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      Toxicity is described in the dictionary as something poisonous, extremely harsh, malicious or harmful.  It’s something we are seeing more and more with the use of the Internet, social media and lack of self control.  When we … Continue reading

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I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Charlie Brown.  He is the ultimate failure – according to Lucy, who of course knows everything.  The reason I like Charlie so much is that he reminds me of me.  … Continue reading

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For two weeks, I was rarely exposed to the noise of a TV, the cacophony of rhetoric out of Washington, the negative, the fake.  The Senators Foghorn Leghorn, who love the sound of their own voice were a distant memory.  The … Continue reading

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Photograph my ancestors on the prairie of Montana over a hundred years ago. We hear a lot today about the pioneer spirit – especially in regard to the first woman president.  I’ve already cast my vote and I feel I’ve made the … Continue reading

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“In God we trust – trust your friends – trust the people with whom you do business – believe that your family will always be there for you – know that those who instruct you are people of integrity and … Continue reading

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We have the right to choose the candidate we want to be the Commander in Chief of our nation, but it really must come to a choice of one who has proven himself or herself to be a person of integrity.  … Continue reading

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