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City within a darkened world, has beauty all its own, The wires that lace throughout the space, the litter lying there, The sounds of box cars hooking up, a place where crime is sown, Where homeless search the garbage cans, to find … Continue reading

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A hiding place – a temporary refuge from the daily grind – From the madness of the world and the noise of angry voices. My heart sometimes breaks at all that’s happening in my world and then something wonderful happens … Continue reading

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The clamor and noise of the world, Beating against the minds of those who have heard enough, Pounding into the inner questioning of every thing, And every body, Questioning, badgering, accusations, allegations, Truth or untruth, Disharmony, dissonance, harshness to the … Continue reading

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ORIGINAL ART & POETRY BY PAUL & KATHY BOECHER©, Weary of the noise of media attention, Exhausted by virtuous and often untrue claims, Troubled hearts cling to greater intervention, Longing for refreshment from the flames, Looking up is what we need for our … Continue reading

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