Within the mountain’s early dawn, His majesty is seen,

The skies fill up with brilliance, and glorious golden sheen,

His breath is seen in morning mist, His voice through eagles’ song,

His power displays in sunlit rays, He shines the whole day long,

His love for us unspoken, but seen in every rock,

He leads us like a shepherd protects his wandering flock,

I am so weak and fragile, like many a stubborn sheep,

My trust oft wanes, my fears o’er take, I toss through dream filled sleep,

My tears won’t stop, may faith grows weak, I stumble all the way,

But He’s right there, surrounding me, protecting me each day,

I’ll never grow to understand His unconditional love,

But thank Him that He grants it from His throne high up above,

My God, you are my fortress, my strength when I am weak,

You carry me through deserts, you lead me when you speak,

Through pastures green and waters clean, fulfilling every need,

You fill my heart with gratitude, my soul your Word does feed.

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Dear Holy, Risen, Savior, GOD,

As I look forward to celebrating your ascension into heaven, I can’t help but imagine what it will be like when you return.  You’ve promised in your Holy Word that you will return to us in the same way.  It had to be so exciting to see your restored body, surrounded by glorious light and angels singing your praises – better than anything man could produce with their limited abilities.

I thank you, Jesus for paying the essential price to deliver all people from the chains of sin.  You took it all away when you lived life as our brother – experienced every human emotion and physical problem – suffered and were humiliated, scorned and mocked by a jeering crowd – withstood the scourge and cross – died in our place – were risen from death and returned to your heavenly home in glory.

I don’t deserve this.  Still you loved me so much, along with every other human being, that you wanted me with you in paradise.  Because of that love, I will praise you and your holy name.  Help me to focus my last days on heaven and the welcome that awaits me there.  Amen!

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Someone once said, “Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine.” Change can be good; it can drive us crazy; it can be difficult, but it will happen to everyone. When something disrupts our comfort zone it can really shake us up.

The world is in a constant state of flux. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand how changes in morals and ideas occur, but in a world of ever darker thoughts and evil, we are exposed to the destruction of any moral fiber.  It slowly eats away at us until we become totally unrecognizable.

Our physical world changes because we, as stewards of our environment have failed to take care of it as God intended.  Laws change – new technology becomes obsolete before we get it out of the box – minds change and are easily bent – our thoughts are on overdrive and change daily.  Change has been a part of our vocabulary since mankind fell from God and tried to manage things on their own.

Change can be for our good as well.  We defy the laws of science through research.  We discover new ways of dealing with old problems.  We find solutions and can even step ahead of where man has not gone before.  These changes can make us better or cause even greater difficulties.  The way we deal with this constant state of metamorphous is by staying grounded in something that never changes – the one thing that remains consistent always.

The actual words of God, inspired into the pens of average men, have been preserved for us in the Bible. If you want consistency, that’s where to go.  God never changes, therefore His words always reman the same.

Thank you, Lord, for giving us your Holy Word; for inspiring men with those words and for keeping it alive even today. Though our world is constantly changing, your love and your laws never do.  Change the hearts of all of us to return to you once more.  Amen!


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Our lives are like a thin, frayed thread,

Our thoughts are filled with fear and dread,

The tines of life like wildfire spread,

We even wish that we were dead,

Yet God would not release His hold,

He held us tightly in the fold,

To teach us to be strong and bold,

He never let His love grow cold,

He will not let us go.


His roots run deep, His hold is strong,

He keeps us where we now belong,

He turns us right when we do wrong,

His Word is like a lovely song,

He pulls us out of danger’s way,

He gives us light in each dark day,

He leads us back when we would stray,

He even teaches us to pray,

He will not let us go

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ART & POETRY BY PAUL & KATHY BOECHER – From the sketchbook of Paul Boecher, this magnificent maple tree and a study of the seed and stem that goes with it.  At first when I saw this little water color, I thought the seed and stem were real.  The attention to detail in the tiniest of things is created by God.  We are simply the admirers of it.

A seed falls from a tree.

