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Will Rogers started his career in the great outdoors.  He was part of several western shows designed to lure people to the unsettled country.  He went on to do vaudeville and stage performance along with some film acting in the … Continue reading

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In the beginning of our country’s existence, a rag tag army of farmers and tradesmen went up against the most powerful fighting force in the world and gained its freedom.  Throughout our history the cost of war has been well over a … Continue reading

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   Do you ever wonder if your prayers are being heard or if they even matter?  When you think about it, there are over seven billion people in the world.  Not all of them pray, but if even half of … Continue reading

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Every time I go off on politics, I get negative feedback and it’s hard for an old lady to handle negativity.  Someone was once said, “Relying on the government to protect our privacy is like asking a peeping Tom to install … Continue reading

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