When we judge by the things we see, our opinions may be wrong,

With just the outward appearance, we’re merely tagging along,

Our vision is blurred by our thoughts, our judgment is based on lies,

We prevent ourselves from knowing, we may be missing the prize,

We rely on what others say, without looking deep within,

Our eyes have become quite clouded, because of our own dark sin,

When we look beneath the surface, we see what lies inside,

The possible threats before us, the fears from which we can’t hide,

God knows our hearts and our spirits, He knows us inside and out,

He knows every thought we’re thinking, still loves us without a doubt,

When our own thoughts get in the way, trust in God to set you straight,

He’s planned for you, a heavenly home, He will meet you at the gate.



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“Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.” Henry David Thoreau

We always strive to tell the truth, but it can be so hard,

When asked for our true opinion, or dealt a winning card,

We bluff our way through all our days, still trying to be true,

Some button pushes in our brain and tells us what to do,

It’s like a strong, insistent voice that’s speaks the words to you,

It’s swirls its way into voice, you speak without a thought,

Your words come out in blatant lies, but soon you will be caught,

It isn’t worth the consequence, it isn’t worth the pain,

You will risk your reputation, the lie will bring no gain,

It festers in the recesses of mind, and heart and soul,

Your guilt will overtake you, you’ll never reach your goal,

So put your trust in God’s own Son to take away your sin,

Confess to Him the wrong you’ve done, repent – believe in Him,

Make right the wrong you’ve committed, now go and sin no more,

Depend on the Lord to lead you, He’ll open every door.






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winstonchurchill1-2xWe’ve all lied in our lives. From the time we’re small children, we soon discover how to maneuver the truth to our advantage.  We may use a lie to cover up a bad behavior – to make ourselves look better – to avoid hurting someone’s feelings – to get our way.

We now live in a world filled with untruths.  We’ve come to a point where we don’t know what to believe anymore. Our media fills the air waves with untruths in order to be first with a story.  Our politicians are guilty of getting elected on one platform and carrying through their own agendas.  In our friendships, our work relationships, even our families, we may hide the truth or replace it with a lie.

The Bible is filled with stories of those who got themselves in a mess of trouble by not being honest.  The father of lies, Satan, was the first liar as he told Adam and Eve they could be like God if they ate the forbidden fruit.  That started the ball rolling and it’s been on a downward spiral ever since.

The fact that honesty is such an important word in our language, makes me wonder how we’ve gotten so far from it.  Success is now measured by how much money you make, what you have in possessions, how quick you climb the ladder no matter how you get there.  Integrity is still an important asset when it comes to business and all our dealings in life, even when it appears to be the least.

An actor strives to believable in presenting his character.  He studies hard, learns what  physical, mental and emotional aspects are involved. He learns about the time period, the pulse of society at that time, how the character fits in.  If he fails at  portraying the character, it’s because something didn’t ring true.

When we meet someone for the first time, we may be impressed with their background, their personality, their looks, but do we know their ulterior motives?  In our marriages, we try to be honest, but often tell a white lie to protect ourselves and not hurt the other.  Our children hear may hear us lying about something, and that will set the pace for what the children do in their lives.

It’s not always easy telling the truth, but doing so isn’t going to break you.  I’m not one for confrontation.  In fact the hardest thing for me to do is get in someone’s face.  Yes, I am a wimp, but I also harbor my feelings.  They grow within me and when they do come out, it’s usually a torrent of rage.  I’d be much better off if I was honest in the first place.

We’ve all failed at being completely honest.  The fact is, we often see through a lie and which is worse – being caught in one or having your reputation suffer because of it? That’s why we need a Savior.  Thankfully, Jesus took our place as the perfect sacrifice and paid the ultimate price.  He said, “I am the way, THE TRUTH and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6







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What lies beneath the surface is difficult to see,

We think that we can fix it like we would have it be,

But time will show a difference, there’s naught that we can do

We can’t continue forward, we cannot follow through,

Our only consolation in times of broken wills,

The love of God is for us, it takes away our ills,

We flounder or we flourish, depending on the day,

We find the only answer is simply walk away,

It may be hard to do so, but do so it must be,

The way to free yourself is to set the other free.