It burrows and nestles in rich soil,

It springs forth with new life,

Fragile branches at first,

Growing strong with each passing day,

Expanding, stretching, embracing the sky,

for the face of its Creator,

It bends and twists in the storms of life,

It blossoms and thrives in good times,

It grows stronger in bad times,

It withers, it shrivels, it dies,

But it doesn’t end there,

The circle of life continues,

Watch, observe, delight in God’s hand in it.  The ability to observe is inherent in all of us unless our eyes have been blinded from birth, but even then God gives us four other senses to allow us to experience everything in our existence. We may not be able to see the brilliant colors, the majestic mass of a trees, the vastness of the heavens or the beauty of a sea or landscape, but He blesses us with other ways to “see”.

Every artist, whether a writer, painter, sculptor, musician or dancer, must observe everything in life in order to portray it in a believable and convincing way. Studying every idiosyncrasy, examining each detail, with all the senses God has given us, allows our interpretation to be expressed in unique and wonderful ways.

Praise the Lord for the special attention He has paid to every detail of this life. He calms the storms, He makes things grow and develop, He provides for every living thing, He gives life to all things, He provides for eternity. With Him, our salvation has been assured and life everlasting waits for those who believe in Him.

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“Education which stops with efficiency may prove the greatest menace to society. … We must remember that intelligence is not enough. Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education.”

~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The graduating class of 2020 will experience the most unusual commencement ever.  Not only will they be getting their diplomas online, but most graduation parties will have to be held with social distancing in mind.  This class of 2020 will be a strong class for a number of reasons.

Through their lifetimes they’ve seen numerous deadly hurricanes, school shootings, the explosion of space shuttle Columbia, many terrorist attacks including 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombing.  They’ve witnessed the birth of the Internet, a whole new world of electronic devices, online bullying, sexting and amped up multi-tasking.

They’ve observed how government works, through the various investigations concerning political leaders.  They’ve seen scandal after scandal unfold right before their eyes.  Wars have been waged.  There have been ups and downs in the economy.  For a very long time, they’ve been blessed with plenty from a material standpoint.  Morality has also taken a hit during this time passage as well as record suicides, depression and loneliness.  The final straw came this year with the COVID19 pandemic, cutting short their final year of high school.

This could be a recipe for disaster, but it can also be a starting point for these young adults taking their first step into the real world.  This year’s seniors have had to give up so much – senior prom, class trips, concerts, sporting events and academic events.  It’s a sad state of affairs to miss more than half of your final year of high school.

Challenges create doers – the movers and the shakers of the future.  With all they’ve already seen in their short lives, they’re definitely prepared to take on the problems and obstacles of life.  These are the future leaders of America.  They will know what it takes to deal with violence, hatred, crime, depression and fear.   They will become the scientists who find a cure for unstoppable diseases.  They will be the teachers using the tools at hand to educate out future leaders.  They will be the artists who bring pleasure to the world through entertainment, fine art, dance and theatre.  They have the experience to see the best way to solve problems of the past and they will solve them.  Some will become politicians and work to fix the issues that haunt our government.  Some will share their talents through mathematics and engineering.  Others will go into law enforcement or fill the much needed trade industries.  Whatever they choose to do, they will an asset to society.

The future is so uncertain, but their learning will continue.  They’re a step ahead with their life experiences.   Every time we progress from one stage to another, we’re starting over.  We challenge ourselves to move on, to pursue the unknown, to take chances.

The key to turning knowledge into success comes with how you use your life to change the world.  Not every graduate will do that, but what a motivator.  We continue traveling through life until death comes and with it the end of our searching.  If we choose to live without purpose our goals, we’ll soon wither away.  With each step of education, we carry what we’ve learned to the next level – always doing so with intelligence along with character.

So, even though this graduation class will have missed out on a few “lasts” they’ve learned to face life with courage and determination.  Congratulations!

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Just look at those eyes.  This poor pup normally has this look on his face, even when he’s content.  Put a cage in front of him or any other animal and that face becomes desperate, hopeless, disturbed and so much more.  

