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Dear, God, This has been quite a week.  As restrictions began to loosen, there was a new sense of freedom.  The fear of contracting a disease had somewhat lessened, but still we were unsure about many things. On Monday, a … Continue reading

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Many will look at this post today and assume I’m a sanctimonious racist.  Some will accuse  me of being out of touch with the world.  The truth is, I’m a white woman.  I’m a Christian.  I’m a human being. I … Continue reading

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Dear, Father, God, I humbly come before your throne with prayers for our nation.  There seems to be so much hatred and violence in the hearts of our people.  We can place the blame on this and that, but the … Continue reading

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School is back in session.  Along with the fears attached to the commonplace incidents of violence in these halls of learning, our children are facing another kind of hate – the bully.  Children need to be prepared to defend themselves against … Continue reading

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I have turned off the TV this morning – I refuse to read the headlines on the internet – I am going back to bed and bury my head in the sand.  NO I’M NOT! This world is out of control.  … Continue reading

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Original art by Paul T. Boecher© The once quiet, peaceful city took on the ugliness of a terrorist attack, Smoke filled the air, clothing torn from bodies, blood flowing, buildings crushed like a house of cards and a little child’s cry … Continue reading

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He tells it like it is and even though he’s not the average politician, he’s followed by those who have held their anger with the government within.  They yearn for new leadership without the ties to an overly corrupt body of administrators.  … Continue reading

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No Sense in Violence

A life snuffed out in an act of senseless violence, Another tear is shed, there is no recompense, What makes a mind go so crazy, that all that’s real grows hazy? There seems to be a blindness to all the twisted minds … Continue reading

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