet they ring true in many ways today.  Our founding fathers were brilliant in their construction of this document.  They presented their case for independence from King George and the British Empire in a very clear way.
The first pieces of evidence against the king:

  • “He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.
  • He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended in their operation till his Assent should be obtained; and when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend to them.
  • He has refused to pass other Laws for the accommodation of large districts of people, unless those people would relinquish the right of Representation in the Legislature, a right inestimable to them and formidable to tyrants only.”

Those are only a few of their complaints.  I would advise all Americans to read the rest of this endictment.  Many things those early colonists faced are once again happening in our country.  I’m not suggesting another revolution, but I think it’s important for us to go back and look at our beginnings in order to heal our land.  It might even be a good idea to read through the Declaration of Independence with our children and make a lesson out of it. They will, after all, be leading this great nation some day.

The final statement of this important document says it all.

“And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”




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Since today is International Joke Day, I thought it would be fun to post a few religious cartoons sure to make you laugh.  Enjoy.



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Up in the land of 10,000 lakes today, the skies are filling with an abundance of different kinds of clouds.  It’s always quite interesting to see a storm come together, starting with layers of many clouds in shades of grey.  The wind picks up and suddenly becomes still as the firmament becomes enshrouded in darkness.  The birds of the air seek refuge in trees.  The sun hides behind the darkness that proceeds to take over the sky.  Like a canopy of protection, broken and torn, you are alone in the midst of it.

You never know when storms will come to overtake you – to push you down and wait for you to try to get up again.  The wind tosses you about and the rains pour over you like a sea of troubled waters.  Life will be filled with these storms.  They come on us instantly, or they grow slowly and explode over time.

Whatever the storm you’re chasing right now, or the one that’s chasing you, remember that you are not alone in the darkness.  When you finally overcome the turmoil, you will be better for it.  When you are filled with hope and faith, God will be your partner.  He will reach out and touch you.  Lift you into his strong arms and place his protection over you.

YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE – By Rogers & Hammerstein

When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high
And don’t be afraid of the dark
At the end of the storm is a golden sky

And the sweet silver song of a lark
Walk on through the wind, walk on through the rain
Though your dreams be tossed and blown
Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart
And you’ll never walk alone, you’ll never walk alone, you’ll never walk alone

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This will be the last of my art for a while. As you can see, this one was done in 2014.  I’ve traded one art form for another for the time being.  I think I may pick up a brush again soon.


The blending of positive and negative space,

Mixed with a spattering of color here and there,

Together they become united, apart they fall,

Wouldn’t it be grand if humanity could take off the blinders,

Throw away their bias and indifference towards one another,

To become blind to the variety of colors in the races,

To see each other as part of a huge tapestry,

Of interwoven threads,

Each an integral part of the greater picture,

The one which unfolds each day,

With people unconcerned about skin tones,

Simply working together to create a beautiful piece of art called life,

Wouldn’t it be grand if we were color blind,

When we look at those around us?


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