Have we become like caged animals during this pandemic?  I don’t really think so.  For some, it’s life as usual. They’ve chosen to shop without masks and gloves.  They resist the fact that they should stay socially distanced by six feet or more.  These same folks will stand on top of someone to get what they want.  They push their way through a line because they apparently think they deserve to.  They also avoid the speed limit even more than they did before.  They look at the law as a limitation.

I’m just as guilty as the next guy.  Most of my friends order their groceries on line.  I prefer to see what I’m buying before I hand over the cash.  I’ve run out of latex gloves.  I do wear a bandana around my neck, but only put it over my mouth when I pass another person. I’ve hugged my daughter and her family and I’ve hugged my son.  I refuse to stop living.

Our governor has lifted the restrictions on some small businesses this week – restaurants, bars and salons.  These could be considered essential I guess, but what about our churches?  Those, in my opinion, are extremely essential. I would love to see my friends and my pastor in person.  I’d also love to partake in the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. It seems that we’re being required to distance ourselves from all the things that were important to us before.

I know we should follow the laws and requirements of our state and national leaders. Laws are made for our protection and the protection of our fellow man.  They’re not simply suggestions.  They’ve been adopted by our representatives into law.  The same is true of the Law which God handed down to Moses.  Those aren’t simple “how to” or “maybes.”  They are Laws designed for us to live according to what God expects from us.

Unfortunately, we all fall short whether it’s in obeying the law of the land or following God’s rules for living. They were both instituted for our good, for our safety and for our well being and yet we’re guilty of picking and choosing which of those laws we want to follow.

Stepping outside the boundaries is great when we’re trying to think outside the box, but we all need the structure and containment that law requires of us.  Our cages will be open soon and we’ll again be allowed to live as we once did, but I pray that we will have learned some valuable lessons from this worldwide event.  God will bring order from chaos.  I know that is true, because God has told me so through His Holy Word, the Bible.


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Life on this planet is but a whisper in the scheme of things.
We’re born, we grow, we learn, we work, we die.
What has happened to all those days in between?

They have become food for dreams, memories to ponder,
Hopes to continue striving for. They get foggier as we age.
The windshield of our existence needs to be defrosted.

We have but a few years to leave our mark – to create a legacy –
To share with others – to love and be loved.
If only there were more of them. There’s so little time and so much to do.



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“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.” Lewis Carroll “Alice in Wonderland

I really love Sean Connery and I can totally relate to his messy use of the letter
“S,” because I also wear dentures and know what he’s dealing with.  However, I’m having a hard time keeping track of what day it is.

Sunday was always a starting point for me, because of the routine of going to church.  Now that isn’t happening, so I have to look at a calendar.  How archaic is that?  Being retired doesn’t help, because I miss the structure of going to work each day.  I have become a little better at adjusting to normalcy now that I’m teaching online acting classes a few times a week.

When daylight savings time was added to the mix, that complicated things to begin with.  Then we went into isolation.   One day ran into another, creating a complete upset of the calendar.  I receive three or four home Bible studies a day.  I am on the mailing list to get sermons on Sundays from several church sources.  I have to pick and choose which ones to read, because if I went to each site, I’d really lose track of time.  My phone must be charged a couple times a day to accommodate Zoom meetings, classes and Happy Hour events, not to mention the plethora of Bible studies and blog reading and commenting.

It could be Friday when it’s actually Monday.  It really doesn’t make any difference anymore.

In a way, this is good, because I’m free to spend whatever time I wish on social networking like Facebook & Instagram.  I could spend hours on Pinterest, but then I would never be able to do all the things I’d like to try while surfing through those sites.

It is indeed a conundrum.  My internal clock has switched gears in other ways too.  Normally I go to bed at 9 PM, and get up at 6 AM.  Now I’ve not been able to fall asleep until 11 or 12 midnight and wake with the sun at about 6 AM.  So I’ve cut the number of hours I’m sleeping.  I’m working less, because I don’t know where to start.