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“If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t they never were.”  

Richard Bach

We all have people in our lives who bug us, bring us down, don’t understand us, are not a positive influence on us.  What are we to do when a relationship becomes unhealthy for both individuals?  The answer may be simply letting go of that relationship.   Sounds easy enough, but for most of us, doing so is not only difficult, but it takes us out of our comfort zone.

When the situation becomes too much to handle, we find it tough to let go.  Yet, in order to begin fresh, we have to let go of the things that have a toxic effect on us.  A form of tough love is required.  Releasing that person is sometimes the only way to deal with them.  In fact, you may even be showing them a stronger love by doing so.

When you’ve tried to mend a relationship and nothing works – when you’re stuck in a mundane job that’s going nowhere – when you’ve tried to maintain a good attitude – when your friends turn against you,  we simply have to look at things differently.  We have the ability to free ourselves and others and through that letting go, we’re showing a certain amount of mercy.  We’re making it easier for life to progress rather than regress.

There are things to consider though.  You may lose someone you care about – you might regret it – you can feel a lot of guilt.  Guilt in turn nags at us like a dripping faucet and it can’t be repaired easily, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be.  Sometimes a period of absence allows you to discover new avenues or find a way to mend the old ones.

We all have people in our lives that drag us down or don’t allow us to flourish.  Jesus told us to love our enemies, to do good to those who hate us, but He also told us not to conform to the world’s standards.

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”  Roman 12:2  

Sometimes letting go is the only option.





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This week I’m focusing on relationships with others and with God.  Sometimes we have to look really hard to see what’s hidden beneath the surface,

Your hand created all that is, it’s right before our eyes,

You breathed the breath of life in us, the earth, the sea and skies,

Every tiny cell and atom, lay in your strong control,

You crafted each and every thing, perfection was your goal,

The animals, the fish, the birds, on earth did now abide,

You made a man out of the earth, a woman from his side,

A garden was their dwelling place, beauty beyond compare,

There was no sin or death on earth, and God was always there ,

And then the devil entered in, he tempted and they sinned,

Their disobedience led to death, their fate blew in the wind,

But Jesus came and took the load of sin upon the cross,

Defeating Satan once for all, our gain became his loss,

No longer do we fear our death, we know it’s not the end,

There’s everlasting life beyond,  He is our one true friend.


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In the movie, “Meet the Parents,” Robert De Niro coined the phrase, “the circle of trust.”  This was comprised of his family, a select group of friends and associates whom he could completely depend on to be worthy of him.

Do you belong to such a group?  Are you excluded by people that feel you aren’t worthy?  Have you ever looked at a circle of trust or inner circle as something negative?  Usually there are certain people we go to for advice, for friendship, a good working relationship. There are those we confide in – reveal our worries or successes – depend on to be there when we need them.  Yet in all that nice warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you are part of the inner circle, you might suddenly find yourself cast out, excluded or ignored.  What happened?

When we value our relationships more than our own value system – our opinions – what we hold sacred – we can be setting ourselves up for a lot of disappointment, anger, suspicion and actually a lack of trust.

Being part of select group sounds appealing to us, because with them we aren’t alone.  We have someone to support and help us.  We can depend on them – or can we?  The human race is very fickle, especially in an all exclusive clique.  You can be riding high one day and in the depths of despair the next, because people make mistakes.  We say things or do things that might offend or upset someone and suddenly are outside of the circle.

