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It’s easy to see why we need someone to rescue us from the ugliness which has invaded the world.  Identity theft has run amok – human slavery still exists as children are sold into prostitution – morality is at an all time low –  everything … Continue reading

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I’ve been sorting through crates of costumes that were packed away in our garage for the past year.  Before we moved, I didn’t realize I would have no further use for these things, so they were sealed up and made … Continue reading

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“You created a sensation about nothing. You people are so creative over there. Your lives must be boring.” Vladimir Putin Have we become a nation of creative bores?  America has always been seen as innovative, entrepreneurial, forward thinking, but boring?  … Continue reading

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Dawn Jones at INSPIRATION with an ATTITUDE had an interesting post today about tolerance.  It got me to thinking how the devil works and what he’s done slowly sifting through humanity with his minions.  His ideology would seem to be spreading … Continue reading

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ART & POETRY BY PAUL & KATHY BOECHER© Sounds from the railroad tracks permeate the stillness of night, The hoisting of cars to be transported the next morning, Leaves a lasting impression, Labor never ends on the railroad, A force which … Continue reading

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