I should be doing a thorough spring cleaning before it turns into fall.  I should put away the winter clothes, but I’ll have to retrieve them again in a couple months. I can’t go outside because my allergies are giving me fits.  Yesterday I spent twenty minutes clipping branches and today I’m coughing my head off.  I feel totally discombobulated as I’m sure most people are.  There’s really nothing to do about it except to adapt.

In my state, we’ve been told that our shutdown will last two weeks for so many two week increments, that I’m further dismayed.  Why don’t they just tell us to hunker down for the rest of the year?

Oh well, time marches on.  I just wish I knew where it was going.

“Odd things happen to all of us on our way through life without our noticing for a time that they have happened.”  J.M. Barrie “Peter Pan”


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Refreshing, cleansing rain falls softly on an eager earth,

Thirsting for relief, longing for renewal and rebirth.

The tears of God bring respite for the dying soul,

He gave His only Son to fill a gaping hole,

The hole that widens every day,

When we forget to turn to Him and pray,

As branches dance and lightening fills the air,

I think of Him who never fails to care.


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There once was a shepherd.  He was a caring young man, who loved his flock and enjoyed his time with them.  He’d spend hours, sitting and watching over them.  If one strayed off, he’d leave the entire flock to find the lost.

One day a wolf sat in the darkness of the forest waiting.  He was hungry.  His mouth drooled as he watched the sheep play among the fields of grass.  He noticed one little lamb who stood all alone, rejected by the others.  This would be the long awaited meal the wolf desired.  He crept closer. The wolf pounced upon the lamb and grabbed him by the neck, carting him off to the forest to have a taste of this sweet, tender morsel.

The shepherd realized almost immediately that one of the sheep was missing. He set out to find it, leaving the others to fend for themselves.  That one little lamb, who had been isolated from the flock, was now being searched for by the only one who loved him.

The wolf could hear the shepherd approach as soon as he opened his mouth wide to devour the little lamb.  The lamb was oblivious to the terror that awaited him.  His leg had been broken by the wolf as he prepared him for his evening meal.  The pain was great. The little lamb was broken and wounded, but his heart remained strong.

The shepherd found them and took up his staff to fend off the wolf.  The wolf put up a good fight, but the dedication of the shepherd for his sheep far outnumbered his power.  The shepherd won the battle by wounding the wolf severely.  He remained alive so that he would know he could not stand against the might of the shepherd.

The little lamb scurried to his master.  His leg caused him great pain as he bleated all the way to his master’s waiting arms.  The shepherd scooped him up, shooed the wolf off to his den and they returned to the rest of the flock.  He continued to hold the disabled lamb close to him until the leg healed.  From that day, the lamb remained close to his master.  They became as one, united by their love.

As our world is in this state of isolation and fears begin to fester, our minds may turn in a different direction.  We wander from those who control our destiny. We think we can make it on our own, but we need help.  We need to look to the one who protects.

The Shepherd in the story is God.  He’s our guide.  He watches over us in troubling times.  He will never leave us – even when we’re overcome with desperation – when we don’t know what will happen next – when all seems lost.  He’ll come to our rescue when we feel all alone, broken and sad.

In fact He sent His own precious Son to be the lamb of God who took on the pain and weight of the sins of all.  He suffered so we wouldn’t have to.  He was broken, beaten and murdered.  Yet on the third day, his wounded body was restored.  All that remained were the scars from the nails that pierced his hands and feet and the blemish of the wound in his side.  He showed us how we too will rise from death.

As you wonder how long we will be isolated – when will this pandemic be over and controlled – when will life get back to normal – we can be sure that God remains in control and will never leave us.  That is no fairy tale!

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A once bustling hot spot, filled with laughter and good times,
Stands obscured under moss covered walls of stone,
The recesses of mortar have all but decayed,
Leaving only empty spaces, like teeth that have seen better days,
Time has taken its toll,
Age has chewed it up and spit it out,
Still beauty remains in the eye of those who remember her glory days,
Age will overcome all of us,
We decay, we grow tired, we ache and suffer under the weight of life,
But memories can serve as a hideaway, a sanctuary, a place to revive.