Poor Gaylord Focker  (Ben Stiller) didn’t stand a chance against the perfectionist Jack Byrnes.  He tried everything to impress his future father-in-law, but met disaster one time after the other.  Do you ever feel that way?  Do you know what it’s like to not be part of an inner circle?  You do your best, try your hardest and something always gets in the way.  This is what happens when we rely on people to influence our lives.

On the other hand, we can’t make it in this world alone.  We need the friendship of other human beings.  To become a hermit and set yourself aside from any public contact, condemns you to a life of loneliness.

So which will it be – become part of an elite group which excludes anyone that doesn’t fit their requirements – or hide in a closet?  When we place ourselves above others, we’re getting into troublesome territory.

“For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceiveth himself.”   Galatians 6:3

Even the inner circle which should be part of our family life, falls short.  We cannot depend on spouses, parents or siblings to bail us out all the time.

    “Put no trust in a neighbor; have no confidence in a friend; guard the doors of your mouth from her who lies in your arms; for the son treats the father with contempt, the daughter rises up against her mother, the daughter-in-law against her mother-in-la a man’s enemies are the men of his own house.”   Micah 7:5-6

When we place our faith in others, we’re inviting disappointment.  There is only One who we can trust to take care of us, fill all our needs, keep us on track, walk with us through dangerous situations, lift us when we fall, SAVE US!  We can’t always depend on friends or even family, but our God has promised us life everlasting in heaven.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”  John 3:16




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You walk into a room full of people,

Forming opinions before you know,

You walk a narrow path in the country,

Treading softly in places unknown.

The sun casts its radiance upon you,

You’re captured by the light and its glow,

Gold and silver threads shimmer,shine and dance,

In a waltz designed for those below,

Bouncing and changing like colored glass shards,

Kaleidoscope designing a show,

Life imitates art as we pass this way,

A stunning display of light will grow ,

In the back of  your mind you record it,

Remaining ready for afterglow,

Impressions are made when we think aloud,

Our thoughts, dreams, hopes and fears we bestow,

Yet one false word or opinion is formed,

When we don’t take time to truly know.














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Mondays are kind of like the recurring Ground Hog Day movie.   We go through life, thinking this is as good as it gets – go to bed and repeat the same from day to day.  Mondays have a way of squeaking back with a vengeance, week after week after week. The day itself has taken on a rather negative connotation. We’ve just come off a weekend of recreation and rest and it’s time to face the real world again.  You may have over extended yourself, your body aches, you’ve over-indulged, you haven’t accomplished nearly all the things you set out to do.

Maybe you’re stuck in a job that has no spark for you.  The only reason you continue there is because it’s a paycheck and you’d rather not go through the rigorous interviewing process again.

Maybe you’ve just graduated and you’re in that interviewing process.  You’ve sent out at least a million resumes, only to discover they are now on file somewhere in cyberspace.  You may be “retired” and have to work to supplement your Social Security income.  Whatever you have been required to do during the week, can be a drain on us or a spark to ignite us.  It’s really up to us to determine which way it will go.

Weekends are a time of regeneration, refreshment, renewal and sometimes even restoration.  The work week can be brutal even if you love your job.  That’s why it’s called work.  Eventually the weekend ends and you have to drag yourself out of bed and start a new day.

Maybe we need to change our perspective.  Maybe we need to challenge ourselves to making Mondays a day of new beginnings, fresh starts and opportunities.  Having a negative attitude about one particular day is going to set the tone for the rest of them. Wouldn’t it be better to use that day as a starting point, rather than just another manic Monday?  Welcome this day, because it might be the beginning of a fabulous week.


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  • To those who have experienced the love of a mother.
  • To those who have felt the pangs of labor.
  • To those who long to be a mother.
  • To those whose mothers are in heaven.
  • To those who have lost children to death.
  • To those who have miscarried.
  • To those who have adopted children.
  • To those who know what memories can be formed by being a mother.
  • To those grandmas who have watched their own children grow into adults and become parents themselves.
  • To those care for other’s children.
  • To those who love children.
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