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I wonder if I would be strong enough to physically defend my faith when it came right down to it. Are any of us really ready enough to stand up against persecution? As we look at the world today, there … Continue reading

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This past week we had visitors from Utah, Oklahoma and Wisconsin – cousins I’ve not seen in over 30 years. We’ve all become older, and the hair that remains has turned gray.  A few laugh lines have appeared (in my case an … Continue reading

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This planet’s not my home. I am an alien here. This place is just a hardened shell encasing sin and fear. The shell is hard to crack. There’s only one who can. He is the Lord of heaven. The Son … Continue reading

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Butterflies tickle my insides each time I try something new I worry and fret and often forget how Jesus knows just what to do. He’s always around when I need Him, He walks with me all of the way. He … Continue reading

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Words sometimes flow from my mouth like a gushing river. Will I never learn that some of them might put someone on the defensive – Or hurt feelings, or confuse or antagonize? God please help me to think before I … Continue reading

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When you consider having a family you must be prepared for tons of frustrations –  giving up everything you enjoy doing for yourself – keeping one eye opened while you sleep – never getting the laundry done – a sink full of … Continue reading

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