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The fears that are associated with this pandemic are far greater than the disease itself. We’ve taken all kinds of precautions.  We’ve followed the rules and stayed home as much as possible.  We haven’t attended church services (which I personally feel is an essential form of gathering.)  We’ve closed down theatres, entertainment venues, schools, sporting events and much of what we spend time enjoying throughout our non-working time has been restricted. It’s enough to make any sane person a little whacko.

This past weekend was bittersweet.  I didn’t follow the rules.  My son came to visit on Saturday and I hugged him – a few times.  Yesterday, we were invited to our youngest daughter’s for a wonderful meal and I hugged all of them.  I couldn’t hug my oldest, because she lives in S. Carolina with her family.  I couldn’t my oldest grandson, because he’s teaching in South Korea – but I wished I could have hugged all of them too.

I must admit I felt pretty sorry for myself at the beginning of the weekend, because it was a Mother’s Day like none other. However, everything lately is not like any other and we’ve been forced to accept it as such.  I know that it’s not going to last forever, but still there are so many changes that it’s bound to play on us emotionally.

Last week I went shopping without a mask.  Even a bandana makes it difficult for me to breathe.  I didn’t wear gloves, because I didn’t have any latex gloves and couldn’t find any in the store.  Besides, the rebel in me wanted to prove something, I guess.

As summer approaches, weddings and graduations have been cancelled.  No playing is allowed on park playgrounds.  It’s enough to drive us over the edge.

I’ve been coughing my head off this past week and have totally avoided doing any yard work. I love digging in the dirt and seeing new growth, but I don’t want my allergies to send my breathing issues up through the roof.  I wonder if I have COVID19, but know it’s simply the time of year and it will pass.  Still I feel cheated of time I so enjoy, being outside with my garden tools.

We’re all feeling the effects of this pandemic in different ways.  Each one of us has either experienced the disease ourselves or knows someone who has.  Many have lost loved ones because of it.  Even when you have a positive attitude, it’s difficult to work at home with so many distractions.

So what do we do to get over the hump of depression?  I don’t really have any answers to that.  I feel all of this is like going through the stages of grief.  Yet some will not come out of it.  Suicides will occur.  Drug use will become more prevalent. Alcohol will be used to numb the feelings of loss.  Eventually violence will rear its head – in fact it already has.  When people are desperate they choose desperate ways of acting out.

I believe that God will use this ugliness to bring about order.  He didn’t cause the disease.  He isn’t paying us back for all the wrong things we’ve done.  That was all initiated by the forces of evil.  God cannot do evil and He never lies.  His control of what happens is consistent.  He rules the heavens and the earth.  He formed all of it and it was good.  We can count on Him to heal the land and all that is in it, if we just ask and trust that His will is going to be done for our good.

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Good morning, Heavenly Father.  I just want to thank you for getting me through the past week.  There were some surprises along the way – both good and bad, but you’ve taught me to accept these things and know that you’re in control. There are times when I wonder what new test you have planned for me. Tests are really challenges that draw us closer to you for advice and help.

You’ve now given me another week to look forward to.  Give me the stamina I need to do the things I’m required to do.  Help me with the conflicts and decisions that come my way.  Be with me in all that I say and do, so that no one will misunderstand my words.

I know that with each problem that arises, that none of it is new to you.  You’ve been through it all.  You’ve seen the peril we bring upon ourselves.  You know how we mess up.  You understand our suffering, our needs and our goals, yet we are forever making wrong choices, thinking the worst, trying to go it alone – but you always remain the same.  Your love is unconditional and your gift of salvation is everlasting.

Thank you for your gift of life.  Each day is a new treasure from you.  As I draw nearer the end of my days, I get that much closer to you and your promise of heavenly bliss.  Help me to use my time wisely – to help others and let them know all about the things you’ve done for us.  Give me energy, strength and perseverance to run the rest of my race.

In Jesus name, I pray.  Amen!

