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As we approach Memorial Day, there is so much to think about. A senseless war is being waged in Ukraine. It has no real purpose other than greed and power. Lives are being snuffed out for no reason. Cities are … Continue reading

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The simplicity of Yoda’s words should be made into a plaque and hung in a conspicuous place in our homes. Fear has the ability to disable – to cripple – and crush us, if we let it. I’ve gotten hooked … Continue reading

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It seems that many young people today are turning their thoughts to suicide as an option for a solution to their problems. Maybe at some time in our own lives, we have all thought the world would be a better … Continue reading

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An image difficult for any parent, grandparent, teacher or law enforcement officer to see.  Children, not yet knowing what their future holds for them – innocents who are supposed to feel safe in their schools – victims of the whim … Continue reading

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My mother-in-law was a very classy lady, who dressed perfectly, with hat, gloves and all the proper accessories.  She was soft spoken, an excellent partner to her husband, a great cook, a wonderful mom.  I wanted to emulate her, because she … Continue reading

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I’ve always been interested in Schizophrenia.  My mother in law suffered from it.  She established a second personality, with a different name, to stand in when she couldn’t take responsibility for her own actions.  It seems to be a genuine inner conflict … Continue reading

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No Sense in Violence

A life snuffed out in an act of senseless violence, Another tear is shed, there is no recompense, What makes a mind go so crazy, that all that’s real grows hazy? There seems to be a blindness to all the twisted minds … Continue reading

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