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In the thirties, there was movie actress named Marlene Dietrich whose one most remembered quote was, “I vant to be alone.” I’m not sure if it was a movie quote or something she told the press to get rid of them. … Continue reading

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Writing is a solitary occupation, even when you belong to a group of writers – when you have a following on your blog – when your words are well received – it is something that doesn’t happen unless it’s just … Continue reading

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ORIGINAL ART & POETRY BY PAUL & KATHY BOECHER© In solitude we sometimes find ourselves – we need some time alone, A quiet place where life stands still – an instant safety zone, Where waters blue surround us, where peace is everywhere, … Continue reading

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Original art by Paul T. Boecher© Were things so great in days gone by, or slower and less confusing, To reach your eyes up to the sky and paint the clouds to your amusing, An elephant or eagle’s wings, a shepherd with a flock of sheep, beside … Continue reading

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Original art by Paul. T. Boecher© We all seek a place where we can run and hide from the pressures of daily living, but there is nothing hidden from the One who created us. When we come to Him in … Continue reading

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