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95898178_10206927394100407_1240356052227063808_oMy mom was my hero.  I gave her a run for her money and probably was the cause of her prematurely greying hair, but that didn’t deter her from pushing forward in life.  She didn’t hesitate to color those grey tresses well into her 80s.  Even though her hair turned white as snow, her beauty ran deeper than any anti-aging cream or wrinkle remover.

She came from a large farm family so she knew something about sacrifice.  She was one of the most compassionate women I’ve ever known.  She taught me how to encourage, listen, have faith, to never give up and was often my greatest advocate when life threw lemons my way.

She was the mom that believed I was beautiful enough to become Miss America even though I was 20 pounds overweight.  With her I always felt loved.  She had time for me – loved to hear my stories – cheered me when I was sick.

When she neared her 80th birthday she’d become dependent on pain medication and could no longer live alone.  I saw her go through withdrawal, rebuilding and renewal.  We had six years to share as I turned into the caregiver and she grew more dependent. It was as if our roles had reversed.  When the Lord called her to heaven, I was convinced that she would receive a special place in heaven. She always placed her life in her Savior’s hands.

I know not everyone is as fortunate as I was.  Not all moms are worthy of praise.  God blessed me with my mother, because He knew I needed her unconditional love, her encouragement and motivation.  I’m confident that God was waiting with open arms, exclaiming “Well done, good and faithful servant,” when she went to meet him.

Happy Mother’s Day, mom.  I look forward to seeing you again in heaven!


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When children are young, they look to their parents as super heroes – men and women of steel – those who can make all their boo-boos better and dry their tears when they are hurting.  When they get older, the mask and cape quickly disappear and it soon becomes apparent that parents aren’t much different than anyone else.  They have problems – they can’t do everything – they make mistakes.

When they become teens, suddenly those original super heroes have now been relegated to not having a clue or absolutely ignorant.  It isn’t until they begin their own families or life on their own that parents once again get the honor they’re deserve.

Parenting is probably one of the most difficult occupations out there.  Most of us do it on a learn as you go plan.  No one tells you that your life is going to change completely.  No one tells you that your kids will get broken bones, hurt feelings and need protection from dangerous situations. I didn’t expect numerous trips to the ER. I wasn’t prepared for snakes, bugs, baby ducks, frogs and many other critters.

Parenting is tough. You feel guilty going to bed with a sink full of dishes. You have so much to do, but your child wants a bedtime story. You’d really love a new pair of shoes, but school starts soon and the kids need school supplies. You put your plans on hold so you can visit your child’s school and share hot lunch with them or be their ‘show and tell item for the day. You cry when you’re not there to say goodnight and tuck them in for the night.

Martina McBride wrote a lovely song about this very subject. One verse kind of sums up what the whole parenting thing is all about.

“In my daughter’s eyes,
Everyone is equal,
Darkness turns to light,
And the world is at peace,
This miracle God gave to me,
Gives me strength when I am weak,
I find reason to believe,
In my daughter’s eyes.”


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Revelation 14:2 “And I heard a sound from heaven like the roar of rushing waters and like a loud peal of thunder. The sound I heard was like that of harpists playing their harps.”

God proves His strength, power and wisdom by controlling the strongest winds- by churning the waters of the sea – by determining that only He has these things in His hands.  No matter how man tries, he’ll never be able to change the setting and rising of the sun, the provision He graciously gives to all His creatures, the moon and stars, the warming and cooling of the planet.  He is our Almighty God.

We see His power in the hurricane that ravages everything in its path.  The wherewithal contained in God’s little finger can stir the mightiest of seas.  We also see His wisdom.  It seems that in times of adversity, He brings out the best in people.  There are those first responders – the life savers, the everyday heroes – neighbors, coming to the aid of those who have lost all their worldly goods.  The winds, the cold, the heat of weather can cause loss and leave people devastated.

People may ask where is God in the midst of disaster after disaster?  How could a loving God put these tragedies in the lives of innocent people?  What is the lesson to be learned from all this?  Even in those times, God is with His people – caring for them, rescuing them, lifting them out of the pit.

