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When I feel attacked from all sides, when my motives are questioned, when my life seems like it’s going nowhere and when troubles seem to be piling up higher than I can possibly handle, how do I go on? There … Continue reading

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I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Charlie Brown.  He is the ultimate failure – according to Lucy, who of course knows everything.  The reason I like Charlie so much is that he reminds me of me.  … Continue reading

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Not long ago, the Powerball Lottery passed the billion dollar mark and everyone was scampering to win a lifetime of happiness.  People enter sweepstakes or frequent casinos for that one chance to live on Easy Street. We all have hidden desires for wealth.  Wouldn’t it be nice … Continue reading

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  It doesn’t make sense to the logical mind that our weaknesses are an opportunity of any kind.  There is nothing good about feeling that you don’t measure up to what the world expects you to be.  Those feelings of … Continue reading

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