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The tears of God come rushing down to moisturize the earth,The water fills the hardened ground with life and brings new birth.The seeds that we have planted, lie dormant in the ground,Until His precious water quenches souls without a sound,He … Continue reading

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Dear Holy, God, You are the bright and shining star.  You make the birds to sing and the waters to spring up and rain pour down to nourish your creation.  My heart delights in your name. I wonder sometimes, what … Continue reading

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ART & POETRY BY PAUL & KATHY BOECHER On these chilly days of autumn, our thoughts often turn to the impending winter months.  In Minnesota, they normally start about this time and stay with us until April.  Half of the … Continue reading

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Over the last couple weeks, my husband and I have pushed forward on the formation of new gardens for our new old house.  It was fun watching things come up this spring and trying to determine what they were.  I called … Continue reading

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This series pertains to Jesus’ lineage and the women who played a part in it.  I do not claim to be a theologian, but as a dramatist and writer I believe that the Bible is full of stories about average and … Continue reading

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Not long ago, the Powerball Lottery passed the billion dollar mark and everyone was scampering to win a lifetime of happiness.  People enter sweepstakes or frequent casinos for that one chance to live on Easy Street. We all have hidden desires for wealth.  Wouldn’t it be nice … Continue reading

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