I do not understand God’s wisdom.  It doesn’t make sense to me at times.  I don’t know why these things happen, but I do know there’s a purpose for all things under heaven.  In all things, God is there and as Job said when all seemed lost – “For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth.”

We’re now in the grips of a disaster that has affected the entire world population.  A tiny organism is the cause of it.  An organism that spreads like wildfire.  We follow the rules and still it can come to anyone.  Even so, we have the knowledge that God is in control.  He will not leave us even in the time of peril.

What comfort this gives to all of us.  Even in the worst of circumstances, God is there with us, and when the final day of judgment arrives the angels will announce His return and we will see Him face to face in all His glory.


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These are two of my children – my oldest and my youngest – both mothers now.  My first born, Amy, is pictured on the right.  She was my guinea pig so to speak.  I guess our first child is always a new adventure every day – a new experience and a new challenge.  This is something we need all the help we can get.  By the time my third child, Joy was born, I was an old hand at parenting, but I still needed all the help I could get.

Amy was raised with Dr. Spock – advice from grandmothers, aunts and friends.  My sister in law was present at Amy’s birth, as a student nurse.  She saw what I missed, because I was under anesthesia.  When we took her home from the hospital, we checked on her breathing throughout the first night.  She slept straight through while we didn’t catch a single wink.   Everything with Amy was a first for us.  Being the oldest, more responsibility  was laid upon her shoulders.  I guess we expected more of her than the others, but she grew into a lovely woman who would have two sons of her own.

Joy is our youngest.  She was scheduled to be born on Christmas Eve, but showed up a couple weeks early.  By this time, I was becoming an old hand at this mother thing.  She was born with a full head of black hair and looked as if she was wearing a wig.  Later in life, she became a beautician and even though she no longer cuts hair, she is still knows how.  Her daughter is now the recipient of her talents. She was the perfect baby.  This had nothing to do with me.  She had two babysitters which preceded her so they were always available to watch over her. The child who escaped the terrible twos found them when she turned five.  This precocious little girl gave me a run for my money.

Every time I look at these two women, I can’t help but wonder how they became what they are.  They’re both lovely.  They have their own personalities.  Amy is more conservative and Joy has a free spirit.  Each of them is unique and they’ve inherited certain genes from a long line of strong women. They have faith in God’s presence in their lives.  They realize the importance of passing that legacy down to their children.  They both possess a strong work ethic and a sincere concern for other people.  I know that God had everything to do with that.

I’m so blessed to have these wonderful women in my life.  I cherish them as perfectly crafted diamonds in my crown of living.  I know that God has placed them in my care for a little while and I know that someday they will return the favor.

We make mistakes in our parenting.  We often forget to praise them.  We may continue to reprimand or give orders.  We may not be doing it right, but if we have God beside us, He will make sure that the final result is good.

Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful daughters.

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For some reason, last year there were very few geraniums to be purchased at the local garden shops.  I wonder what happened to them.  As I walked into our local grocery store this week, there were an abundance of these showy flowers lining the outside area.

Each flower consists of tiny little blooms in a cluster, which is endowed with various colors.  There are red, white, pinks and now you can even purchase blue ones.  Maybe that’s why we couldn’t get them last year.  Maybe they were refining them and preparing them for a whole new crop.

Maybe that’s what this whole isolation thing is all about.  Maybe we’re being prepared for what lies ahead.  In our aloneness we’re being crafted into a whole new garden of ideas and thoughts – inventiveness and creativity – becoming innovative and entrepreneurial.  We are going to be totally different – maybe.

Will the thoughts that once divided us heal and become joined once more?  Will we find joy in the simple things in life?  Will we find ways to communicate without hatred or anger?  Will we learn anything from this?

My prayer is that we do grow and thrive.  That we can replenish what was dying.  That we accept what we can’t change.  That we begin to trust again.  No matter what our political preference, our color or religious belief, we will be able to look beyond our differences and learn to work together again.

In the meantime, I will plant my geraniums.  I won’t wait for the world to end, because I have no control over any of it.  Life goes on.

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